Jennifer Lynn Barnes Books in Order (The Inheritance Games, Raised by Wolves, The Naturals…)

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Jennifer Lynn Barnes, hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a prolific author renowned for her impressive portfolio of a dozen young adult novels. Beyond her literary prowess, she holds the distinguished position of Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma, where her expertise spans both Psychology and Professional Writing. Jennifer’s talents extend to the world of television, where she has crafted original pilot scripts for major networks like USA and MTV.

Among her notable works, Jennifer Lynn Barnes is celebrated for several series, including the “Raised by Wolves” series, “The Naturals” series, “The Debutantes” series, and her recent addition, “The Inheritance Games” series. Her unique blend of storytelling and her ability to capture the essence of young adult narratives have made her a prominent figure in the world of contemporary literature.

How to read Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Books in Order?

Reading The Inheritance Games Series in Order

Avery Grambs is thrust into a world of riches and luxury after receiving an unexpected bequest. There is danger at every step, and she must play the game herself in order to live.

  1. The Inheritance Games (2020) – Avery Grambs has a strategy for a brighter future: go through high school, secure a scholarship, then leave. But when millionaire Tobias Hawthorne passes away and leaves Avery nearly his entire wealth, her circumstances quickly shift. The problem? Avery doesn’t even know who Tobias Hawthorne is, let alone why.
  2. The Hawthorne Legacy (2021) – Avery is aware that she is not a Hawthorne by blood, but more and more information seems to point to a closer relationship with the family than she had ever thought. Two of the mysterious and alluring Hawthorne grandchildren, Grayson and Jameson, continue to tug Avery in separate directions as the mystery deepens and the plot congeals.
  3. The Final Gambit (2022) – A guest who needs her aid and whose presence at Hawthorne House may change everything shows up just as the time is running out for Avery Kylie Grambs to become the wealthiest kid on the globe. As soon as it becomes apparent that there is one more mystery to be solved, Avery and the Hawthorne brothers are forced to play a risky game against an unidentified and formidable opponent.
  4. The Brothers Hawthorne (2023) – Jameson Hawthorne is a gamer, a thrill-seeker, and a risk-taker. Jameson can’t help but accept the challenge when his enigmatic father suddenly makes an appearance. In order to win a game with the biggest stakes, he must now break into London’s most exclusive underground gambling club, which serves the wealthy and powerful. Jameson Hawthorne, fortunately, thrives on the impossible.

Reading The Naturals Series in Order

Seventeen-year-old Cassie Hobbes possesses an extraordinary gift for profiling people, leading her to join an exclusive FBI program designed for teenagers with innate crime-solving abilities. As she harnesses her talent, Cassie finds herself thrust into a series of harrowing situations that challenge her skills and courage.

  1. The Naturals (2013) – Cassie, who is seventeen, has a natural talent for reading people. She can determine who you are and what you desire by piecing together the smallest facts. She hasn’t, however, ever taken it seriously as a skill. That is, until the FBI shows up at her door. They are in need of Cassie as part of a secret program that the FBI has started to utilize extraordinary youngsters to solve iconic cold cases.
  2. Killer Instinct (2014) – Cassie believes she and the rest of the team can continue to work on cold cases from a distance after narrowly avoiding a meeting with a disturbed killer who was fixated on her mother’s death. The Naturals are dragged into a case that is too personal when the victims of a vicious new serial murderer start showing up: the culprit is an exact replica of Dean’s imprisoned father, a guy he’d do everything to forget.
  3. All In (2015) – Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are enlisted to look into a series of violent killings in Las Vegas. However, despite the team’s exceptional skills in profiling, some killings remain puzzling: Unlike many serial murderers, this one always employs a new technique.
  4. Bad Blood (2016) – Cassie and the crew are racing against the clock as they try to unearth the mysteries of a society that has been killing in secret for centuries. There are new victims. New betrayals have occurred. There are new secrets.
  5. Twelve (2017) – Short story. Cassie and the other Naturals find themselves in a race against time while reliving their own childhood traumas as their most recent case pulls a ghost from their past to the surface. According to the authorities, there had been a spate of teen suicides in a small seaside town in Maine.

Reading The Debutantes Series in Order

Set against the backdrop of debutante balls, grand estates, and rolling green hills, “Little White Lies” weaves together the allure of a charming setting, a timeless fish-out-of-water narrative, and a multi-layered mystery that promises intrigue and enchantment.

  1. Little White Lies (2018) – Auto mechanic Sawyer Taft, 18, was shocked when her estranged grandma knocked on her house and offered her a six-figure contract to compete in debutante season. She certainly never expected that she would agree, either. She signs the contract and prepares herself for a year of makeovers, big dresses, bigger egos, and a lot of bless your heart when she realizes that assimilating into her grandmother’s “society” could lead her to the solution to the biggest mystery of her life-the identity of her father.
  2. Deadly Little Scandals (2019) – Sawyer Taft, a reluctant debutante, joined Southern high society with the sole intention of finding her biological father. But Sawyer’s debutante year’s answers only left her with more questions and one possibly fatal secret.

Reading The Fixer Series in Order

At the prestigious Hardwicke School in Washington D.C., where the powerful seek to erase their scandals from public view, Tess is the go-to solution, offering her expertise in making secrets vanish-for the right price.

  1. The Fixer (2015) – Tess Kendrick, age 16, is assigned to live with her elder sister but is unaware that Ivy Kendrick, a well-known “fixer,” is the capital’s top “fixer.” After enrolling at the renowned Hardwicke School, Tess quickly discovers that she is unintentionally following in Ivy’s footsteps. Tess never saw much of a connection between herself and Ivy, but when one of her school classmates needs assistance, she realizes that her skills rapidly make her Hardwicke High School’s go-to fixer.
  2. The Long Game (2016) – Tess Kendrick, a student at Washington, D.C.’s exclusive Hardwicke School, comes from a long line of fixers. But Tess also left behind a legacy that has to do with political dynasties and power. Tess agrees when asked to lead a classmate’s student council campaign. But even a high school election might contain shocking facts when the contestants are the kids of politicians.

Reading The Raised by Wolves Series in Order

Bryn, a teenager raised in the world of pack life with its strict social hierarchy, is no stranger to bending the rules when necessary.

  1. Raised by Wolves (2010) – Bryn, a fifteen-year-old werewolf, was raised by the pack’s leader when a rogue wolf savagely slaughtered her parents in front of her. She has only ever known pack life and the strict social order that governs it. The horrifying memories of her parents’ deaths resurface when she finds Chase, a new kid trapped in a cage in her guardian’s basement, and sees him transform into a wolf in front of her. Bryn has an obsession with getting her questions answered, and the only person who can do so is Chase.
  2. Trial by Fire (2011) – Bryn is finally settling into her role as the pack’s alpha, or at least her interpretation of what it means to be the pack leader of a pack of werewolves when you’re a human. She then discovers a bleeding adolescent male on her front doorstep. He introduces himself as Lucas and explains that his only hope is Bryn’s protection before fainting.
  3. Taken by Storm (2012) – The situation is centered in Cedar Ridge, where a renegade Were is slaughtering people. The Senate must meet with Bryn, the human pack’s alpha, to resolve the issue. Even though the lone wolf is the topic, Bryn is aware that other packs are interested in what she possesses. her domain. Her ladies. its bag. They desire her demise.

Reading The Squad Series in Order

The ideal cover for the United States’ most highly trained group of underage government operatives? Cheerleaders!

  1. Perfect Cover (2008) – The most much coveted cheerleaders make up Bayport High’s Varsity squad. However, this A-list is hazardous in a number of ways. The Squad is essentially a front for the most skilled team of young government agents the US has ever put together. They have the ideal cover since nobody expects much from a cheerleader other than herkeys and highlights.
  2. Killer Spirit (2008) – To compare Toby Klein to Paris Hilton as an unlikely cheerleader would be the understatement of the year. She is leading a life that is anything but average as an undercover federal agent and a cheerleader for Bayport High. Being a member of the Squad has its perks, but just as Toby is beginning to understand etiquette and pep rallies, fate changes the dynamic.

Reading The Bailey Morgan Series in Order

When a mysterious tattoo bestows each of them with a supernatural power, four teenagers find themselves harnessing these extraordinary abilities in a desperate fight for survival.

  1. Tattoo (2007) – Bailey Morgan doesn’t often expose much flesh, however, she finds herself in a mall dressing room with her friend Delia while she inks a temporary tattoo on her lower back. The tattoos will remain for three days, and Delia is confident that she and her pals will murder at the school dance while sporting them. Unfortunately, someone has the intention of killing, and Bailey, Delia, Annabelle, and Zo are facing a life-or-death struggle.
  2. Fate (2009) – Bailey Morgan has been leading a double life as an old magical entity by night and a high school student by day for the past two years. As the third Fate, Bailey has direct power over how the world will turn out, but as Plain Old Bailey, her life is in disarray. She doesn’t know what her future holds after graduating from high school, has a tattoo that was intended to be temporary but isn’t, and friendships that were supposed to endure forever but might not.

Reading The Golden Series in Order

  1. Golden (2006) – Lissy James has a teenage nightmare when she relocates from California to Oklahoma: a social scene straight out of a Hollywood film. If that weren’t challenging enough, Lissy’s ever-expanding Aura Vision is becoming more and more difficult to conceal, and if she isn’t cautious, she will turn into a Non before you can say “freak.”
  2. Platinum (2007) – It will take all Lilah has to stay on top at Emory despite the fact that she is the best at following the rules because to her newly discovered visions, an intense connection to a boy who isn’t real, and the danger of a supernatural foe with a sting as deadly as a Queen Bee. And to demonstrate unequivocally that the only people who can flout the rules are the ones who establish them-highlights and high heels apart.

Other novels by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  • Every Other Day (2011) – Kali D’Angelo is a typical 16-year-old girl every other day. Although Kali still has her normal appearance, every 24 hours her predatory instincts take over and she transforms into a fearsome demon-hunter with an irresistible need to hunt down, capture, and kill zombies, hellhounds, and other supernatural beings. Kali gives in to impulse despite not knowing why she is the way she is. regardless of the fact that the government views it as environmental terrorism.
  • Nobody (2013) – Some people are Nobodys: unappreciated, almost unnoticeable in all facets of life. Because of this, Nobody’s are the ideal assassins. Nix, who is 17 years old, excels at his work. So he doesn’t question why the company he works for has him go for a teenage girl named Claire. He is a murderer. She must pass away.
  • The Lovely and the Lost (2019) – The first memories Kira Bennett has are of being alone and wild in the woods. Although she is unaware of how long she was abandoned or what she had to do to survive, Cady Bennett and one of her search-and-rescue dogs were able to locate her precisely at that very time. Years after being adopted into the Bennett family, Kira still finds it difficult to engage with others, but she is a pro in the family’s line of work: search and rescue. Kira assists Cady in training the most skilled search and rescue canines in the world, along with Jude, Cady’s son, and Free, their neighbor. The three teens all aspire to utilize their abilities one day to locate the missing and return them to their families.

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