DCI Jonah Sheens Books in Order: How To Read Gytha Lodge’s Series?

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DCI Jonah Sheens series is a series of crime novels written by British author Gytha Lodge–a multi-award-winning playwright, novelist, and writer. This police procedural series focuses on Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Sheens as he investigates various crimes.

These gripping psychological thrillers full of suspense and dangers are recommended by the likes of Val McDermid and Nicci French.

How To Read the DCI Jonah Sheens Series in Order?

Each book in the series introduces a fresh mystery or case for DCI Jonah Sheens to solve, and the entire series tracks his professional and personal growth as he overcomes numerous obstacles and foes.

  1. She Lies in Wait (2019) – In the summer of 1983, a group of adolescents camped in the woods on a hot night. The youngest member of their group, Aurora Jackson, is gone when they awaken in the morning. A thorough inquiry is started, but the adolescent is never discovered. After Aurora’s body is discovered in a secret location that only the six friends knew about thirty years later, Jonah Sheens is tasked with cracking the case.
  2. Watching from the Dark (2020) – Late at night, Aidan Poole uses his laptop to connect to Skype with his girlfriend, Zoe. He discovers that there is another person in her apartment to his shock. Only the noises of a fierce battle occurring in the toilet can be heard by Aidan, followed by a moment of calm. He is anxious to learn how Zoe is doing. Then why does he hesitate so much to contact the police?
  3. Lie Beside Me (2021) – Louise wakes up with a headache, a parched mouth, and hazy memories, but she believes she did something wrong. In order to face her husband Niall, she turns over. the man she felt loved by up until lately.
    But Niall isn’t the one lying next to her. She had never seen this man before, in fact. He’s also not breathing. Jonah Sheens and his crew can see that Louise is their top suspect as she feverishly tries to reconstruct her memories, but they soon discover that she isn’t the only one who has anything to hide.
  1. Little Sister (2022) – On his day off, Jonah Sheens is taking it easy in a pub garden when a teenage girl emerges from the woods. She has blood all over her. The girl claims she’s alright as Jonah rushes to aid. The one he needs to care about is her sister. A week ago, Keely and her sister Nina vanished from a children’s home. Keely is now there but Nina is still missing. Jonah is confident that Keely knows where her sister is, but she is adamant that he hears her entire account before she shares anything with him.
  2. A Killer in the Family (2023) – The first victim was discovered in the forest on a campfire, and the police were concerned since it appeared to be the work of a serial murderer. Now that they have located the second, they can be certain. The calm Southampton suburb suddenly becomes gripped by fear of the “Bonfire Killer”. Aisling Cooley, a single mother, has two adored teenage boys and a desire to track down her long-lost father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a teenager, to keep her busy. After considerable deliberation, she finally agrees to submit her DNA to an ancestry website. To her horror, her father hasn’t actually discovered her. It’s an investigator. And they claim that her DNA closely matches that of the Bonfire Killer.

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