A killer for hire with the dream of being a hero.

Who is Deadpool?

Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld, Deadpool is introduced in The New Mutants and X-Force as a supervillain, before becoming one of the most iconic Marvel anti-hero. He is a mercenary who is aware is a fictional comic book character. He breaks the fourth wall, and often has conversations with his two internal monologues.

His past is still a little bit of a mystery, as there are multiple versions of it. Maybe his childhood was hard, maybe not. What we are sure of is that Wade Wilson became an international assassin who worked for various governments when he developed an aggressive cancer. In an effort to find a cure, he enrolled in the Weapon X program, which gave him a healing factor from another member (you know… Wolverine) and set him to work for them. The results of his stay there were a diminished mental state, a healing factor that could not cure his cancer or heal his scars, an infatuation with death, and his freedom to return to for-hire mercenary work. As “The Merc with a Mouth” he set out as Deadpool to kill and have a good time doing it.


Deadpool Series, A Simple Overview

Deadpool is a busy, busy man! Especially since he became a movie star, you can’t stop the Merc with a mouth. Here’s a not exhaustive overview of Deadpool series by title (one-off issue and limited series are not listed), a sort of path to all Deadpool adventures, a man who also loves a good out-of-continuity story, and even a good retcon. Everything is possible with Deadpool.

Deadpool Main series :

  1. #001-004 – Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993)
  2. #005-008 – Deadpool (1994)
  3. #009-077 – Deadpool (1997)
  4. #078-092 – Agent X (2002)
  5. #093-142 – Cable & Deadpool (2004)
  6. #143-205 – Deadpool (2008)
  7. #206-250 – Deadpool (2012)
  8. #251-286 – Deadpool: World’s Greatest (2015)
  9. #287-300 – Despicable Deadpool (2018)
  10. #301-306 – Deadpool (2018)

Deadpool other series :

  1. Deadpool Team-Up (2009)
  2. Deadpool Corps (2010)
  3. Deadpool MAX (2010)
  4. Deadpool & the Mercs for Money (2016)
  5. Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool Reading Order:

From Early Deadpool to Agent X (1997 – 2003)

Deadpool has been created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, but the antihero we know today owes a lot to Joe Kelly and Christopher Priest, beginning in 1997…

Deadpool Beginnings Omnibus Deadpool Classic Vol 1 Deadpool Classic Vol 2 Deadpool Classic Vol 3

  1. Deadpool: Beginnings Omnibus – Read every one of Deadpool’s appearances before his industry-changing ongoing series -and then some! Collects New Mutants #98; X-Force #2, 11, 15, 47, 56; Nomad #4; Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1-4; Secret Defenders #15-17; Deadpool #1-4; Wolverine #88, 154-155 and material from Annuals 95 and 99; Heroes For Hire #10-11; Deadpool Team-Up #1; material from Avengers #366; Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #23; and various Deadpool cameo pages.
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 – He’s the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, and with sidekick Weasel in tow, he sets out on a quest for romance, money, and mayhem – not necessarily in that order – only to learn he’s being hunted by an enemy he killed years before! As if that isn’t enough, the Juggernaut crashes into the action, and it’s the unstoppable vs. the un-shut-up-able! But all may not be lost if the sultry Siryn can inject a little sanity into the proceedings! Will Deadpool be steered toward a better life by his new heartthrob, or stay the chaotic course he’s set for himself? The answer is Yes! Guest-starring the New Mutants, Banshee, Sasquatch, and more! Collects New Mutants #98, Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1-4, Deadpool (1994) #1-4, and Deadpool (1997) #1.
  3. Deadpool Classic Vol. 2 – Deadpool’s healing factor’s down, and the only thing that’ll juice it up is a dose of the Incredible Hulk’s blood administered by the Weapon X alumnus who helped make Deadpool what he is in the first place! And Deadpool’s infatuation with Siryn is challenged by Typhoid Mary! Collects Deadpool (1997) #2-8, -1 ,and Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997.
  4. Deadpool Classic Vol. 3 – Betrayals both real and imagined on all sides set Deadpool up for a grudge match with archenemy T-Ray, one that leaves our horrific hero stabbed in the heart both figuratively and literally! Plus: The Merc with a Mouth meddles with a classic Spider-Man story, with both versions featured here! Collects Deadpool (1997) #9-17 and Amazing Spider-Man #47.

Deadpool Classic Vol 4 Deadpool Classic Vol 5 Wolverine vs. Deadpool - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 6

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 4 – The secrets of Deadpool revealed! In some of his funniest adventures of all time, the truth behind Deadpool’s origins in the Weapon X program is explored, as well as his unique relationship with Death herself! Ajax returns for revenge on Dr. Killebrew as Deadpool faces the ghosts of his past…literally! And is Deadpool the Cosmic Messiah, destined to save all? Collects  Deadpool (1997) #18-25, 0, and Deadpool & Death Annual 1998.
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 5 – Deadpool, against the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe: Thanos! Wolverine! Bullseye! T-Ray! Dr. Bong!? Deadpool, in some of the quirkiest adventures ever seen: Sumos! Arabian princesses! Saber-toothed bunnies! Zombies! Introducing Widdle Wade, the tiny Deadpool assassin! All this and Deadpool…married?!? Collects  Deadpool (1997) #26-33, Baby’s First Deadpool Book, and Deadpool Team-Up #1.
  3. Wolverine vs. Deadpool – The Merc with a Mouth takes on the Mutant with the Mutton chops in their greatest battles — and occasional team-ups! Katanas and claws clash in their brutal first meeting — but when someone targets Weapon X survivors, Wolverine must ride to Deadpool’s rescue! Collects Wolverine (1988) #88, 154-155; Deadpool (1997) #27; Cable & Deadpool #43-44; Wolverine: Origins #21-25; Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1; and material from Wolverine Annual ’95 and ’99.
  4. Deadpool Classic Vol. 6 – What happens when Deadpool crosses paths with royalty? Watch the madness unfold as the Merc with a Mouth fi nds out what it’s like to cavort with two of Marvel’s mightiest monarchs – of the Asgardian and Wakandan variety – as well as hanging with some crooked cronies more befitting his ill-mannered ilk. Guest-starring Thor, Loki, the Black Panther, Constrictor, Taskmaster and more! Collects Deadpool (1997) #34-45 and Black Panther #23.

Deadpool Classic Vol 7 Deadpool Classic Vol 8 Deadpool Classic Companion

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 7 – It’s a cruel summer when Deadpool takes on the mob! Hired by a dirty cop to kill six Mafia dons, Deadpool soon falls for his contact, a beautiful tattoo artist. But all is not as it seems. Then, Deadpool gets an unwelcome sidekick, the youthful Pool Boy – but will the partnership kill them both? And Deadpool’s shapeshifting ex-girlfriend Copycat returns, insane with jealousy, just as Deadpool must face the maniacal Mercy Sisters! Plus: Blood and bullets fly when Deadpool accepts a contract on the Punisher’s life! Guest-starring Deadpool’s longtime crush, X-Force’s Siryn! It’s all-out action as only the Merc With a Mouth can deliver! Collects Deadpool (1997) #46-56
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 8 – The all-new Weapon X Program has come knocking, and they won’t take no for an answer! But Deadpool’s okay with becoming a secret agent, even alongside this cutthroat band of villains and lunatics, because they’ve offered him the one thing he wants most in the world: a cure for his ravaged face! Plus: it’s Deadpool times four as our hero returns again…and again and again! When T-Ray arrives for a final showdown, how many Deadpools does it take to light up a screwball? Well, how many ya’ got?  Collects Deadpool (1997) #57-64.
  3. Deadpool Classic Companion – From hanging with Marvel superstars Nomad and Silver Sable, to giving a much-needed sales boost to losers like Wolverine and the Avengers, the erstwhile Secret Defender (shhh!) and Hero For Hire (sweet Christmas!) sure gets around. Collects notable guest appearances – Nomad (1992) #4; Secret Defenders #15-17; Wolverine (1988) #88 & #154-155; X-Force (1991) #47 & 56; Heroes for Hire (1997) #10-11; and material from Avengers (1963) #366; Silver Sable and The Wild Pack #23 & 30; Wolverine Annuals ’95 & ’99; Contest of Champions II #2; Marvel Comics Presents (2007) #10; and Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #2.

Deadpool Classic Vol 9 Deadpool Classic Vol 10

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 9 – When Deadpool crosses paths with the Black Swan, the telepathic villain infects Wade with a virus that eats away at his mind. Can Deadpool overcome his degenerating thought processes and continue his merc work? No, probably not. Plus, Deadpool is hired to steal the Rhino’s horn and protect Dazzler, and gathers new allies Sandi Brandenberg, Ratbag, Outlaw and the Taskmaster. But when a showdown with the Black Swan goes wrong, who – if anyone – will survive?  Deadpool (1997) #65-69 and Agent X #1-6.
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 10 – After there was Deadpool, and before there was Deadpool again, there was Agent X! He’s a merc, check. With a mouth, check. And an uncanny healing? Prepare to find out as the adventures of Alex “Agent X” Hayden race to a dramatic conclusion and one way or another, there’ll be a Deadpool walkin’! Collects Agent X (2002) #7-15 & Fight Man #1

Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1Deadpool Classic Omnibus, Vol. 1

Deadpool crosses Loki, joins the Frightful Four, rubs shoulders with Black Panther, and goes into space – but who’ll throttle him first: his new roommates, his crazy ex Copycat, or his new sidekick Pool Boy? Deadpool takes on the mob, battles the Punisher, rejoins Weapon X, faces his nemesis T-Ray…and dies – twice! And as if four pretenders ushering in a Reign of the Deadpools isn’t enough, who the heck is Agent X and what’s his title-stealing deal? Is he Deadpool or ain’t he? Taskmaster and Outlaw join the fun…and so should you! Guest-starring Thor, Siryn and Fight-Man!

Collects Deadpool (1997) #34-69, Black Panther (1998) #23, Agent X #1-15, Fight-Man #1; Material From X-Men Unlimited (1993) #28.

Cable & Deadpool (2004 – 2008)

 Deadpool is reunited with his former enemy, Cable, for multiples adventures under the pen of Fabian Nicieza (and mostly penciled by Patrick Zircher).

Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1 Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 2 Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 3

  1. Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1 –  Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers – Marvel’s mightiest mutant mercs – are back, and this time they’re stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponry live together without driving each other crazy?! Collects Cable & Deadpool #1-18.
  2. Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 2 – Deadpool FINALLY gets hired for a job! There’s a missing hard drive, and whoever gets it could very well own the world! Naturally, our Merc With a Mouth is going to find it first, right? Plus: Cable sees the signs — omens and portents — characters gathering, moving across the board like chess pieces…can Apocalypse be resurrected? Can Cable and Deadpool stop it in time? And, with CIVIL WAR tearing the Marvel Universe apart, only one man can sew it back together: Deadpool!? Guest starring Domino and Captain America. Collects Cable & Deadpool #19-35.
  3. Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 3 – In this volume, Deadpool takes on the Taskmaster, reunites with the X-Men, and teams up with Wolverine, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, Ka-Zar, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers…and the Great Lakes Initiative?! Collects Cable & Deadpool #36-50 and Deadpool / Great Lakes Initiative: Summer Fun Spectacular.

Deadpool & Cable OmnibusDeadpool & Cable Omnibus

Wade Wilson is Deadpool, the mentally disturbed merc with a mouth and a healing factor that just won’t quit! Nathan Summers is Cable, the messianic mutant from the future who plans to save us all – whether we want him to or not! And now, this disparate duo has just become Marvel’s oddest couple – because they’re stuck with one another!

Collects Cable & Deadpool 1-50, Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular, material from Deadpool (2012) 27

Deadpool by Daniel Way (2008 – 2012)

A new Deadpool ongoing series written by Daniel Way with artist Paco Medina began as a Secret Invasion tie-in. The Merc with a Mouth is also a member of Uncanny X-Force during a part of this run.

Deadpool by Daniel Way The Complete Collection Vol 1 Deadpool by Daniel Way The Complete Collection Vol 2

  1. Deadpool By Daniel Way: Complete Collection, Vol. 1 – When the Merc with a Mouth is hired to rub out Wolverine, sparks will fly! But when both men can regenerate any wound in minutes, how can either one expect to finish off his foe? Then: The Skrulls have infiltrated Earth, but nobody warned them about Deadpool! The invaders replicate Deadpool’s healing factor in a new generation of Super-Skrulls – but why is Deadpool himself leading this brigade against Earth? Collects Deadpool (2008) #1-12, plus Thunderbolts #130-131, Wolverine Origins #21-25, and Deadpool Saga (a comic recapping Deadpool’s story, to date).
  2. Deadpool By Daniel Way: Complete Collection, Vol. 2 – Deadpool wants to be an X-Man. And he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way – not even the X-Men! When Cyclops announces to the world that the X-Men are constructing an island haven for mutants, Wade Wilson decides it’s time for him to join the revolution. But he soon find outs that big guns and a healing factor don’t an X-Man make. Collects Deadpool (2008) #13-31

Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 1 Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 1

Daniel Way cool run in Omnibus form! He dives straight in at the deep end with a brutal throwdown against Wolverine! Then, the Skrulls have invaded Earth – but nobody warned them about Deadpool! So why does that mean Wade’s going to war with Norman Osborn and his new team of bloodthirsty, black-ops Thunderbolts? Next, Deadpool wants to be an X-Man – and he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way. Not even the X-Men. And while he’s being sociable, why not a good old-fashioned team-up with Spider-Man? All this plus Hit-Monkey – the hitman who is a monkey!

Collects: Wolverine: Origins 21-25; Deadpool (2008) 1-26; Thunderbolts (1997) 130-131; Hit-Monkey (2010) 1, (2010b) 1-3; Deadpool Saga

Deadpool by Daniel Way The Complete Collection Vol 3 Deadpool by Daniel Way The Complete Collection Vol 4

  1. Deadpool By Daniel Way: Complete Collection, Vol. 3 – Deadpool heads into space to increase his intergalactic cred. Will taking on galactic assassin Macho Gomez and the immense Id the Selfish Moon cement Deadpool as the solar system’s best, most ruthless mercenary? Deadpool flirts with both mortality and sanity as he takes on the Incredible Hulk (hoping to die!) and is locked up in an asylum (that could actually help him!) – but Wade’s biggest foe turns out to be an “evil twin” made up of his own discarded body parts! Can Deadpool convince the authorities that there’s an even crazier, less principled version of him out there? Collects Deadpool (2008) #32-39, 33.1, & 49.1
  2. Deadpool By Daniel Way: Complete Collection, Vol. 4 – Deadpool is desperate to end it all, but his healing factor makes dying a near-impossibility. When Wade finds the one thing in the world that can kill him – a serum that permanently disables his regenerative abilities – he just might get his wish. But his newfound ability to die makes Deadpool feel more alive than ever, and his sudden lust for life gets him in hot water with everyone he crosses – including crime bosses, super villains, his fellow mercenaries and even a dual-Beretta-wielding monkey! Guest-starring the Uncanny X-Force, Daken, Kingpin, the Intelligencia and more – all of whom want to ensure that Deadpool finally meets his maker! Collects Deadpool (2008) #50-63

Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 2Deadpool By Daniel Way Omnibus, Vol. 2

Daniel Way’s Deadpool run concludes in Omnibus form! As Wade heads into space to increase his intergalactic cred, will taking on alien assassin Macho Gomez and the immense Id the Selfish Moon cement him as the solar system’s baddest of the bad? Not as far as his “old friends” back on Earth are concerned -Hydra Bob, Big Bertha, Taskmaster and Blind Al all want to claim a piece of his hide! And so does the Incredible Hulk! But perhaps the greatest threat of all is an “evil twin” made up of his own discarded body parts!

Collects Deadpool (2008) #27-63, 33.1, & 49.1.

Deadpool Classic Companion Vol. 2 Deadpool Classic Vol 11 Merc With A Mouth Deadpool Classic Vol 14 Suicide Kings Deadpool Classic Vol 12 Deadpool Corps

  1. Deadpool Classic Companion Vol. 2 –Wade Wilson is forced to work with Sabretooth, Bullseye, Juggernaut, Sandman and Vulture in search of the priceless Identity Disc — and joins Red Hulk’s lethal Code Red alongside Elektra, Punisher and more! Deadpool turns the tide in Black Panther’s war against Doctor Doom, while Necrosha calls for an Undeadpool — but are you ready for the time-traveling Hulkpool?! Collects Identity Disc #1-5; Ms. Marvel (2006) #40-41; Hulk (2008) #14-17, & 21; Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #611; Doomwar #5-6; Hulked-out Heroes #1-2; material from Shang-Chi: Master Of Kung Fu (2009) #1; X-Force Annual (2009) 1; and World War Hulks 1; and various excerpted pages.
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 11: Merc With a Mouth – Under contract with A.I.M., Deadpool ventures into the Savage Land to obtain the ultimate biological weapon: his own dang head! Deadpool will have to keep his own head on straight if he hopes to survive these Savage Land shenanigans and collect his bounty. Then, it’s alternate-universe mayhem as Deadpool encounters a multitude of malevolent mirror images: S.H.I.E.L.D Major Wilson, Wanda Wilson and the Deadpool Kid! But what happens when Deadpool, A.I.M. agents and his foxy new ladylove travel into the Marvel Zombieverse to try to return “Headpool” home? Collects Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth (2009) #1-13, Lady Deadpool #1.
  3. Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings – Published later, but mostly takes place here in-continuity. Eleven desperate men compete in a deadly, illegal reality game show that will leave one of them rich and the rest dead. One of the competitors is Wade Wilson, but what is his hidden agenda? Then, framed for killing innocents, Deadpool winds up in the Punisher’s sights! Luckily for Wade, Daredevil and Spider-Man come to his defense. But can the red-clad trio unravel the web of lies and clear Deadpool’s name? Collects Deadpool: Games Of Death #1; Deadpool: Suicide Kings (2009) #1-5; Deadpool #900 & #1000; X-Men Origins: Deadpool; Material From Marvel Digital Holiday Special #2 and Marvel Spotlight: Deadpool.
  4. Deadpool Classic Vol. 12: Deadpool Corps – Deadpool gears up for an intergalactic adventure, but to succeed, he’ll need to assemble a crack team of special operatives! So naturally he recruits four other versions of himself! What could go wrong? Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Dogpool, Headpool and the original Merc With a Mouth form…the Deadpool Corps! Collects Prelude to Deadpool Corps (2010) #1-5, Deadpool Corps (2010) #1-12, Deadpool Family #1.

Deadpool Classic Vol 13 Deadpool Team-Up Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender Omnibus - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 15 All The Rest

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 13: Deadpool Team-Up – Evidently, the voices in his head aren’t enough company for Deadpool! These riotous, ridiculous and outright reprehensible team-ups pair the irrepressible mercenary with Marvel’s finest characters and creators! Featuring a roster of Marvel all-stars including the Incredible Hercules! Not one but two Ghost Riders! The Punisher! U.S. Ace! (Who?) The Zapata Brothers! (Huh?) IT! The Living Colossus! (Seriously? That one’s a joke, right?) Captain Britain! Satana! Mr. X! Machine Man! Gorilla Man! The Thing! Thor! Iron Fist! Hellcow! (Um, okay.) The Watcher! Galactus! And the micro-merc known as Widdle Wade! Collects Deadpool Team-Up (1998) #1 & (2010) #899-883.
  2. Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender Omnibus – Deadpool is part of Wolverine’s secret squad of assassins, with Psylocke, Archangel and Fantomex, and appears in nearly every issue. Their first mission – to find and deal with the reborn Apocalypse – casts a long shadow. Collects: Uncanny X-Force (2010) 1-35, 5.1, 19.1; Material From Wolverine: The Road To Hell (2010) 1, All-New Wolverine Saga (2010), X-Men Spotlight (2011).
  3. Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All the Rest –The ever-sociable Wade Wilson is back — rubbing shoulders with his bro Cable, laughing it up with his other bro Wolverine and forging an all-new bromance during FEAR ITSELF with…the Walrus? The “Identity Wars” take Deadpool, Spider-Man and the Hulk on a long strange cross-dimensional trip, but what twisted reflections of themselves will they see? Collects standalone Deadpool stories from 2008 through 2011. Captain America: Who Won’t Wield The Shield #1, Cable (2008) #25, Deadpool & Cable #26, Amazing Spider-man Annual 38, Deadpool Annual (2011) #1, Incredible Hulks Annual 1, Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1, Fear Itself: Deadpool #1-3, Deadpool Corps: Rank And Foul #1.

Deadpool MAX Oversized Hardcover - Deadpool Reading OrderDeadpool MAX, Oversized Hardcover

Deadpool uncensored and continuity-free! Government agent Wade Wilson is a valuable assassin, but the unstable killer needs the guidance of a steady hand. It’s Bob’s job to make sure Deadpool completes his missions – by any means necessary. Unfortunately, Deadpool considers him something of a sidekick, and it’s always the sidekick who takes one for the team. Collecting Deadpool Max #1-12, Deadpool Max 2 #1-6 And The Deadpool Max X-Mas Special.

Also available in 3 volumes : Deadpool Max: Nutjob, Deadpool Max: Balls Out (or: Involuntary Armageddon), Deadpool Max: Second Cut

Deadpool & Co. OmnibusDeadpool & Co. Omnibus

Headpool – the Merc with Only a Mouth – makes his debut in the Zombieverse, then inspires the ultimate headhunt as he’s targeted by A.I.M., Hydra – and Deadpool himself! Soon, they’ll join their multi-dimensional counterparts – Lady Deadpool, Kidpool and Dogpool – on an intergalactic suicide mission! Then, it’s truly troubling team-up time as Wade hacks, slacks and wisecracks across the Marvel Universe – alongside Hercules, Ghost Rider, Captain Britain, Satana, Gorilla Man, Thor, Iron Fist, a vampire cow (yup), Galactus and more!

Re-Collects Deadpool’s team-up series and appearances from this period – Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4, Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #1-13, Lady Deadpool #1, Prelude To Deadpool Corps #1-5, Deadpool Corps #1-12, Deadpool Family #1, Deadpool Team-Up #899-883, and material from Marvel Zombies 3 #1.

Deadpool Classic Vol 16 Killogy - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 17 Headcanon - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 16: Killogy – Collects three mini-series. It begins when (spoilers!) Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe! But what could drive another dimension’s DP to murderize every other costumed hero and villain on his world? And his bloodlust doesn’t stop there. Not when the Ideaverse is full of the fabled icons of classic literature — you know, the ones your parents read about in books. To catch a Deadpool, you need a Deadpool. And it just so happens the Wade Wilson you know and love is the Deadpooliest of them all! Collects Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1-4, Deadpool Killustrated #1-4, Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1-4
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 17: Headcanon – Collects four alternate reality Deadpool mini-series.They may be alternate-reality Deadpools, but they’re still just as Mercky and just as Mouthy! Like the Wade Wilson who was part of an ultra-secret special-ops team along with allies named Bullseye, Silver Sable and Domino! And how about the Cold War Wade Wilson, codename: Deadpool? He’s the CIA’s most valuable asset — but also certifiably insane! Then, Wade is a dash of color in a black-and-white world ravaged by zombies. Collects Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #1-4, Deadpool Pulp #1-4, Night Of The Living Deadpool# 1-4, Return Of The Living Deadpool #1-4

Deadpool Minibus Vol. 0 - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Minibus - Deadpool Reading Order

  • Deadpool Minibus Vol. 0 Re-Collects multiplies supporting Deadpool mini-series from the 2008-2011 period – Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1-5, Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War #1-4, Deadpool Pulp #1-4, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 38, Deadpool Annual (2011) 1, Incredible Hulks Annual 1, Fear Itself: Deadpool #1-3
  • Deadpool Mini-bus, Vol. 1Re-Collects all of Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool limited series, most of which are not in standard continuity (except Carnage): Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1-4, Deadpool Killustrated #1-4, Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1-4, Night of the Living Deadpool #1-4, Deadpool vs. Carnage #1-4.

Marvel Now! (2012 – 2015)

Life in the Marvel Universe is now full of relaunch, and Deadpool had a new creative team with writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, with primary artist Tony Moore. He was also reunited with Daniel Way for Thunderbolts.

Deadpool by Posehn & Duggan The Complete Collection Vol 1 Thunderbolts Volume 1 No Quarter Marvel Now - Deadpool Reading Order Thunderbolts Volume 2 Red Scare Marvel Now - Deadpool Reading Order Thunderbolts Volume 3 Infinity Marvel Now - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool by Posehn & Duggan: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 –  Wade Wilson must take down an army of dead presidents – and things only get wilder from there! Deadpool is hired by a demon to reclaim damned souls; gets in touch with his feminine side; targets a man with aquatic powers; and teams up with the Superior Spider-Man! Collects Deadpool (2012) #1-14, 20, & 26.
  2. Thunderbolts – Marvel Now! brings a new Thunderbolts by Daniel Way: Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher. Forget courts, jails, the system — these Thunderbolts fight fire with fire, targeting the most nefarious players in the Marvel Universe with extreme prejudice! Deadpool appears in nearly every issue of this series.

Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan The Complete Collection Vol 2 Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan The Complete Collection Vol 3 Deadpool Classic Vol 18 Deadpool Vs. Marvel - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool by Posehn & Duggan The Complete Collection Vol 4

  1. Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 – Things take a turn for the dark as the Merc with a Mouth is haunted by his Weapon X past. Can his brothers-in-arms Wolverine and Captain America help Deadpool through his most harrowing story ever? Wade is also running the gauntlet to retrieve a bride for Dracula – but when Shiklah the Succubus Queen makes her monstrous debut, will Deadpool win the fair heart of the fearsome lady? Collects Deadpool (2012) #15-19 & 21-25: Also collects all of Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet.
  2. Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan: The Complete Collection Vol. 3 – Ding-dong, the bells are gonna chime, because Wade’s getting married – and everyone’s invited! But the honeymoon won’t last long when the events of Original Sin cast a cloud over Deadpool’s life. Agent Preston follows a trail of revelations from Deadpool’s past that leads her to a huge surprise – he has a daughter! Collects Deadpool (2012) #27-34, Also collects Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0-4.
  3. Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel – The Merc with a Mouth takes on Marvel’s greatest heroes and vilest villains! Wade Wilson goes to Infinity and beyond throwing down the gauntlet against the Mad Titan, Thanos! But who will win Death’s fair, bony hand? It’s the ultimate battle of good-crazy and bad-crazy as Deadpool takes on Carnage! And the regenerating degenerate hangs out with Hawkeye on Halloween! Collects Deadpool vs. X-Force #1-4, Deadpool Annual (2013) #1-2, Deadpool vs. Thanos #1-4, Deadpool vs. Carnage #1-4, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0-4.
  4. Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 – Wade Wilson is getting his Axis handed to him, as he gives up violence and finds peace as Zenpool! But what good will that do him when the inverted X-Men wreak havoc? Then, the good folks at the Roxxon Corporation bring you a special educational story about gamma fracking! And, as the last days of the Marvel Universe draw near, it’s finally time for Deadpool to die! Collects Deadpool (2012) #35-44 & 250.

Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan OmnibusDeadpool By Posehn & Duggan Omnibus

Births, deaths and marriages, they’re all here in Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn’s take on the Merc With a Mouth. But mainly deaths – and, in the case of a zombified horde of U.S. presidents, undeaths! Meet the daughter Wade Wilson never knew he had, the voice in his head he never wanted, and the monstrous Mrs. he should never cross – the succubus queen Shiklah! Collects Deadpool #1-45, Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet, and Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America #1.

Deadpool Classic Vol 19 Make War Not Love - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Back in Black

  1. Deadpool Classic Vol. 19: Make War, Not Love – Dig into Wade Wilson’s take on Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the definitive work on military strategy. Then, get the real story behind 1984’s Marvel Super Hero Secret Wars! You think Wade wasn’t there? You think he hadn’t even been invented yet? Think again! He’s on Battleworld, and he even has his own secret shield! He isn’t on that other Battleworld though, only his ghost is. Collects Deadpool Bi-annual #1, Deadpool’s Art Of War #1-4, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars# 1-4, Mrs. Deadpool And The Howling Commandos #1-4
  2. Deadpool: Back in Black A sequel to his Secret Wars series, so not here in continuity. Did you know that after Spider-Man rejected the costume…it went slinking back to Deadpool on the rebound? And they went on adventures together? Collects Deadpool: Back In Black #1-5

Deadpool Minibus 2 - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Minibus 3 - Deadpool Reading Order

  • Deadpool Minibus, Vol. 2 – Another Minibus that Collects Deadpool vs. X-Force #1-4, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0-4, Art of War #1-4, Return of the Living Deadpool #1-4, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1-4.
  • Deadpool Minibus, Vol. 3 – Collects Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandoes (2015) #1-4, Deadpool vs. Gambit #1-4, Deadpool vs. Thanos #1-4, Deadpool & Cable: Split Second#1-3, and Deadpool: Too Soon #1-4.

All-New, All-Different Marvel  (2015-2017)

Deadpool became a super-star, or more precisely a movie star, and following his box-office success, is everywhere in the Marvel Universe. He even became an Avenger Member, no kidding ! Writers Gerry Duggan is still in charge, and Joe Kelly is reunited with the Merc with a Mouth for a team-up with Spidey.

Uncanny Avengers Unity Vol 1 Lost Future - Deadpool Reading Order Uncanny Avengers Unity Vol 2 The Man Who Fell to Earth - Deadpool Reading Order Uncanny Avengers Unity Vol 3 Civil War II - Deadpool Reading Order Uncanny Avengers Unity Vol 4 Red Skull - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Uncanny Avengers – Does Deadpool can make a good Avenger ? It is a question for writer Gerry Duggan.

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 1: Millionaire With A Mouth Deadpool Classic Vol 23 Mercs For Money - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Vol 2 End of an Error - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Vol 3 Deadpool Vs Sabretooth - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 1: Millionaire With A Mouth – 25 years after the character was introduced, the Merc with a Mouth is now an Avenger and the most popular hero in the world. But with great popularity comes overbearing responsibility, so Wade has called in a little help being him. But when an imposter sets out to ruin Deadpool, our hero has the perfect bait to lure the baddie out: his innocent daughter, Ellie?! Collects Deadpool (2015) #1-5.
  2. Deadpool & the Mercs For Money – Deadpool is one of the best mercenaries on the planet. He may even be a passable Avenger-jury’s still out. But one thing’s for sure-Deadpool is a terrible team leader. The Proof ? This series by Cullen Bunn and Ilban Coello available in Deadpool classic:
  1. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 2: End of an Error – Jump 84 years into the future for an all-new adventure with an all-new Deadpool! Who is this sci-fi Mouthy-Merc-Lady? And what’s her connection to Wade Wilson? Collects Deadpool #3.1: Tres Punto Uno, #6-7.
  2. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 3 : Deadpool Vs. Sabretooth – Deadpool vs. Sabretooth! But when two unkillable killers go to war, how do you know when it’s all over? Hidden secrets, healing factors and horrific violence all collide as Deadpool’s misplaced quest for vengeance threatens to blow up in his face. Meanwhile, the Mercs For Money make moolah in the mouthy one’s name while Wade tries to come to terms with being a global hero and an Avenger, after a lifetime as an inveterate degenerate. How’s he coping? Not well. Collects Deadpool #8-12.

Deadpool World's Greatest Vol 4 Temporary Insanitation - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 21 DvX - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Vol 5 Civil War II - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 4 : Temporary Insanitation – When Deadpool stumbles into a gang war that’s targeting new Assistant District Attorney Matt Murdock, the battle winds up catching the eye (and fi sts) of Luke Cage and Danny Rand, master of the Iron Fist! Collects Deadpool 13, Deadpool: Last Days of Magic.
  2. Deadpool Classic Vol. 21: DvX – Deadpool clashes with the X-Men in adventures that give new meaning to the word “classic”! Collects issues from 2015-16 : Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #1-3, Deadpool V Gambit #1-5, Deadpool: Too Soon? #1-4; and also Gwenpool Special #1 and Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-up #1.
  3. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 5 : Civil War II –Deadpool and the Mercs for Money are clearly the best team in the Marvel Universe. So naturally when there is a cosmic-level threat, they’ll be there. Oh-also, they get along REALLY WELL. This story is going to be all about happy people getting along, right? Collects Deadpool #14-49.

Deadpool World's Greatest Volume 6 Patience Zero - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Volume 7 Deadpool Does Shakespeare - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 22 Murder Most Fowl - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Volume 6: Patience: Zero – Deadpool has it tough sometimes. It can be hard to keep going. But he does. Then: Madcap returns in the most horrific way possible for revenge! Collects Deadpool: World’s Greatest #20–25.
  2. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Volume 7: Deadpool Does Shakespeare – Deadpool will face a comedy of errors when he gets trapped in the works of William Shakespeare! Whether it turns out to be a midsummer night’s dream, or much ado about nothing, it’s sure to be Deadpool as you like it! Collects Deadpool: World’s Greatest #26–27.
  3. Deadpool Classic Vol. 22: Murder Most Fowl –  When you cross Wade Wilson with a certain feathered investigator named Howard, you get Deadpool the Duck! When Deadpool takes on the Punisher, you’d better duck! And the Marvel Universe’s goose is cooked — again — when an all-new, all-different Deadpool slaughterfest begins! Collects Deadpool The Duck #1-5, Deadpool vs. The Punisher #1-5, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1-5.

Spider-Man/Deadpool – In parallel to the main series, Deadpool team up with his best friend Spidey to live wonderful and colourful adventures, a title launched by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness. Many authors and artists worked on the series during its run.

Spider-Man Deadpool Vol 0 Don't Call It A Team-Up - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol 1 Isn't It Bromantic - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 2 Side Pieces - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol 3 Itsy Bitsy - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 4 Serious Business - Deadpool Reading Order

Spider-Man Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness Hardcover - Deadpool Reading OrderSpider-Man/Deadpool By Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness

The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are the double act of your dreams! Find All of the Kelly/McGuinness initial issues in the Spider-Man/Deadpool series in hardcover. Collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #1-5, 8-10, 13-14, 17-18 in hardcover.

Deadpool World's Greatest Vol. 8 Til Death Do Us - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Vol. 9 Deadpool in Space - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool World's Greatest Vol. 10 Secret Empire - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Volume 8: Til Death Do Us – The honeymoon is over, and reality has set in. Wade’s bride is a demon succubus and the queen of a monstrous kingdom hidden beneath Manhattan. So when this Monster Metropolis declares war on the surface world, Deadpool’s loyalties are divided between his husbandly duties and the role he’s crafted for himself as a hero. Collects Deadpool: World’s Greatest #28–29, Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #9-10, Spider-Man/Deadpool #15-16.
  2. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Volume 9: Deadpool in Space – Wade Wilson is heading off Earth on a personal mission – one that will land him in all manner of cosmic trouble! Collects Deadpool: World’s Greatest #30, Deadpool Secret Comic Variants.
  3. Deadpool: World’s Greatest Volume 10: Secret Empire – Deadpool takes on the event storyline of 2017: Secret Empire! But which side will he choose – and how will he face down the fallout? Collects Deadpool: World’s Greatest #31–35.

Marvel Legacy (2017-2018)

In The wake of Secret Empire, Marvel offers another relaunch, titled Marvel Legacy, where Deadpool: World’s Greatest become Despicable Deadpool and Spider-Man/Deadpool is sort retitled Spider-Man vs Deadpool.

Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 5 Arms Race - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 6 WLMD - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 7 My Two Dads - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 8 Road Trip - Deadpool Reading Order Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 9 Eventpool - Deadpool Reading Order

Spider-Man/Deadpool –  Or Spider-Man vs Deadpool!

Despicable Deadpool Vol. 1 Deadpool Kills Cable - Deadpool Reading Order Despicable Deadpool Vol. 2 Bucket List - Deadpool Reading Order The Despicable Deadpool Vol. 3 Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool Classic Vol 20 Ultimate Deadpool - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Despicable Deadpool Volume 1: Deadpool Kills Cable – No more being a hero-Deadpool is a wanted man, and he’s back to doing what he does best: killing people. What better way to show you’re serious about going bad than killing Cable? Get ready for a brutal fight. Collects Despicable Deadpool #287–291.
  2. Despicable Deadpool Volume 2: Bucket List – Deadpool has a lot of unfinished business in his inbox, and he’s determined to take care of it before…any sort of bad and permanentish thing happens to him. Collects Despicable Deadpool #292–296.
  3. Despicable Deadpool Volume 3: The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool – With a $20 million bounty on Wade Wilson’s head, every no-good dirtbag in the game is gonna be gunning for him. He’s gone from criminal to outcast to celebrity and back to criminal, but now every bad decision he’s ever made along the way is going to come back to haunt him as Captain America leads the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe to take him down. Hard. Collects Despicable Deadpool #297–300.
  4. Deadpool Classic Vol. 20: Ultimate Deadpool – Out-of-continuity issues of alternate Deadpools. Meet the Deadpool of the Ultimate Universe – and a few other Multiversal mercs for good measure! Collects Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #91-94; Heroes Reborn: Remnants #1; Exiles (2001) #5-6, 12-13, 66-68; Venom/Deadpool: What If?; 5 Ronin #1-5; Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2010) #4; Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors #8; material From J2 #11, Secret Wars: Battleworld #3, Secret Wars, Too #1.

Despicable Deadpool Hardcover - Deadpool Reading OrderDespicable Deadpool (Hardcover)

Deadpool’s going back to his vile beginnings as a mercenary and wanted killer. Collects Despicable Deadpool #287-300 and the story assembled from secret comic variants of Deadpool #23-25, 30-36, and Despicable Deadpool #287-296

Marvel Fresh Start (2018-)

Another Relaunch? Yes it is, with Skottie Young, then Kelly Thompson at the helm.

Deadpool Assassin Deadpool Secret Agent Deadpool - Deadpool Reading Order Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 1 Mercin' Hard for the Money Black Panther vs. Deadpool

  1. Deadpool: Assassin – The Regeneratin’ Degenerate and his old pal Weasel are back, and they’re imposing their special brand of justice on any other killers for hire who don’t live up to their moral code -starting with a dangerous operation that’ll take Deadpool into the heart of a castle filled with ninja… Collects Deadpool: Assassin (2018) #1-5 by Cullen Bunn, a series that helps to link from the end of Despicable Deadpool to this new series.
  2. Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool – A Marvel Digital Original for Comixology. It’s a Marvelous case of mistaken identity as Deadpool kills the wrong secret agent and has no choice but to take his place and finish his mission! Pitted against the deadly terrorist organization called GORGON, it’s up to Wade Wilson to stop them from getting an object of paradoxical power in their grasp! Collects Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool #1-6.
  3. Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 1: Mercin’ Hard for the Money – Deadpool is back to mercin’ for a living! While Deadpool tries to get his humble mercenary-for-hire business back off the ground, a catastrophic threat so unfathomably huge – so mind-breakingly cataclysmic that it defies description – is heading toward Earth, and there’s only one person who can stop it! Oh no, wait…it’s not Deadpool, is it? Oh, %[email protected]#. It’s Deadpool. Collects Deadpool (vol. 5) #1–6.
  4. Black Panther vs. Deadpool – When Deadpool’s attempt to steal some Vibranium leads to a startling new development in Wakandan technology, everything T’Challa thought he knew about being a ruler and everything Deadpool thought he knew about being a mercenary gets thrown out the window. Collects Black Panther vs. Deadpool (2018) #1-5.

Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 2 Good Night Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 3 Weasel Goes to Hell King Deadpool Vol. 1 Hail to the King - Deadpool Reading Order

  1. Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 2: Good Night – Deadpool finds himself in the middle of a twisted rivalry between two competing amusement parks! But it’s not all fun and games when one pernicious porker procures a plethora of…dang it, I can’t think of a synonym for “big honkin’ weapons” that starts with “P.” It’s a carnival of carnage! Collects Deadpool (vol. 5) #7–12.
  2. Deadpool by Skottie Young Vol. 3: Weasel Goes to Hell – As the War of the Realms rages, Deadpool is sent to Australia to take care of a pesky troll problem! The likelihood of Deadpool not causing an international incident grows smaller! Prepare for carnage as only a nation begun as a penal colony can deliver! Collects Deadpool (vol. 5) #13–15, Deadpool Annual #1 (2019).
  3. King Deadpool Vol. 1: Hail to the King by Kelly Thompson – A new era begins for the Merc with a Mouth! Deadpool’s newest job has him going after the King of Monsters, who has claimed a new kingdom for his terrifying subjects…on Staten Island! Collects Deadpool (vol. 6) #1–6.