Donna Andrews Books in Order (Meg Langslow)

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Donna Andrews is an award-winning American mystery fiction author who specializes in cozy mystery series and is known for her amateur sleuth series Meg Langslow.

She published her first book (also the first of the Meg Langslow series), Murder with Peacocks, in 1999. Since then, she has written more than 35 novels, and won a lot of awards, but also published short stories, and launched–in 2002–the Turing Hopper series.

How to read Donna Andrews’ Books in Order?

Reading The Meg Langslow series in order

The story is set around Meg Langslow, a successful decorative blacksmith and an exceptional amateur sleuth. Meg and her crazy family are always ready to help and festivities often turned bad with dead bodies and sleuthing on the menu. Also, Donna Andrews seems to love writing holiday stories… Go to our article about the Meg Langslow series for more information.

  1. Murder With Peacocks (1999)
  2. Murder With Puffins (2000)
  3. Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos (2001)
  4. Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (2003)
  5. We’ll Always Have Parrots (2004)
  6. Owls Well That Ends Well (2005)
  7. No Nest for the Wicket (2006)
  8. The Penguin Who Knew Too Much (2007)
  9. Cockatiels at Seven (2008)
  10. Six Geese A-Slaying (2009)
  11. Swan for the Money (2009)
  12. Stork Raving Mad (2010)
  13. The Real Macaw (2011)
  14. Some Like It Hawk (2012)
  15. Hen of the Baskervilles (2013)
  16. Duck the Halls (2013)
  17. The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (2014)
  18. The Nightingale Before Christmas (2014)
  19. Lord of the Wings (2015)
  20. Die Like an Eagle (2016)
  21. Gone Gull (2017)
  22. How the Finch Stole Christmas! (2017)
  23. Toucan Keep a Secret (2018)
  24. Lark! The Herald Angels Sing (2018)
  25. Terns of Endearment (2019)
  26. Owl Be Home for Christmas (2019)
  27. The Falcon Always Wings Twice (2020)
  28. The Gift of the Magpie (2020)
  29. Murder Most Fowl (2021)
  30. The Twelve Jays of Christmas (2021)
  31. Round Up the Usual Peacocks (2022)
  32. Dashing Through the Snowbirds (2022)
  33. Birder, She Wrote (2023)
  34. Let It Crow! Let It Crow! Let It Crow! (2023)

The Turing Hopper series in order

  1. You’ve Got Murder (2002) – When Zack, a workaholic computer expert, suddenly disappears, his friend, Turing, a sentient artificial intelligence personality created by Zack, begins to suspect foul play and turns sleuth to find out what happened to her creator.
  2. Click Here for Murder (2003) – When her human colleague, Ray Santiago, is found murdered, Turing Hopper, an Artificial Intelligence Personality and ingenious sleuth, joins her human assistants, Maude and Tim, on a search for the killer and turns up dark secrets from Ray’s past that could threaten them all.
  3. Access Denied (2004) – When Turing Hopper, Artificial Intelligence Personality and sleuth, uncovers information tied to criminal Nestor Garcia’s long-dormant credit cards, she sends her human assistants to investigate, but when one of them is accused of murder, she must find a way to bring the guilty party to justice.
  4. Delete All Suspects (2005) – When a high-tech geek named Eddie ends up in the hospital, the victim of a hit-and-run accident, Turing the investigative artificial-intelligence computer comes to the aid of her private-detective friend Tim to find out who was responsible. The following investigation leads to some of Eddie’s unsavory friends who are using his computers in a variety of scams, cons, and other less-than-legal endeavors.

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