Lexi Carmichael Books in Order: How to read Julie Moffett’s Series?

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Hacking the hackers…

What is the Lexi Carmichael series about?

Written by American Author Julie Moffet, this mystery series is about hacker extraordinaire Lexi Carmichael as she travels the world stopping hackers and cybercriminals.

She was working at the National Security Agency when her life got derailed by extraordinary adventures. She joined XCorp to continue to do her best work, stopping criminals, and hackers of all sorts, with the help of her friends and coworkers.

How to read the Lexi Carmichael Books in Order?

Every book in the Lexi Carmichael series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

No One Lives Twice - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No One to Trust - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Place Like Rome - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Biz Like Showbiz - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order

  1. No One Lives Twice – Lexi Carmichael spends her days stopping computer hackers at the National Security Agency. One day, two gun-toting thugs popped up in her life and her best friend disappeared. She enlists the help of the Zimmerman twins-the reclusive architects of America’s most sensitive electronic networks-to help her navigate a bewildering maze of leads to find her.
  2. No One to Trust – Darren Greening, a genius researcher from Flow Technologies is missing, and his bosses think Lexi Carmichael is involved. And they aren’t the only ones. Now she’s caught in the middle of a complex and dangerous case and has to use all her skills and a little help from her friends to solve the mystery of Darren’s disappearance.
  3. No Place Like Rome – Lexi Carmichael is in Rome for an investigation. But after a dead body, a near-kidnapping, and the discovery of top-secret encrypted files, time is running out. There’s only one thing to do: call in the Zimmerman twins and her best fluent-in-Italian friend, Basia, to crack the code…
  4. No Biz Like Showbiz – Lexi Carmichael has been called to work on the dating reality show called Geeks Get Some. Now, she’s in Hollywood to find a hacker who’s screwing with the results of the show’s online voting system. What should be an easy hunt for the hacker turns ugly when he sets his sights on Lexi. Add to that a studio obsessed with ratings, a bunch of nerdy contestants, and her own confusing love life, and unraveling this mystery might make Lexi a star … or get her killed.

No Test for the Wicked - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Woman Left Behind - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Room for Error - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Strings Attached - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order

  1. No Test for the Wicked – Returning to high school is not something Lexi Carmichael ever wanted to do over—. It was awful the first time around. But she has been ordered to go all 21 Jump Street and track down the students who are breaking into the computer system, changing grades, and causing all kinds of havoc.
  2. No Woman Left Behind – Lexi Carmichael is introducing Slash to her mother over dinner when bullets start flying over the corn chowder. Now the entire alphabet soup of government agencies wants her help finding the man behind the attack-Johannes Broodryk, a cyber mercenary she foiled in her last case. He wants revenge and he’s taken something of hers to ensure she’ll play, so it’s game on.
  3. No Room for Error – After a series of high-profile cases at her cyber intelligence firm, Lexi Carmichael was looking forward to a simple job. All she had to do was personally deliver a revolutionary microchip to a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Easy, right? Wrong. Someone else wants the design and is willing to kill to get it.
  4. No Strings Attached – Leave it to Lexi Carmichael to become a target for an elite organization of cybercriminals simply by being in the wrong place at the right time. As if she weren’t already freaking out about planning her best friend’s bachelorette party, she now has to keep her eyes peeled for people trying to kill her.

No Living Soul - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Regrets - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Stone Unturned - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order No Questions Asked - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order

  1. No Living Soul – Elvis’s father is hot on the trail of an ancient and elusive artifact, …one that people are willing to kill to find. Cracking code is Lexi Carmichael’s specialty, but she never expected to tackle one from fifteen hundred years before the advent of written language. The sands of time are running out. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, history might be rewritten.
  2. No Regrets – Elvis and Xavier’s boss at ComQuest have asked X-Corp–well, Lexi Carmichael–to take a quick trip to retrieve a sensitive company package from the British Virgin Islands. No hacking involved. Things start to unravel the minute Lexi sets foot on the boat to the island. Before she knows it, she’s up to her neck in thugs, sand, and trouble.
  3. No Stone Unturned – Things are never that easy for Slash and Lexi Carmichael. Instead, someone is threatening to expose Slash’s past-a past so secret that even Lexi knows very little about it. Now, Slash is on his way to Rome … and Lexi has no intention of sitting at home and letting him take on the Vatican by himself.
  4. No Questions Asked – It’s time for her wedding, even if it’s not her thing. Before she can say I do, she’s flying off with Slash to the Brazilian rain forest. Their mission: stop hackers from stealing a vaccine that could save millions of lives. Lexi thought it’d be easy, but from the moment they step off the plane, she was up to her neck in trouble.

No Escape - Lexi Carmichael Books in Order

  1. No Escape – Lexi Carmichael thought meeting the in-laws would be easy as long as they met on neutral ground and she was fully prepared with a spreadsheet full of etiquette dos and don’ts. But unfortunately for Lexi, things don’t always turn out as she planned.
  2. No Vow BrokenIs it a Dream Wedding or a Bad Dream? Geek girl Lexi Carmichael thought getting married would be just a formality. But when the guests are the pope, the president of the United States, and the first lady, she’d soon find out that weddings, much like life, do not always go as planned.

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