Kate Hamilton Books in Order: How to Read Connie Berry’s Series?

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The “Kate Hamilton Series” by Connie Berry is a mystery series that takes place in the world of antique buying and selling. The heroine of the story, an American antique merchant called Kate Hamilton, takes center stage. While navigating the complexities of the antique business, Kate frequently finds herself involved in a variety of murder mysteries and conspiracies.

Cozy mysteries, amateur sleuthing, and the antique world are frequently combined. While Kate Hamilton is well recognized for her acute eye for priceless antiques, she also has a talent for cracking puzzles and solving crimes.

How to Read the Kate Hamilton Series in Order?

It’s typically advised to read the volumes in Connie Berry’s Kate Hamilton book series in the order they were published, even though several mystery series let readers to read the books out of order. A deeper grasp of the character growth, interpersonal interactions, and any continuous plot lines or side stories that may be featured in the series can be obtained by reading them in order.

  1. A Dream of Death (2019) – The annual Tartan Ball, a celebration marking the conclusion of the tourist season, is held on Scotland’s Isle of Glenroth. The little Hebridean resort town has seen a huge increase in visitors as a result of a newly released book about the history of the island. American antiques merchant Kate Hamilton is listed as a visitor. In an effort to mend her relationship with his sister, who runs the opulent country house hotel on the island that is well-known for its ties to Bonnie Prince Charlie, Kate unwillingly makes the trip back to the island where her husband passed away. When a body is discovered the next morning, it has barely been unpacked by Kate. It was slain in a replication of a notorious unsolved crime from the book, and the only hint as to who the culprit is may be found in an oddly ornamented antique coffin.
  2. A Legacy of Murder (2019) – Christmastime finds antiques merchant Kate Hamilton traveling to the sleepy English town of Long Barston to see her daughter, Christine. Christine and Tristan both work at the grand but dilapidated Finchley Hall. Kate is fascinated by the docent’s stories of the Finchley Hoard and the odd deaths related to the well-known treasure trove as she tours the Elizabethan house and gardens. Kate, however, notices the body of a young lady who was slain with a garden shovel near to a tiny lake.
  3. The Art of Betrayal (2021) – In England, spring is a particularly beautiful season with bluebells massing along forest walks and primrose and wild thyme strewn over meadows. The month of May finds antique dealer Kate Hamilton spending some time with Detective Inspector Tom Mallory in the Suffolk village of Long Barston. A corpse pops up in the middle of the celebrations at the May Fair, the yearly spectacle based on a well-known Anglo-Saxon folktale.
  1. The Shadow of Memory (2022) – In addition to helping her coworker Ivor Tweedy with a project at the Netherfield Sanatorium, which is being transformed into opulent townhouses, Kate Hamilton is planning her approaching wedding. In order to determine if a picture from the fourteenth century is by the Dutch painter Jan Van Eyck, Kate and Ivor must rate it. But when former criminal investigator Will Parker is discovered dead, Kate discovers that the sanatorium’s rooms contained much more than beautiful artwork.
  2. Mistletoe and Murder (novella, 2023) – Kate Hamilton is going to get married in five days, but she discovers her friend Sheila is in need of her assistance. Sheila, who is getting married shortly herself, needs Kate’s assistance to get her fiancé Carl Curtis out of Venezuela. The officials claim he owes them money and took his passport away. Even though Carl claims it’s a bribe, he is unable to depart until it is paid.
  3. A Collection of Lies (Coming in 2024)

If you like our Kate Hamilton reading order and you’re searching for more antique dealings mixed with murder mysteries, you may be interested in the “The Antique Lover’s Mystery Series” by Ellery Adams.

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