Crown of Stars Books in Order: How to read Kate Elliott’s series?

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By the writer of The Spiritwalker Trilogy.

What is the Crown of Stars series about?

Crown of Stars is a series of epic fantasy novels by American author Alis A. Rasmussen, under the pen-name Kate Elliott.

Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage, it chronicles a world-shaking conflict for the survival of humanity.

Specifically, the series follows the fortunes of two young people, Alain and Liath, as they are drawn into this web of intrigue, eventually learning that the banished Ashioi homeland is being drawn back to Earth, but its return will spark a cataclysm as great as the one that accompanied its departure.

How to read the Crown of Stars Books in Order?

King's Dragon crown of stars Books in Order Prince of Dogs crown of stars Books in Order The Burning Stone crown of stars Books in Order

  1. Everything in the World Wants SomethingShort story. A glimpse into the early lives of Prince Sanglant and his younger sister Princess Theophanu. The story stands alone and needs no preliminary explanation.
  2. King’s Dragon – The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil. King Henry still holds the crown, but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella, and there are many eager to flock to her banner. Suddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict. Alain, a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles, and Liath, a young woman with the power to change the course of history. Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates.
  3. Prince of Dogs – Sanglant-the Prince of Dogs, King Henry’s bastard son, believed dead by all who could succor him, is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart, the Eika warlord. Liath-now a King’s Eagle, and still grieving over Sanglant, strives to unlock the secrets of the past while seeking to evade the traps set for her by an obsessively ambitious man. Alain-raised in humble surroundings but now proclaimed a Count’s heir is increasingly troubled by visions of the enemy he befriended and the Lady of Battles who he’s sworn to serve. A man who desires nothing more than peace, he is about to be thrust into the heart of war with the Eika…
  4. The Burning Stone – As the fates of kingdoms shift with the changing fortunes of those caught up in the dangers of both civil war and continuing attacks by the nonhuman Eika and the Quman invaders, time is running out for Liath, Sanglant, King Henry, and the people of Wendar and Varre. For the time of cataclysm is fast approaching–and no one can foretell who will survive–or rule–when it is over…

Child of Flame crown of stars Books in Order The Gathering Storm crown of stars Books in Order In the Ruins crown of stars Books in Order crown of stars Books in Order

  1. Child of Flame – Far beyond the borders of Wendar and Varre, Alain, Liath, Sanglant, and King Henry must make their separate journeys, following twisting roads which will nevertheless lead them all to one fated moment in time…
  2. The Gathering Storm – The long-dreaded cataclysm is about to descend on the world as the lost land of the Aoi returns to the Earth from which it was cast forth millennia ago. And even as diverse forces represented by Sanglant, Alain, or Liath, struggle to avert total ruin, the mathematici, led by Anne and Hugh, strive to re-create the original spell which exiled the ancient Aoi, neither knowing nor caring that their magical workings could tear their world apart…
  3. In the Ruins – Tsunamis, earthquakes, and firestorms reshape the very land and seas, darkness descends everywhere. With the war for empire disrupted, all sides must regroup. And though the battle for survival must be the primary focus of all concerned, there are always those eager to seize power, no matter at what cost. As Liath seeks out the forbidden magic that could bring back the light of day, new alliances are forming and old ones being abandoned. Only time will tell who-if anyone-will emerge triumphant as cultures, religions, and races clash in the ultimate struggle for control of this strange new world….
  4. Crown of Stars – In the wake of the cataclysm that has reshaped the very lands, Sanglant is struggling to legitimize his own rulership and Liath’s status as his wife and consort, even as others are leaguing against him. Alain must take his own stand against the Lady of Battles if he is to have any hope of redeeming this war-and magic-torn world….
  5. Riding the Shore of the River of Death – Available in A Fantasy Medley or Epic: Legends of Fantasy. Kareka, daughter of the begh of the Kirshat, hunts to take a man’s head. It is her last opportunity to prove herself as a man or else she will find herself restricted to the role of woman and wife in the clan forever.

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