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Henry Johnstone Books in Order: How to read Jane A. Adams’s series?

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Henry Johnstone Books in Order

Last Updated 12 months ago.By the author of the Naomi Blake series.

Who is Henry Johnstone?

The Henry Johnstone series is a historical mystery series from British psychological thrillers writer Jane Adams.

The story takes place in the 1920s and resolves around Detective Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone, a specialist murder detective from London, as he leads investigation in different cities, always lending a hand to catch a killer in those difficult times.

Henry Johnstone Books in Order:

The Murder Book Henry Johnstone Books in Order Death Scene Henry Johnstone Books in Order Kith and Kin Henry Johnstone Books in Order

  1. The Murder Book – Lincolnshire, England. June, 1928. When three freshly-buried bodies are unearthed in the front yard of a rented cottage, DCI Henry Johnstone, a specialist murder detective from London, is summoned to investigate. Two of the victims are identified as Mary Fields, known to have worked as a prostitute, and her seven-year-old daughter Ruby. But who is the third victim and what was he doing at the cottage?
  2. Death Scene – 1928. A rising star of the silent screen, Cissie Rowe had a bright future ahead of her in the new talking pictures. When Cissie is found brutally murdered in her own home, DCI Henry Johnstone and DS Mickey Hitchens are despatched to the seaside town of Shoreham-by-Sea to investigate. Famed for the quality of its light, Shoreham is home to a film studio and thriving theatrical community. But who among them would want the popular young actress dead?
  3. Kith and Kin – December, 1928. When two bodies are found washed up in the Kentish marshes, it doesn’t take long for DCI Henry Johnstone and DS Mickey Hitchens to identify at least one of them. Billy Crane was a known associate of Josiah Bailey, one of the East End’s most notorious gangsters. But what were the victims doing in this remote and desolate spot? Is it a set-up? A revenge attack? Or could this be the start of a vicious turf war?

The Clockmaker Henry Johnstone Books in Order The Good Wife Henry Johnstone Books in Order Old Sins Henry Johnstone Books in Order

  1. The Clockmaker – February, 1929. Clockmaker Abraham Levy’s young nephew has vanished. He was last seen boarding a train on his way to see his fiancée, and with no sign of foul play, the suspicion is that he may have got cold feet about his upcoming nuptials and alighted at an earlier stop. The police seem to think so, but Abraham isn’t convinced. Feeling he has no other option, Abraham makes an unexpected visit to DCI Henry Johnstone to appeal for his help
  2. The Good Wife – 1929. Police surgeon Dr Clive Mason is devastated when his wife Martha is found dead in an empty horsebox at Southwell Races, her handbag stolen. The Masons were enjoying a day out at the races with their friends, Dr Ephraim Phillips and his wife Nora, when Martha went to speak to a face she recognized in a crowd – and disappeared.
  3. Old Sins – 1929. The discovery of the bodies of two retired policemen, Walter Cole and Hayden Paul, sounds warning bells to DCI Henry Johnstone. Both men were experiencing financial difficulties, and their deaths were staged to look like suicides. Hayden left a note containing two words: old sins. And when Henry attends his sister’s Halloween party, he is approached by a flamenco dancer who leaves a note with the name of another man. Could this be a grim warning?

Bright Young Things Henry Johnstone Books in Order

  1. Bright Young Things – January 5, 1930. On a cold, grey winter morning, a mysterious man walks along Bournemouth beach carrying a bundle in his arms. He lays it carefully on the shoreline and calmly walks away. The man has dumped a body. Still recovering from the trauma of his last case, DCI Henry Johnstone returns to work to solve this baffling mystery. But as he and DS Mickey Hitchens investigate, the path to the truth is darker and twistier than they could ever have imagined.

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