Gwenpool Reading Order: How to read Gwendolyn Poole’s crazy adventures?

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Last Updated 3 months ago.At first, I thought that Gwenpool was Lady Deadpool, but she is not. When I read about her story, I wanted to discover her books immediately, but where to start? Good question, here is the answer! But first…

Who is Gwenpool?

At one point, Marvel had fun with Gwen Stacy on the covers of a certain number of issues, delivering fun reimaginations of the famous Spider-Man character (because Spider-Gwen looks so cool). One of them was on the cover of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 in June 2015. At that time, Gwenpool was not in any story, but she was already a popular character.

Like Deadpool, Gwenpool is a fourth wall-breaking character. Gwen Poole is a character from ‘the real world’ and knows that she is in a Marvel comic book. She got her own costume and started to use here knowledge to fight crime, believing that her actions are pretty much without any consequences. Of course, she had no training and mostly improvise.

Gwenpool Reading Order:

So, after the cover that made her famous, Gwenpool needed a place to start and this was in a Howard the Duck (vol. 6) #1. Don’t worry about finding this tree-part storyline as I did, Marvel collected it in one issue, The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0.

Also collected in this special issue is the Gwenpool Holiday Special that followed the Howard the Duck storyline.

After that, you can jump in the regular solo series.

  1. The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Believe It – Collects The Unbelievable Gwenpool #0–4. You don’t need to track down Howard the Duck and other stuffs, everything is in this TPB.
  2. Rocket Raccoon & Groot Civil War II – During the Civil War II event, Gwenpool appears in the Rocket Raccoon & Groot series (issues #8–10). After a confrontation, and some misunderstandings, she will team up with them to help save Captain Marvel.
  3. The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Head of M.O.D.O.K. – Collects The Unbelievable Gwenpool #5–10.
  4. Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up – After issue#8, you can read this special (also collected in the volume 3: Totally in Continuity), then jump into Champions!

  1. Champions Vol. 2 #4–5 – Gwen appeared in Champions and kind of decides to join the team by herself, explosions follow. Also, you don’t need to read issue #4, she’s just at the end with a little teasing for the next issue.
  2. The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Totally in Continuity – Collects The Unbelievable Gwenpool #11–16 and the Holiday Special.
  3. Secret Empire: Brand New World #1 – If you want to know what happened to Gwenpool during Secret Empire, there’s a really short and optional story in that book.
  4. Edge of Venomverse #2 – After nearly being killed Gwen merges with the Venom Symbiote in the second issue of the event series. The story will continue in Venomverse. If you only want Gwen story, you don’t need to read the other issues of Edge of Venomverse.
  5. The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Beyond the Fourth Wall – Coming soon, the fourth volume that collects The Unbelievable Gwenpool #17–21.

The solo series has ended, but Gwenpool is back. She’s now a member of the West Coast Avengers.

  1. West Coast Avengers Vol. 1: Best Coast – A bold new era begins for the mightiest heroes to ever live on the Pacific Coast. That means Hawkeye (your favorite one, Kate Bishop)! Hawkeye (the other one, Clint Barton)! America Chavez! Kid Omega! Gwenpool! And a guy named Fuse! These are the new West Coast Avengers. Collects West Coast Avengers #1-6.
  2. West Coast Avengers Vol. 2: City of Evils – Marvel Boy is back, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Kate Bishop. Her relationship with Fuse is looking shaky, and the last thing she wants is her very hot ex hanging around! Not to mention Kate’s former Young Avengers teammate has brought a mountain of trouble to the West Coast! Collects West Coast Avengers #7-10.

More to come soon…

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