David Lagercrantz Books in Order, including the Lisbeth Salander series

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All of David Lagercrantz’s Books in Order!

Who is David Lagercrantz?

David Lagercrantz is a Swedish journalist and internationally known author. He began his career as a crime reporter, covering major cromes stories during the 1990s.

In 1997, he published his first book, Göran Kropp 8000+, a biography of the Swedish adventurer and mountaineer Göran Kropp. After that, he wrote more biographies, including Fall of Man in Wilmslow about the British mathematician Alan Turing, and the best-selling sports biography I Am Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Lagercrantz turned to fiction in 2001 with the thriller Stjärnfall (Starfall). In 2013, it was announced that he had been contracted to write a new book for the popular series Millennium by Stieg Larsson.

How to read David Lagercrantz’s Books in Order?

The Lisbeth Salander Series

For more information about the Millennium Series, you can consult our reading order.

  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web – One night, Blomkvist receives a call from a source who claims to have been given information vital to the United States by a young female hacker. Blomkvist, always on the lookout for a story, reaches out to Salander for help. She, as usual, has plans of her own. Together they are drawn into a ruthless underworld of spies, cybercriminals, and government operatives – some willing to kill to protect their secrets.
  • The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye – Lisbeth Salander is serving time in Flodberga Prison. When a sadistic gang leader nicknamed Benito starts to torture Faria, a young Bangladeshi prisoner, Salander finds it impossible not to intervene. Now a target of Benito and her gang, Salander’s time in prison is further complicated by news from her old guardian, who tells her she may have been a subject in a secret experiment known as the Registry. She enlists her friend Mikael Blomkvist, crusading editor of Millennium magazine, to help her look into it.
  • The Girl Who Lived Twice – Mikael Blomkvist is trying to reach Lisbeth Salander. He needs her help unraveling the identity of a man who died with Blomkvist’s phone number in his pocket-a man who does not exist in any official records and whose garbled last words hinted at the knowledge that would be dangerous to important people. But Lisbeth has disappeared. She’s sold her apartment in Stockholm. She’s gone dark.

The Rekke/Vargas Series

David Lagercrantz launched a new crime series inspired by Sherlock Holmes focusing on the odd couple/team of Professor Hans Rekke and Micaela Vargas, a young community police officer from Husby.

  • Dark Music – Summer of 2003, and Iraq has just been invaded by the US. In Stockholm, a football referee with Afghan roots is found beaten to death. Hot-tempered Giuseppe Costa, also the dad of one of the players, is arrested for the murder in what looks to be an open-and-shut case. But Costa insists that he is innocent and the Chief of Police decides to consult Professor Hans Rekke, a world-renowned expert on interrogational techniques. If there is anyone that can crack Costa, it is him.

Non-Fiction Books by David Lagercrantz

  • Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey (1999) – An exciting, personal account of one man’s determination to climb Mount Everest alone, without oxygen assistance, describes how the Swedish climber accomplished his goal, within days of the 1995 tragedy that took the lives of a number of fellow climbers.
  • Fall of Man in Wilmslow (2009) – On June 8, 1954, Alan Turing is found dead in his home in the sleepy suburb of Wilmslow-an apparent suicide. Investigators assumed he purposely ate a cyanide-laced apple because he was unable to cope with the humiliation of his criminal conviction for gross indecency. But Leonard Corell, a young detective constable who once dreamed of a career in higher mathematics, suspects greater forces are involved. In the face of opposition from his superiors and in the paranoid atmosphere of the Cold War, he inches closer to the truth and to one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Second World War-what was going on at Bletchley Park. With state secrets swirling in his mind and a growing fear that he is under surveillance, Corell realizes that he has much to learn about the dangers of forbidden knowledge.
  • I am Zlatan Ibrahimović (2011) – Zlatan Ibrahimovic – professional football’s most mercurial player, Swedish national hero, tabloid fixture, fashion icon, modern-day philosopher and black belt in Taekwondo. Born to a Muslim father from Bosnia, and a Catholic mother from Croatia, Zlatan recounts his extraordinary life story, from his poverty-stricken upbringing as an outsider in Malmö;, Sweden, to becoming one of the world’s most sought-after and expensive players, gracing Europe’s finest clubs, from Ajax to Juventus, Internazionale to Barcelona, Milan to Paris Saint-Germain.

All of David Lagercrantz’s books written in Swedish:

  • Göran Kropp 8000 plus (1997), biography of Göran Kropp
  • Änglarna i Åmsele (1998), non-fiction, about the Åmsele triple murder case
  • Ett svenskt geni (2000), biography of Håkan Lans
  • Stjärnfall (2001)
  • Där gräset aldrig växer mer (2002)
  • Underbarnets gåta (2003)
  • Himmel över Everest (2005)
  • Fall of Man in Wilmslow (2009)
  • I am Zlatan Ibrahimović (Original title: Jag är Zlatan Ibrahimović, 2011).
  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2015)
  • The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (2017)
  • The Girl Who Lived Twice (2019)
  • Dark Music (2022)

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