Kate Brannigan Books in Order: How to read Val McDermid’’s series?

Kate Brannigan Books in Order

By the author of the Tony Hill & Carol Jordan series.

Who is Kate Brannigan?

Written by Scottish crime writer Val McDermid, this thriller series is about private investigator Kate Brannigan in Manchester, England.

Kate Brannigan is a Thai boxing, rock-and-roll female private detective. She works as a junior partner in the private consulting firm named Mortensen & Brannigan. The firm deals with crimes related to security systems and computer frauds.

Kate Brannigan Books in Order:

Dead Beat - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order Kick Back - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order Crack Down - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order

  1. Dead Beat – As a favour, Kate Brannigan, a Manchester private detective, agrees to track down a missing songwriter, Moria Pollock. It was supposed to be a nice simple case, but the search soon leads Kate into the dark underworld of Leeds, Manchester and Bradford – and finally to a shocking confrontation with a killer…
  2. Kick Back – PI Kate Brannigan is hired to investigate a series of strange financial scams across Manchester. At first it looks like a discrepancy with the paperwork, but the deeper Kate digs, the murkier the case becomes. Before long she’s up to her neck in crooked land deals – and murder – and her own life is on the line…
  3. Crack Down – Manchester-based private eye Kate Brannigan thought it would be safe to let her boyfriend help out with her investigation. But now he’s behind bars and she’s been left caring for his eight-year-old son. Soon Kate finds herself drawn into the world of drug traffickers, child pornographers, and violent gangland enforcers – bringing her face to face with death in the most terrifying investigation of her career.

Clean Break - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order Blue Genes - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order Star Struck - PI Kate Brannigan Books in order

  1. Clean Break – When a Monet is stolen from a stately home, Manchester-based private eye Kate Brannigan goes head to head with organized crime as she hunts the thieves through Europe. Meanwhile, someone is leaving a trail of bodies across the Northwest. As Kate confronts some harsh truths in her own life, the case stretches her love and loyalty to its limits.
  2. Blue Genes – Alexis’s girlfriend is pregnant and when the doctor responsible for the fertility treatment is murdered, Alexis needs Kate like she’s never done before. Delving into the alien world of medical experimentation, Kate confronts betrayal and cold-blooded greed as she fights to save not only her livelihood, but her life as well…
  3. Star Struck – Manchester PI Kate Brannigan finds herself with no choice but to take the only case on offer: bodyguarding a paranoid soap star. But the glitzy world of showbusiness has a darker side. And as Kate scratches the surface, she uncovers dramas, threats and bitter rivalries. And when a self-styled ‘Seer to the Stars’ is murdered, Kate is left with more questions than answers.

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