Kyle Mills Books in Order (Mitch Rapp, Mark Beamon, Covert-One)

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Kyle Mills is an American novelist known for writing thriller novels. In addition to starting his own espionage series, he has continued legendary series like Robert Ludlum’s Covert-One and has won praise for his contribution to the popular Mitch Rapp Series, a duty he took up after Vince Flynn’s death.

Kyle Mills has shown his flexibility as a storyteller in addition to his serial work (like the Mark Beamon series) with solo thrillers like “The Immortalists” and “Burn Factor.” He has established himself as a master of the thriller genre and his books continue to captivate readers all over the world.

How to read Kyle Mills’ Books in Order?

Reading The Mitch Rapp Series in Order

After Vince Flynn’s death, Kyle Mills took over the Mitch Rapp Series. If you are not familiar with it, it is about stopping terrorist attacks on the United States. Rapp is willing to take measures that might be considered more extreme than he should. Obviously, he gets results, but his road is paved with a lot of frustrations. For more information, go visit our article dedicated to the Mitch Rapp series.

  1. The Survivor (2015)
  2. Order To Kill (2016)
  3. Enemy of the State (2017)
  4. Red War (2018)
  5. Lethal Agent (2019)
  6. Total Power(2020)
  7. Enemy at the Gates (2021)
  8. Oath of Loyalty (2022)
  9. Code Red (2023)

Reading The Mark Beamon Series in Order

  1. Rising Phoenix (1997) – Special Agent Mark Beamon is a maverick. His open disdain for the FBI’s rules–and Directors–has exiled him to a no-profile post in the boondocks. But when a shadowy right-wing group starts flooding America’s emergency rooms with dead and dying, Beamon is summoned back to Washington. Teamed with an icily efficient female field agent, he is given the thankless task of stopping the slaughter–even though millions of Americans secretly approve of it!
  2. Storming Heaven (1998) – Punished for his maverick ways, FBI agent Mark Beamon has been exiled from Washington, D.C., to a sleepy Southwest office where a local millionaire and his wife are brutally murdered. Jennifer, their teenage child and sole heir is the prime suspect — and she’s gone missing. Laying everything on the line, Beamon sets off on a trail that takes him from a remote survivalist’s cabin in the Utah mountains, through the labyrinthine headquarters of a cult-like church, into the shadowy, interlocking boardrooms of a powerful high-tech communications empire.
  3. Free Fall (2000) – A top-secret FBI file — buried in an anonymous government warehouse since J. Edgar Hoover’s death — is missing. The unlucky grad student who uncovered it is dead, and now his ex-girlfriend is on the run, accused of the murder. The only man everyone agrees can find the young woman and turn up the explosive document is “off-duty,” suspended and under the threat of prosecution by the bureau itself. Beamon knows better than anyone that this is his last shot to save his career — and his country.
  1. Sphere of Influence (2002) – The videotapes arrive at television stations across the nation. Their chilling message: Al Qaeda has secured a rocket launcher on American soil. Their potential targets: U.S. civilians. Their ultimate threat: they will attack. Anytime. Anywhere. Amid national chaos, the FBI calls upon one of its best agents for a final desperate mission. But no one-on either side-realizes how deep or how far the sphere of influence has spread.
  2. Darkness Falls (2007) – Erin Neal has been living a secluded life in the Arizona desert since the death of his girlfriend when an oil company executive makes a surprise visit. A number of important Saudi oil wells have stopped producing and Erin is the world’s foremost expert in analyzing and preventing oil field disasters. As far as he’s concerned, though, he has left that world behind-not his problem. Homeland Security, however, sees things differently. Erin quickly finds himself stuck in the Saudi desert, studying a new bacteria with a voracious appetite for oil and an uncanny ability to destroy drilling equipment. Worst of all is its ability to spread.

Reading The Fade Series in Order

  1. Fade (2004) – A secret wing of Homeland Security is recruiting agents to work undercover in the Middle East, and the director wants his second-in-command, Matt Egan, to bring aboard an old friend, Salam Al Fayed-better known as Fade. He’s perfect: An ex-Navy Seal and the son of immigrants, he speaks flawless Arabic. Trouble is, he’s “retired”; he was wounded in the line of duty, and the government refused to pay for the risky surgery that could have helped him. Now he’s walking around with a bullet lodged near his spine, and he’s not too fond of anyone in the government — least of all, his ex-best friend Matt Egan, whom he blames for his present condition. Against Egan’s wishes, the director tries to “persuade” Fade to join the team. But Fade is prepared to fight back at any cost. The chase is on — will Matt be able to find his friend-turned-fugitive before Fade can take the ultimate revenge?
  2. The Second Horseman (2006) – Brandon Vale is a career thief, the best there is. Of course, he is serving out a prison term for a robbery gone bad–albeit one that he didn’t commit. But then he is broken out of prison against his will by Richard Scanlon, the former FBI agent who framed him in the first place. Scanlon, who still has ties to the U.S. intelligence community, has discovered that a Ukrainian crime organization is auctioning twelve nuclear warheads to the highest bidder, but he can’t convince the government that the sale isn’t a hoax. The only way he can get his hands on the $250 million necessary to take the warheads off the market is to arrange for Brandon to steal it.

Reading Robert Ludlum’s Covert-One Series in Order

After the death of Robert Ludlum, Kyle Mills and several authors took over the Covert-One series. With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the president has been forced to establish his own clandestine group–Covert-One. It’s activated only as a last resort when the threat is on a global scale and time is running out.

  1. The Ares Decision (2011) – In northern Uganda, an American special forces team is decimated by a group of normally peaceful farmers. Video of the attack shows even women and children possessing almost supernatural speed and strength, consumed with a rage that makes them immune to pain, fear, and all but the most devastating injuries. Covert-One’s top operative, army microbiologist Colonel Jon Smith, is sent to investigate the attack and finds evidence of a parasitic infection that for centuries has been causing violent insanity and then going dormant.
  2. The Utopia Experiment (2013) – When Dresner Industries unveils the Merge, a device that is destined to revolutionize the world and make the personal computer and smartphone obsolete, Covert-One operative Colonel Jon Smith is assigned to assess its military potential. He discovers that enhanced vision, real-time battlefield displays, unbreakable security, and near-perfect marksmanship are only the beginning of a technology that will change the face of warfare forever–and one that must be kept out of the hands of America’s enemies at all costs.
  3. The Patriot Attack (2015) – An attack on a Japanese warship brings Japan and China to the brink of war. Meanwhile top Covert-One operative Colonel Jon Smith is sent on a mission to recover mysterious material from the wreckage of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. When Smith fails to return, CIA agent Randi Russell heads off on an unsanctioned mission to find him. She quickly discovers that the missing samples may be evidence that Japan, led by hawkish military chief of staff Masao Takahashi, has been secretly developing next-generation weapons systems in preparation for a conflict with China.

Reading Kyle Mills’ Standalone Novels

  • Burn Factor (2001) – Quinn Barry desperately wants to be an FBI agent, even as she programs databases in the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building. But Quinn’s career — and her life — are about to change wildly. Testing a new program, Quinn’s computer savvy turns up a mysterious DNA link among five gruesome murders. A link that the old FBI system had been carefully programmed to miss…
  • Smoke Screen (2003) – Unwillingly promoted to the tobacco industry’s lead spokesperson, Trevor Barnett oversees the industry’s economy-staggering production freeze in the wake of a high-stakes lawsuit, placing Trevor in a tenacious position with angry smokers, murderous smugglers, and threatening government forces.
  • Lords of Corruption (2009) – When Josh Hagarty is recruited by the charitable organization NewAfrica to manage a farming project in an underdeveloped African country, he signs on, figuring that he can put his newly acquired graduate degree in engineering to good use. However, when Josh gets situated in Africa, he finds that NewAfrica may not be the philanthropic charity it purports to be. With the help of Annika Gritdal, a beautiful Scandinavian aid worker, and journalist J. B. Flannery, Josh must fight to uncover the truth behind NewAfrica.
  • The Immortalists (2011) – Dr. Richard Draman is trying desperately to discover a cure for a disease that causes children to age at a wildly accelerated rate-a rare genetic condition that is killing his own daughter. When the husband of a colleague quietly gives him a copy of the classified work she was doing before her mysterious suicide, Draman finally sees a glimmer of hope. The conclusions are stunning, with the potential to not only turn the field of biology on its head but reshape the world. Soon, though, he finds himself on the run, relentlessly pursued by a seemingly omnipotent group of men who will do whatever it takes to silence him.

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