Fallen Angels Murder Club/Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order: How to read R. Franklin James’s series?

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Now a Lifetime Toni Braxton movie series.

What is the Hollis Morgan series about?

Written by American writer R. Franklin James, the Hollis Morgan Mystery Series is about Hollis Morgan, a woman who loves books and has a white-collar criminal record. It’s the two requirements to be accepted in The Fallen Angels Book Club.

This ex-con will have to turn amateur sleuth and set out to investigate a series of murders at her book club.to avoid becoming a victim.

The Hollis Morgan Mystery Series is now adapted by Lifetime as a movie series, with Toni Braxton in the lead role.

How to Read the Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order?

Every book in the Hollis Morgan series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

The Fallen Angels Book Club - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order Sticks & Stones - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order The Return of the Fallen Angels Book Club - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order

  1. The Fallen Angels Book Club – Left holding the bag in an insurance fraud scheme concocted by her now ex-husband, Hollis Morgan served her time and is trying to rebuild her life. All she wants is for the court to pardon her conviction so she can return to law school. After one of her fellow members from the The Fallen Angels Book Club is murdered in a scenario straight out of a club selection, Hollis is once again the subject of police scrutiny. Refusing to get stuck with another bad rap, she sets out to investigate her fellow club members. She realizes soon she must identify the killer before she herself becomes the next victim.
  2. Sticks & Stones – Hollis Morgan has received an official pardon, she is free to pursue her dreams of moving up in the world from paralegal to attorney. While awaiting the results of the bar exam, she hopes to clear the name of a friend accused of libel by philanthropist Dorian Fields, a man whose charitable giving looks a lot like money-laundering. Only problem: the evidence has disappeared and her friend Catherine is found dead.
  3. The Return of the Fallen Angels Book Club – Hollis has climbed the ladder from paralegal to probate attorney at a respected law firm in the Bay Area. Unfortunately her first two cases are trials by fire. One involves a vicious family dispute over a disinheritance of family members who seem ready to stop at nothing to get their share. The other is the murder of her former parole officer, Jeffrey Wallace, whose will and family trust she is retained to file with the court. Too many people have motives and family mourners are few, so she resists processing the estate. Without Jeffrey, Hollis’ successful reentry into society would never have been possible. It was he who introduced her to the Fallen Angels-his other white-collar ex-parolees seeking a second chance. The book club they formed was a comfort and a distraction, until two murders forced them back under the scrutiny of the law. The group disbanded during the ensuing investigation. Now, realizing their debt to Jeffrey, they come together once more, determined to uncover the truth.

The Trade List - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order The Bell Tolls - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order The Identity Thief - Hollis Morgan Mystery Series Books in Order

  1. The Trade List – After receiving a state pardon, Hollis Morgan is now a probate attorney at the Bay Area firm. In a case close to home, her manager, George Ravel, inherits a fortune from his newly found birth mother, but her dead husband’s heirs are overcome with greed, not grief. They are determined to discredit her will and deny her natural son even one cent of the millions they believe should belong to their father’s estate. George asks Hollis to handle the case, but her attention is divided. A dead woman has been discovered with Hollis’s business card – one that dates back to Hollis’s years on parole. To resolve this crime, Hollis turns to her ex-con buddies from the Fallen Angels Book Club for help.
  2. The Bell Tolls – Hollis Morgan discovers her client, Matthias Bell, is a deceased blackmailer whose last wish was to return the damaging documents letting his victims off the hook. It falls to Hollis to give them the good news. But it becomes apparent that Bell was murdered, and the victims of “Bell’s tolls” are now suspects. Hollis’ white-collar criminal past has left her with keen survival instincts. A gifted liar, she knows a liar when she sees one. A lot of people in this case are lying and one is a killer.
  3. The Identity Thief– Probate attorney Hollis Morgan is branching out into criminal law. Hollis’ first criminal case quickly gets complicated. Her client is a young man initially accused of identity theft, but his charge soon includes murder. Hollis has a knack for detecting lies, and although Justin Eastland lies with every breath, she doesn’t believe he is a killer. Eastland is let out on bail as bait, and Hollis struggles to keep her client alive. She enlists the services of her young friend Vince, a former addict she helped get back on track, telling him to not let Eastland out of his sight. At the same time Hollis is handling a sensitive probate matter for a whistle-blower hiding from a revengeful cartel. It has not been easy for Hollis to learn to trust again, and in both these cases, a surprising number of people are not telling her the whole story. She thinks she can sort the truths from the half-truths and the outright lies, but how reliable are her instincts? Hollis’ sense of justice does not always consider the law. If she’s wrong, her clients aren’t the only ones who could lose their lives.

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