Knight and Devlin Books in Order: How to read John F. Dobbyn’s series?

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Boston’s top lawyers…

What is the Knight and Devlin series about?

Coming from American mystery writer and Professor of Law John F. Dobbyn, the Knight and Devlin series is about a team of lawyers in Boston.

The Devlin and Knight series began with the short story “Trumpeter Swan,” published in the February 2004 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, a success that led the author to start writing a series of novels that started when the young Michael Knight had to work on a high-profile case.

To win, he needs help and finds it with Lex Devlin, a senior partner at his firm. From there, the team continues to work on perilous cases.

How to read the Knight and Devlin Books in Order?

Every book in the Knight and Devlin series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

Neon Dragon Knight and Devlin Books in Order Frame-Up Knight and Devlin Books in Order Black Diamond Knight and Devlin Books in Order

  1. Neon Dragon – Amid the flash and din of Boston’s raucous Chinese New Year’s celebration, an elderly man is shot while watching the parade from his window. Anthony Bradley, the son of an African-American judge, is standing across the street at the time and is immediately arrested for the crime. Michael Knight, a young lawyer who’s going places, is surprised when Judge Bradley asks him to defend his son in such a high profile and politically delicate case. Luckily, Knight finds powerful support from Lex Devlin, a senior partner at his firm.
  2. Frame-Up – After graduating from Harvard Law with his closest friend John McKedrick, Michael Knight takes a job with his mentor, legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, while John becomes sole associate of a notorious mob lawyer. Michael never lost hope that John McKedrick would escape to cleaner pastures -until John is murdered in a car bombing bearing the signature of his questionable clientele.
  3. Black Diamond – Michael Knight and Lex Devlin agree to defend a jockey accused of murdering a fellow jockey during a race at Boston’s Suffolk Downs. Michael’s expertise in the machinations of the horse racing game is expected to serve them well. But a personal attachment to the murdered jockey thrusts Michael and Lex into the midst of conflict between Boston’s Irish mafia and remnants of the terrorist branch of the Irish Republican Army.

Deadly Diamonds Knight and Devlin Books in Order Fatal Odds Knight and Devlin Books in Order High Stakes Knight and Devlin Books in Order

  1. Deadly Diamonds – What do Boston, Dublin, and Sierra Leone have in common? The movement of blood diamonds at enormous profit but grave human expense: mafia killings in Boston and Ireland and child enslavement and murder in Sierra Leone. And who is ensnared in the middle of all of this – Michael Knight and Lex Devlin.
  2. Fatal Odds – Danger escalates as Michael Knight and Lex Devlin enter into the defense of a Puerto Rican jockey charged with felony murder as a result of a fixed race at Boston’s Suffolk Downs. As their investigation exposes the jockey’s role, they become embroiled in a conflict between two Puerto Rican crime gangs. One of these gangs is aligned for the first time with Boston’s Italian Mafia in tapping into almost limitless profits from the illicit trade of exotic and endangered species of wild animals captured in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil and smuggled through the shoreline of the Florida Keys.
  3. High Stakes – An authentic Stradivarius violin turns up in Romania. A Stradivarius is rare enough, but this one is even more special. It is thought to hold the code disclosing the location of a treasure hidden in the 15th century. The violin is steeped in haunting mystique: It is believed to have been hidden by Vlad Dracula, whose historic tyranny led to the fabrication of the myth of vampirism. Russian, Chinese, and Romanian gangs centered in Boston want the code and all of them are hot on the trail.

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