Lindsay Gordon Books in Order: How to read Val McDermid’s crime series?

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Lindsay Gordon Books in Order

Not all Val McDermid’s protagonists are cops. Some are journalists and amateur sleuths.

Who is Lindsay Gordon?

Lindsay Gordon is the heroine of Scottish author Val McDermid’s first series. A Freelance journalist in need of cash and a lesbian, Lindsay is the kind of woman trying to do the best and often getting into the worst. Her work as a reporter takes Lindsay into different worlds.

Each book explores current issues of the time they were published and also offers a portrayal of Lindsay’s lesbian life, as well as her up and down in her career.

Lindsay Gordon Books in Order:

Report for Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order Common Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order Deadline For Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order

  1. Report For Murder – Freelance journalist Lindsay Gordon is strapped for cash. Why else would she agree to cover a fund-raising gala at a girls’ public school? But when the star attraction is found garrotted with her own cello string minutes before she is due on stage, Lindsay finds herself investigating a vicious murder.
  2. Common Murder – A protest group hits the headlines when unrest at a women’s peace camp explodes into murder. Already on the scene, journalist Lindsay Gordon desperately tries to strike a balance between personal and professional responsibilities.
  3. Deadline For Murder/Final Edition – A colleague and ex-lover is dead. Murdered. A colleague and friend has been tried, convicted, and imprisoned for this murder. An estranged lover is romantically enmeshed with the lover of the convicted murderer. These are the not-so-pleasant surprises awaiting Lindsay Gordon on her return from her self-imposed exile following the messy aftermath of her last investigation.

Conferences Are Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order Booked For Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order Hostage to Murder Lindsay Gordon Book Series in Order

  1. Conferences Are Murder/Union Jack – When union leader Tom Jack falls to his death from her bedroom window after a spectacularly public row with Lindsay, it seems the only way to prove her innocence is to find the real culprit. Lindsay searches among hundreds of unruly union delegates for a murderer who may have struck once before.
  2. Booked For Murder – Lindsay Gordon investigates the murder of a bestselling author and discovers that, beneath the glittering facade, the London publishing world is a hotbed of seething rivalries, soured relationships and desperate power plays
  3. Hostage To Murder – For Lindsay Gordon, jobless in Glasgow, her introduction to young freelance journalist Rory McLaren is the opening of a new chapter in her life. Rory’s invitation to work alongside her in her booth at the Cafe Virginia is irresistible. When a local car-dealer’s stepson is kidnapped, Lindsay and Rory are invited to trade journalism for detection. Soon, it becomes clear that Lindsay and Rory have stumbled into a bigger, more violent piece of business than either of them could have guessed – and one which will test Lindsay to her absolute limits.

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