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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Books in Order: How to read Michelle Paver’s series?

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Books in Order: How to read Michelle Paver’s series?
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Soon to become a live-action TV series.

What are the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness about?

Written by the British author Michelle Paver, the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is a series of historical fantasy novels published since 2004.

Set around 6000 years ago in prehistoric Europe, during the Stone Age, the series follows twelve-year-old Torak, a boy who can talk to wolves. With the help of  Renn, who is part of the Raven Clan, and his wolf friend, Torak seeks to defeat the Soul-Eaters, a group of evil mages.

In 2009, the series stopped, but a decade later, Michelle Paver announced a new trilogy of books set after the end of the main series.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Books in Order:

Thousands of years ago, a powerful and malevolent force conjured a demon: a demon so evil that it could only be contained in the body of a ferocious bear, a demon determined to destroy the world. Only one boy can stop it … Follow the Wolf Brother reading order to learn how.


  1. Wolf Brother – Twelve-year-old Torak sees his father murdered by the bear. With his dying breath, he asks his son to make him a promise. Alone, wounded, terrified, and on the run, Torak must now lead the bear to the Mountain of the World Spirit – a mountain that no one has ever found before. But can Torak keep his promise? A terrifying quest commences in a world of wolves, tree spirits and Hidden People, a world in which trusting a friend means risking your life.
  2. Spirit Walker – Torak’s quest is far from over. A strange sickness is threatening the Raven Clan and only the Seal Clan have the cure. Torak must face a lonely journey to the Seal Islands to find it, but what he stumbles upon there is far from what he was expecting. And all is not as it seems … 
  3. Soul Eater – As mid-winter approaches, Torak learns that Wolf has been snatched. In a desperate bid to rescue him, Torak and Renn must brave the frozen wilderness of the Far North and step into a world of deceit, treachery, and lies, coming face to face with a terrifying evil. Another step is taken on his quest to destroy the Soul-Eaters, but with it comes the burden of an utterly chilling secret of his own …


  1. Outcast – Cast out from the clans and hunted by all, Torak is on the run. Cut off even from Wolf and Renn, he takes refuge in unknown territory – the haunted reedbeds of Lake Axehead, where he is menaced by the Hidden People. But other threats lurk nearby and his battle with the Soul-Eaters is far from over … As he fights for his life, Torak uncovers a deception too awful to contemplate, one that shakes him to the core and shatters the world as he knows it.
  2. Oath Breaker – When he was an outcast, Torak was the hunted one. The following spring, he becomes the hunter when he swears to avenge the killing of one of his closest friends. To fulfill his oath, he must brave the hidden valleys of the Deep Forest, where the clans have reverted to the savagery of an earlier time. Here, Torak finally learns why he is the Sprit Walker and discovers the true cost of revenge.
  3. Ghost Hunter – As winter approaches and Souls’ Night draws near, the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in a grip of terror. To fulfill his destiny, Torak seeks his lair in the Mountain of Ghosts. Accompanied by Renn and Wolf, Torak must defy demons and tokoroths, and find his way through the Gorge of the Hidden People. Wolf must overcome terrible grief and Renn must make an agonizing decision.

The main series stops here. The sequel came a decade later, picking up the story two summers later.


  1. Viper’s Daughter – For two summers Torak and Renn have been living in the Forest with their faithful pack-brother, Wolf. But their happiness is shattered when Renn realizes Torak is in danger – and she’s the threat. When she mysteriously disappears, Torak and Wolf brave the Far North to find her. At the mercy of the Sea Mother and haunted by ravenous ice bears, their quest leads them to the Edge of the World. There they must face an enemy more evil than any they’ve encountered.
  2. Skin Taker – In the Dark Time of midwinter, disaster strikes the Forest. Chaos rules. Bears woken from their dens prowl the shadowy valleys. Desperate clans battle for survival. Only demons thrive. With their world in turmoil, Torak, Renn and Wolf are tested as never before. And as a new evil haunts the devastated land, Torak must risk his sanity, his life, and even his souls to save everything he loves…
  3. Wolfbane – It is early spring, a turbulent, perilous time of sudden storms, frozen river fractures and drifting ice. Fleeing from a demon intent on devouring his souls, Wolf is swept out to Sea far from the Forest and his pack. The ocean too teems with danger: sea wolves, sharks and hunters of the deep, and the demon is gaining ground. Torak and Renn must race to save their pack-brother, battling the harsh, icy waves and merciless torrents. If they can’t find Wolf in time, the bond between them will be severed for ever…


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