Greenwing & Dart Books in Order: How to read Victoria Goddard’s series?

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Fantasies of magic-and mischief.

What is the Greenwing & Dart series about?

Written by Canadian author Victoria Goddard, Greenwing & Dart is a fantasy series about Jemis Greenwing and Mr. Dart, two young men of impeccable breeding and excellent education. Well–Mr. Dart is.

Jemis was named after his grandfather’s favorite racehorse, and his father is the subject of an unfortunately popular melodrama. Ragnor Bella, their home town, is known as the most boring town on the whole continent–which just means its inhabitants are very good at keeping their secrets. Or were, anyway.

For Jemis and Mr. Dart learned a few surprising things at university…

How to read the Greenwing & Dart Books in Order?

  1. Stone Speaks to Stone: A Tale of the Nine Worlds (short story) – The true tale of what happened to Jemis’ father at Loe, taking place 10 years before the rest of the series.
  2. Stargazy Pie – Ragnor Bella is a placid little market town on the road to nowhere, where Jemis Greenwing’s family affairs have always been the main source of gossip. Having missed his stepfather’s funeral, he is determined to keep his head down. Unfortunately for his reputation, though fortunately for several other people, he falls quickly under the temptation of resuming the friendship of Mr. Dart of Dartington, Squire-in-training, and beloved local daredevil. Mr. Dart is delighted to have Jemis’ company for what will be, he assures him, a very small adventure. Jemis expected the cut direct. The secret societies, criminal gangs, and illegal cults to the old gods–to say nothing of the mermaid–come as a complete surprise.
  3. Bee Sting Cake – Neither law nor common sense has ever stopped anyone in Ragnor Bella from making-or breaking-their fortunes at the table, at the racetrack, and especially at the Dartington Harvest Fair. With Mad Jack Greenwing’s only son Jemis finally back from university, this year’s betting is bidding fair to be the stuff of legend. The odds on his placing are remarkably high-but the real bets are whether he makes it to the starting line at all. Lost heirs. Botanizing dukes. Riddling dragons. High Gothic melodrama. And all that’s just to get his name in the race.
  4. Whiskeyjack – Jemis Greenwing has slain a dragon, been acknowledged as the Viscount St-Noire, and not incidentally also been given a raise. After a chaotic first month back in Ragnor Bella, he’s finally feeling confident that he can make it to the Winterturn Assizes and the reading of his stepfather’s will without falling headlong into any more disaster. Then he’s arrested on suspicion of murder. By magic. Of one of the greatest folk heroes of legend.

  1. Blackcurrant Fool – When his best friend Mr. Dart unexpectedly needs to make an urgent trip to Orio City, Jemis Greenwing’s immediate response to ask when. He’s willing to make up to his grandmother so she will lend them her falarode, he’s willing to offer to run the errands of half the barony, and he’s certainly willing to spend a week or so away from the gossips of Ragnor Bella. It’s such a pity that Jemis and Mr. Dart are more than halfway to Orio City before Jemis remembers that his vindictive ex-lover Lark is a rising star in the criminal courts of Orio City. It’s an even greater pity when they realize just what her new position is in the legally instituted court there.
  2. Love-in-a-Mist – The journey home from Orio City was supposed to be straightforward. Avoid being captured by brigands or agents of the criminal gangs; try not to cause any further spiritual or magical shocks; and make it over the mountains before winter closes in. A sudden blizzard drives Jemis and his friends to seek refuge in an eccentric country gentleman’s even more eccentric house. They only want to stay out the storm without revealing all their secrets: but the other guests have secrets of their own, and Mr. Dart’s ability to hear the inanimate has some unforeseeable consequences…
  3. Plum Duff – Winterturn in Ragnor Bella is a holiday for family, feasting, and a few religious festivities. Magic is out of fashion. Except at Winterturn, obviously. Jemis Greenwing and Mr. Dart are both quite ready for a quiet week or two after their adventures going to and coming home from Orio City. Jemis in particular is looking forward to the first Winterturn spent with his father since he was a child. Then the fairy fox shows up. Wild magic. Family secrets. Gifts from unknown admirers. Sainthood. And that’s before the pageant.
  4. The Saint of the Bookstore (short story) – Early in the new year, Sister Mirabelle of the Linder Church of the Lady is sent to Ragnor Bella to investigate rumors of a saint. Her job is to determine whether it’s magic, trickery, or an actual miracle. In the town’s small bookstore, she encounters one Jemis Greenwing, who has a few mysteries to his name.

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