Jane Whitefield Books in Order: How to read Thomas Perry’s series?

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By the author of the Butcher’s Boy series.

What is the Jane Whitefield series about?

Written by American mystery and thriller novelist Thomas Perry (not connected to Anne Perry), the Jane Whitefield series is about a Native American (Seneca) guide like no other.

The story revolves around Jane Whitefield from Deganawida, New York. She is the patron saint of the pursued, a Native American “guide” who specializes in making the desperate disappear. She knows all the tricks and can even provide her clients with new identities.

Jane’s clientele is mostly composed of persons in immediate danger, whether from abusive partners, criminals, or the law. If you need her, she’ll get you documents, transportation, money, and protection, but also help you to think differently to adjust to a new life.

How to read the Jane Whitefield Books in Order?

Every book in the Jane Whitefield series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Vanishing Act – Jane Whitefield is a Native American guide who leads people out of the wilderness-not the tree-filled variety but the kind created by enemies who want you dead. She is in the one-woman business of helping the desperate disappear. Thanks to her membership in the Wolf Clan of the Seneca tribe, she can fool any pursuer, cover any trail, and then provide her clients with new identities, complete with authentic paperwork. Jane knows all the tricks, ancient and modern; in fact, she has invented several of them herself.
  2. Dance for the Dead – Calling on the ancient wisdom of the Seneca tribe and her own razor-sharp cunning, Jane Whitefield conjures up new identities for people with nowhere left to run. She’s as quick and quiet as freshly fallen show, and she covers a trail just as completely. But when a calculating killer stalks an innocent eight-year-old boy, Jane faces dangerous obstacles that will put her powers-and her life-to a terrifying test…
  3. Shadow Woman – In her latest adventure, Jane Whitefield, who helps people in trouble disappear from one life and establish a new identity, is hired by a Las Vegas gambling casino executive running from contract killers. But the killers are on the trail of the shadow woman and soon Jane becomes the principal target of their rage and revenge.

  1. The Face-Changers – Jane Whitefield has never had a client like Dr. Richard Dahlman. A famous plastic surgeon who has dedicated his life to healing, the good doctor hasn’t a clue why stalkers are out for his blood. But he knows Jane Whitefield’s name–and that she is his only hope. Once again Jane performs her magic, leading Dahlman in a nightmare flight across America, only a heartbeat ahead of pursuers whose leader is a dead ringer for Jane: a raven-haired beauty who has stolen her name, reputation, and techniques–not to save lives, but to destroy them…
  2. Blood Money – Jane Whitefield has just begun her quiet new life as Mrs. Carey McKinnon when she is called upon again to face her toughest opponents yet. Jane must try to save a young girl fleeing a deadly mafioso. Yet the deceptively simple task of hiding a girl propels Jane into the center of horrific events, and pairs her with Bernie the Elephant, the mafia’s man with the money. Bernie has a photographic memory, and in order to undo an evil that has been growing for half a century, he and Jane engineer the biggest theft of all time, stealing billions from hidden mafia accounts and donating the money to charity.
  3. Runner – When a bomb explodes in the middle of a reception, Jane Whitefield finds herself face to face with the cause of the explosion: a young girl, who’s pregnant and has been tracked across the country by a team of hired assassins. That night, regardless of the vow she made, Jane is pulled back into her old life.

  1. Poison Flower – Jane Whitefield spirits James Shelby, a man unjustly convicted of his wife’s murder, out of the heavily guarded criminal court building in downtown Los Angeles. But the price of Shelby’s freedom is high. Within minutes, men posing as police officers kidnap Jane and, when she tries to escape, shoot her.
  2. A String of Beads – A year after getting shot on a job that took a dangerous turn, Jane Whitefield has settled into the quiet life of a suburban housewife in Amherst, New York–or so she thinks. One morning, coming back from a long run, Jane is met by an unusual sight: the female leaders of the eight Seneca clans parked in her driveway in two black cars. They have come to her with an unusual request. Jane’s childhood friend from the reservation is wanted by the police for the murder of a local white man, and he has fled. The clan mothers believe that Jane is the only one who can find him.
  3. The Left-Handed Twin – one spring night, Jane finds a young woman fresh from LA with a whole lot of trouble behind her. After she cheated on her boyfriend, he dragged her to the home of the offending man and made her watch as he killed him. She testified against the boyfriend, but a bribed jury acquitted him, and now he’s free and trying to find and kill her.

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