Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Books in Order: How to read Louise Rennison’s Series?

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Louise Rennison (1951-2016) was an English author and comedian. She found success with her one-woman autobiographical show, “Stevie Wonder Felt My Face,” and began to write for Woman’s Hour on Radio Four, for comedians, and for a London newspaper. This led her to publish in 1999 her first fiction book for teenage girls. The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series revolves around a teenage girl, Georgia Nicolson, and her best friends, the Ace Gang.

How to read the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series in Order?

Every entry in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging – Georgia’s hilarious antics as she tries to overcome the dilemmas that are weighing up against her, and muddle her way through teenage life and all that it entails: how to replace accidentally shaved-off eyebrows; how to cope with Angus, her small labrador-sized Scottish wildcat; her first kiss with Peter – afterwards known as Whelk Boy; annoying teachers; unsympathetic friends and family, and how to entice Robbie the Sex God! Phew – she’s really got her work cut out!
  2. It’s OK, I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers (aka On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God) – What is the matter with my life? Why is it so deeply unfab? / It’s a day and a half now since I snogged the Sex God! / I think I have snog withdrawal. My lips keep puckering up! / I tried snogging the back of my hand, but it’s no good! / It’s been over a week. I wonder if it’s my nose! / I have a HUGE nose that means I have to live for ever in the Ugly Home.
  3. Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas – Georgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God (aka Robbie), and things are wonderful. Except her loony parents are dragging her off to Och Aye land (aka Scotland), and the Sex God’s band’s chance at a record contract has left her something of a “pop widow.” Then up rears temptation in the form of old flame Dave the Laugh. Is Georgia about to become a shameless vixen?
  1. Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants – Georgia thought she had put her “red-bottomosity” to rest when she finally chose Robbie the Sex God over Dave the Laugh. Anyway, Dave the Laugh is now dating her friend Ellen (which didn’t stop Georgia from snogging him at a party…). But when Dave breaks up with Ellen and the Sex God is never around, Georgia doesn’t know what to do! As always, in Georgia’s life, nothing ever turns out as planned!
  2. Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (aka …And That’s When It Fell Off in My Hand) – The Sex God has left the country, taking Georgia’s heart with him. So she decides to display glaciosity to all boys — a girl can only have her heart broken so many times. Until she meets Masimo, the new singer for the Stiff Dylans. The Sex God is gone, but here comes the Dreamboat, and Georgia’s away laughing on a fast camel (whatever that means).
  3. …Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers – Georgia and Jas are off to Hamburger-a-gogo land! Georgia plans to track down Masimo, the Italian-American dreamboat, but after a long week in America, she only succeeds in learning importantish things — like how to ride a bucking bronco. Will Georgia reel in the Italian dreamboat? Or is she destined to live forever all aloney on her owney?
  1. Startled by His Furry Shorts – Woe is Georgia: Dave the Laugh has declared his love for her (at least she thinks he was talking about her), and she has finally given Masimo an ultimatum to be her one and only and he has to think about it. And will she ever be able to stop thinking about the Sex God plucking his guitar strings of loveosity?
  2. Love is a Many Trousered Thing (aka Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing) – When last we saw Georgia, she had nearly fallen into the arms of Italian hunk Masimo just as old flame Robbie the Sex God unexpectedly returned from Kiwi-a-gogo-land. Now, with two yummy treats from the cakeshop of agony on her plate, Georgia is filled with confusiosity.
  3. Stop in the Name of Pants! – Now that Georgia has finally won over gorgey Masimo, the Italian Stallion, her old friend and lip-nibbling partner Dave the Laugh has popped up again. Will Georgia go to Pizza-a-gogo land to visit dreamy Masimo? Or could her perfect boy be closer than she thinks. A Sex Kitty’s life is never simple…

  1. Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? – Does Georgia escape the cakeshop of luuurve? Can there be more heartbreaknosity in store? Will the Sex God pop up again unexpectedly (oo-er)! And what about the supreme accidental snogmaster Dave the Laugh? Will she FINALLY choose her only one and only? So many boys, so little time!

The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey Series

The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey is a spin-off series following Georgia’s younger cousin.

  1. Withering Tights – Tallulah Casey is ready to find her inner artist. And some new mates. And maybe a boy or two or three. She’s bound for a performing arts program in the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales-eerily similar to the windswept moors of Wuthering Heights. Acting? Tights? Moors? Check, check, check.
  2. A Midsummer Tights Dream – Tallulah has been officially admitted to the Dother Hall performing arts program in Yorkshire. Her corkers have done some developing since last term. And she’s picked up some advice on snogging from dear old Georgia. So she’s ready to return to the stage-and face her crushes again.
  3. The Taming of the Tights (aka Wild Girls, Wild Boys, Wild Tights) – Tallulah Casey is putting all thoughts of wild boy Cain behind her. He is literally an animal in trousers … oo-er. Not like nice boy Charlie (who she’s totally not thinking about either). The Tree Sisters are chasing those golden slippers of applause at performing arts college but Dr Lightowler seems hell-bent on spoiling everything for Tallulah.And with all her mates loved up. can Tallulah resist the call of her wild boy

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