Cirque du Freak Books in Order: How to read Darren Shan’s series?

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Discover Darren Shan’s story, the Vampire’s Assistant.

What is Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan about?

Written by Darren O’Shaughnessy under his pen name Darren Shan (author of The Demonata series), Cirque du Freak : The Saga of Darren Shan narrates the life of Darren Shan, a normal human boy who is coerced by the vampire Larten Crepsley into becoming his assistant and a half-vampire.

The Saga of Darren Shan is comprised of four trilogy of books and some short stories available on the website author. A film based on the first three books in the series was released in theaters in 2009, but failed at the box office.

The Prequel or The Saga of Larten Crepsley Books in Order:

You can find a full-reading order for the Saga of Larten Crepsley here.

Written after Cirque du Freak, this prequel recounts the first two hundred years of Larten Crepsley’s life.

  1. Birth of a Killer
  2. Ocean of Blood
  3. Palace of the Damned
  4. Brothers to the Death

How to read the Cirque du Freak Books in Order?

What follows is a reading order for Cirque du Freak, including short stories written by Darren Shan and available on his website.

Vampire Blood Trilogy (also called the Cirque du Freak Trilogy)

Cirque du Freak A Living Nightmare - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order The Vampire's Assistant - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Tunnels of Blood - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order

  1. Cirque Du Freak (novel) – A young boy named Darren Shan and his best friend, Steve, get tickets to the Cirque Du Freak, a wonderfully gothic freak show featuring weird, frightening half human/half animals who interact terrifyingly with the audience. In the midst of the excitement, true terror raises its head when Steve recognizes that one of the performers– Mr. Crepsley– is a vampire! As if by destiny, Darren is pulled to Mr. Crepsley and what follows is his horrifying descent into the dark and bloody world of vampires.
  2. Annie’s Diary – Short story. Book 1 tie-in story
  3. An Essay On Vampires “by” Steve Leopard – Book 1 tie-in story
  4. Transylvania trek – A story “written by” Sam Grest. Included in the Midnight Feast collection.
  5. Bride Of Sam Grest – Another story “written by” Sam Grest. Included in the Midnight Feast collection.
  6. The Vampire’s Assistant (novel) – Darren Shan was just an ordinary schoolboy until his visit to the Cirque Du Freak. Now, as he struggles with his new life as a Vampire’s Assistant, he tries desperately to resist the one temptation that sickens him, the one thing that can keep him alive. But destiny is calling. The Wolf Man is waiting.
  7. Tiny Terrors – Short Story. Book 2 tie-in story
  8. Tunnels of Blood (novel) – Darren, the vampire’s assistant, gets a taste of the city when he leaves the Cirque Du Freak with Evra the snake-boy and Mr. Crepsley. When corpses are discovered–corpses drained of blood– Darren and Evra are compelled to hunt down whatever foul creature is committing such horrendous acts.
  9. Lonely lefty – Short Story. Book 3 tie-in story.

Vampire Rites Trilogy (also called the Vampire Mountain Trilogy)

Vampire Mountain - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Trials Of Death - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order The Vampire Prince - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order

  1. Vampire Mountain – Will a meeting with the Vampire Princes restore Darren’s human side, or turn him further toward the darkness? Only one thing is certain, Darren’s initiation into the vampire clan is more deadly than he can ever have imagined.
  2. Trials of Death – Darren begins the Trials of Initiation to prove himself worthy of being a half-vampire, even as the clan’s blood foes, the vampaneze, gather near Vampire Mountain.
  3. An Affair Of The Night – Short Story. Book 5 tie-in story.
  4. The Vampire Prince – Betrayed by Kurda and reeling from the brutal slaying of Gavner, the vampire’s assistant, Darren Shan, finds himself branded a traitor and hunted by the vampire clan.

Vampire War Trilogy (also called the Hunters Trilogy)

Hunters Of The Dusk - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Allies of the Night - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Killers of the Dawn - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order

  1. Hunters of the Dusk – The pursuit begins….Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, leaves Vampire Mountain on a life or death mission. As part of an elite force, Darren searches the world for the Vampaneze Lord. But the road ahead is long and dangerous-and lined with the bodies of the damned.
  2. Allies of the Night – Darren Shan faces his worst nightmare yet–school. But homework is the least of Darren’s problems. Bodies are piling up. Time is running out. And the past is catching up with the hunters fast.
  3. Killers of the Dawn – Outnumbered, outsmarted and desperate, the hunters are on the run, pursued by the vampaneze, the police, and an angry mob. With their enemies clamoring for blood, the vampires prepare for a deadly battle. Is this the end for Darren and his allies?

Vampire Destiny Trilogy

The Lake of Souls - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Lord of the Shadows - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order Sons of Destiny - Cirque Du Freak Books in Order

  1. The Lake of Souls – Darren and Harkat face monstrous obstacles on their desperate quest to the Lake of Souls. Will they survive the savage journey? And what awaits them in the murky waters of the dead? Be careful what you fish for…
  2. Lord of the Shadows – Darren Shan is going home–and his world is going to hell. Old enemies await. Scores must be settled. Destiny looks certain to destroy him, and the world is doomed to fall to the Ruler of the Night…
  3. Sons of Destiny – The time has finally come for Darren to face his archenemy, Steve Leopard. One of them will die. The other will become the Lord of the Shadows – and destroy the world. Is the future written, or can Darren trick destiny?
  4. Shanta Claus – A non-canon story that follows “Shanta” Claus as he visits the homes of many characters in the series, but also characters from The Demonata and (as 2012) The Thin Executioner and Zom-B. A new version comes out every Christmas, the only period this short story is available.

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  1. I loved this series. I have listened to them twice and am on my third listen and never tire of it. I love the story line, the narrator and of course Darren. I have recommended this series to all my friends and family and hope they get as much enjoyment out of them as I have. Thank you for the hours of entertainer. It’s been great!

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