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Charlie Mack Motown Books in Order: How to read Cheryl A. Head’s series?

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Ready for some Detroit Mysteries?

What is the Charlie Mack Motown series about?

Coming from American author Cheryl A. Head from Detroit, Charlie Mack Motown Mystery series is about a PI in Detroit and her crack team.

Born and raised in the city that America forgot, Charlene “Charlie” Mack has built a highly respected private investigation firm through hard work, smart choices, and relentless ambition.

Her team of investigators is highly skilled and trustworthy, but she secretly struggles with her sexual orientation and a mother with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Charlie Mack Motown books in order:

Every book in the Charlie Mack Motown series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

Bury Me When Im Dead Charlie Mack Motown Books in Order 165x250 Wake Me When Its Over Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Books in Order 165x250 Catch Me When Im Falling Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Books in Order 165x250

  1. Bury Me When I’m Dead – When Charlie Mack and her crack team head to Birmingham, Alabama following the trail of a missing person, what should be a routine case turns into a complex chase for answers. Shady locals and a southern patriarch with dark secrets dating back forty years obscure their path. It seems like everyone has something to hide, including Charlie. When the case turns deadly with a double murder, and Charlie is attacked on a quiet neighborhood street, everything suddenly becomes personal.
  2. Wake Me When It’s Over – Charlie Mack and her crack team of private investigators have been asked to take on a seemingly impossible task—to identify and thwart an attack on the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. With a $100K incentive and the help of a dozen freelancers, Charlie and her team slowly begin to unravel a twisted plot that runs through several countries and even more bank accounts.
  3. Catch Me When I’m Falling – Someone is murdering the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corridor—by immolation. These horrific crimes wouldn’t require an investigation by Charlie Mack and her crack team investigators, except one of the burned bodies is identified as her mother’s friend. There’s a lot wrong with this case: the police won’t admit a serial killer is on the loose, drug trafficking intersects with the deaths, and a rogue cop is involved. The timing also couldn’t be worse—Charlie and Mandy are finally moving in together.

Judge Me When Im Wrong Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Books in Order 165x250 Find Me When Im Lost Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Books in Order 165x250 Warn Me When Its Time Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Books in Order 165x250

  1. Judge Me When I’m Wrong – When a guilt-ridden client has an unexpected change of heart, the Mack team’s careful preparation for his grand jury testimony is blown to smithereens. Now, Charlie and Gil must pull out all the stops to defend him from his new enemies and the estrangement of his father. Meanwhile, Charlie reports for jury duty and unwittingly begins to unravel a disturbing plan to alter the outcome of a crime lord’s conspiracy trial.
  2. Find Me When I’m Lost – When Charlie Mack is hired by her ex-husband’s new wife, things get awkward quickly. Her ex, Franklin, has been charged with his brother-in-law’s murder. Charlie and Pamela both believe he didn’t do it; it’s the only thing they will ever see eye-to-eye on. But he’s also in hiding for some reason neither of them understands. To the police, it adds up to guilt, but to Charlie, it indicates that Franklin has stumbled into an unplanned, and perhaps life-threatening, complication.
  3. Warn Me When It’s Time – A hate group operating in Oakland County, Michigan has claimed responsibility for a six-month-long string of arson fires and robberies at mosques, temples, and black churches around Detroit, eluding police and federal agencies. The most recent fire, at a mosque in Dearborn, kills a respected imam. His children―suspicious of law enforcement’s treatment of Muslims and afraid of reprisal―hires Charlie Mack and her team of investigators to find their father’s murderers.


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