Garth Nix Books in Order (Sabriel, Troubletwisters, The Left-Handed Booksellers of London)

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Garth Richard Nix is an Australian and best-selling author writing in the fantasy genre, specializing in children and young adults. Though he has been a published author since the 1990s, he became a full-time writer in 2001. Now, his books have been sold around the world and have been translated into 42 languages.

According to his website, before that, Nix also worked in the Australian Army Reserve, as a literary agent, marketing consultant, book editor, book publicist, book sales representative, and bookseller. He has also written a number of scenarios and articles for the role-playing field and in the information technology field.

How to read Garth Nix’s Books in Order?

Reading The Old Kingdom Series in Order

Enter the Old Kingdom, where only the Abhorsen can keep the Abhorson can keep the living safe from the dead… For more details about the series, I invite you to visit our page dedicated to The Old Kingdom reading order.

  1. Sabriel (1995)
  2. Lirael (2001)
  3. Abhorsen (2003)
  4. Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case (2005) – Novella collected in Across the Wall: A Tale of the Abhorsen and Other Stories.
  5. An Extract of the Journal of Idrach the Lesser Necromancer – Short Story Collected in Across the Wall.
  6. To Hold the Bridge – Novella collected in Legends of Australian Fantasy.
  7. Clariel (2014)
  8. Goldenhand (2016)
  9. Doctor Crake Crosses the Wall – Short story available online.
  10. Terciel and Elinor (2021)

Reading The Left-Handed Booksellers of London Series in Order

  1. The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (2020) – A girl’s quest to find her father leads her to an extended family of magical fighting booksellers who police the mythical Old World of England when it intrudes on the modern world.
  2. The Sinister Booksellers of Bath (2023) – There is often trouble of a mythical sort in Bath. The booksellers who police the Old World keep a careful watch there, particularly on the entity who inhabits the ancient hot spring. Yet this time it is not from Sulis Minerva that trouble starts. It comes from the discovery of a sorcerous map, leading left-handed bookseller Merlin into great danger. A desperate rescue is attempted by his sister the right-handed bookseller Vivien and their friend, art student Susan Arkshaw, who is still struggling to deal with her own recently discovered magical heritage.

Reading The Keys to the Kingdom Series in Order

The adventures of Arthur Penhaligon, an asthmatic 12-year-old boy who is chosen to become the Rightful Heir of the House, the center of the universe. For more details, go to The Keys to the Kingdom reading order.

  1. Mister Monday (2003)
  2. Grim Tuesday (2004)
  3. Drowned Wednesday (2005)
  4. Sir Thursday (2006)
  5. Lady Friday (2007)
  6. Superior Saturday (2008)
  7. Lord Sunday (2010)

Reading The Seventh Tower Series in Order

The series follows two children from distinctly different societies in a world blocked from the sun by a magical Veil that leaves the world in complete darkness. For more details, go visit our guide to The Seventh Tower books.

  1. The Fall (2000)
  2. Castle (2000)
  3. Aenir (2001)
  4. Above the Veil (2001)
  5. Into Battle (2001)
  6. The Violet Keystone (2001)

The Troubletwisters Series (co-written with Sean Williams)

  1. Troubletwisters (2011) – Jaide and Jack Shield’s lives are changing in a very, very strange way. The weather is turning against them. Magical disasters occur when they’re around. And a mysterious explosion has just destroyed their house…from the inside. Without knowing why, the twins are stolen away to live with Grandma X–a relative they’ve never, ever met. At Grandma X’s house, things are even stranger. Weather vanes point in the opposite direction of the wind. Doors appear and disappear. Cats talk. Jaide and Jack don’t know the reason behind all this strangeness. They don’t know that they’re troubletwisters, and that they must defend the world against a dark, evil force. The time has come for them to discover the truth–and the powers that come with the truth. Are they ready?
  2. The Monster (2012) – Since moving to the town of Portland, many bizarre things have happened to Jaide and Jack Shield. The twins have discovered their own magical powers–and have seen how they can go horribly wrong. They have met cats who talk and humans who keep silent about deep, dark secrets. And they have begun their fight against a deadly force known only as The Evil. Still, Jaide and Jack have yet to meet the strangest resident of Portland. It’s a creature that only comes out at night, a beast that defies human description. Jaide and Jack have never seen it . . . but they’re about to. And when they do, destruction and disaster won’t be too far away.
  3. The Mystery (2013) – Just as Jaide and Jack Shield are settling into their crazy new lives in Portland, The Evil threatens another Ward, and the twins will need to put their growing powers to the test!
  4. The Missing (2014) – ack and Jaide Shield have defended themselves against The Evil before — but it’s never been as dangerous as this. It isn’t just the town of Portland that’s threatened, it’s the whole Earth… and certain dimensions beyond. The Wardens have devised a plan to get rid of The Evil once and for all. The only problem is that destroying The Evil may also mean abandoning some innocent people — including one of the twins. The battle against The Evil is going to places it’s never been — places Jack and Jaide would have never even imagined possible. Their mission is clear: survive the storm that’s coming, and save the ones who are missing.

Reading The Have Sword, Will Travel Series in Order (co-written with Sean Williams)

  1. Have Sword, Will Travel (2017) – It is strange enough that Odo and Eleanor have stumbled upon a sword in a dried-up river outside their village. It is even stranger that Odo is able to remove it from where it’s buried. And it’s REMARKABLY strange when the sword starts to talk.Odo and Eleanor have unearthed Biter, a famous fighter from earlier times. By finding Biter, Odo instantly becomes a knight — a role he is exquisitely unsuited for. Eleanor, however, would make a PERFECT knight — but she’s not the one with the sword. Finding Biter is only the start — boy, girl, and sword must soon go on a quest to save their kingdom from threats in both human and dragon form.
  2. Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (2018) – Odo and Eleanor are excited to be knights. Only . . . nobody’s asking them to go on a quest. So they’re stuck at home, using their trusty and talkative swords to defend their village when there’s cause for defense. But mostly it’s just . . . waiting for something bigger to come along.That “something bigger” comes to them in the form of an old man named Edga, a warrior named Hundred, and an ancient chant:Dragon, dragon, heed our call . . . Come to aid us, one and all.Odo, Eleanor, and their swords, Biter and Runnel, are plunged into a quest that will take them (as all good quests must) to unfamiliar lands, where they will fight unseen enemies and unlock unbelievable secrets in order to prevent an unbearable impostor from taking the crown. Also, they will need to keep an eye out for dragons.

Short Fiction by Garth Nix

  1. To Hold the Bridge – The novella To Hold the Bridge from The Old Kingdom and eighteen short stories.
  2. Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz – Two novellas and a short story featuring Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz’s exploits.
  3. Across the Wall – Tale of the Abhorsen & Other Stories.

Garth Nix’s Works in Multi-author series

  • Spirit Animals Book 3: Blood Ties (2014) – part of Spirit Animals series.
  • Serena and the Sea Serpent (2000) – part of Aussie Bites series.
  • The Calusari (1997) – an adaptation of the X-Files episode of the same name.

Reading the Standalone novels written by Garth Nix

  • The Ragwitch (1990) – Quiet, easygoing Paul never expected to be cast in the role of savior. But his strong-willed sister, Julia, has come under the thrall of the Ragwitch, and Paul himself is drawn not only into the creature’s world but into a battle for Julia’s very existence–as well as his own.
  • Shade’s Children (1997) – In a futuristic urban wasteland, evil Overlords have decreed that no human shall live a day past their fourteenth birthday. The mysterious Shade-once is a man, but now more like the machines he fights-recruits the few teenagers who escape into a secret resistance force. With luck, cunning, and skill, four of Shade’s children come closer than any to discovering the source of the Overlords’ power–and the key to their downfall. But the closer they get, the more ruthless Shade seems to become.
  • A Confusion of Princes (2012) – Khemri learns the minute he becomes a Prince that princes need to be hard to kill-for they are always in danger. Their greatest threat? Other Princes. Every Prince wants to become Emperor and the surest way to do so is to kill, dishonor, or sideline any potential competitor. There are rules, but as Khemri discovers, rules can be bent and even broken.
  • Newt’s Emerald (2015) – After Lady Truthful’s magical Newington Emerald is stolen from her she devises a simple plan: go to London to recover the missing jewel. She quickly learns, however, that a woman cannot wander the city streets alone without damaging her reputation, and she disguises herself as a mustache-wearing man. During Truthful’s dangerous journey she discovers a crook, an unsuspecting ally, and an evil sorceress-but will she find the Emerald?
  • Frogkisser! (2017) – Princess Anya is forced to live with her evil stepmother’s new husband, her evil step-stepfather. Plagued with an unfortunate ability to break curses with a magic-assisted kiss. And forced to go on the run when her step-stepfather decides to make the kingdom entirely his own. Aided by a loyal talking dog, a boy thief trapped in the body of a newt, and some extraordinarily mischievous wizards, Anya sets off on a Quest that, if she plays it right, will ultimately free her land.
  • Angel Mage (2019) – More than a century has passed since Liliath crept into the empty sarcophagus of Saint Marguerite, fleeing the Fall of Ystara. But she emerges from her magical sleep still beautiful, looking no more than 19, and once again renews her single-minded quest to be united with her lover, Palleniel, the archangel of Ystara.

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