Captain America by Ed Brubaker Reading Order: How to read the most celebrated adventures of Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier

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I started reading Captain America by Ed Brubaker thinking it was pretty straightforward, but it was not… because Marvel!

What Captain America by Ed Brubaker is about?

Everybody knows Captain America. But if you were in a coma during most of your life, he is a Marvel Superhero and the alter ego of Steve Rogers. As a young man, Steve wanted to fight for his country against the Nazis, but couldn’t … until he participated in an experiment that transformed him in a super-soldier. Near the end of the war, he and his sidekick Busty were left for dead. Trapped in ice and saved by the serum that changed him, he later came back to fight evil everywhere.

Ed Brubaker started to write the Captain America ongoing series with the fifth volume-publication began in January 2005. The Criminal author wrote 100 issues, bring back Bucky as the Winter Soldier, delt with Cap death and resurrection and more. It’s the most celebrated run on the Captain America modern series.

Information This article will not be updated anymore. Since we have launched a blog dedicated to comic book reading orders, you can find an up-to-date version of this Captain America by Ed Brubaker Reading Order here.

Captain America by Ed Brubaker Reading Order:

What follows is about Captain America written by Ed Brubaker. You can also find the character in other books like The Avengers, but Brubaker didn’t wrote those.

I. Captain America Vol. 5: Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier

The Captain America Vol. 5 is composed of 50 issues. You can read them from #1 to #50 without any difficulties, but you need to know that there’s a big Marvel event in the middle, the famous Civil War during which Steve Rogers end up “dead”. You may want to read the full event, but it’s not necessary to understand what’s happening.

  1. Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection – Collects Captain America vol. 5, #1-9, 11-14.
  2. Captain America: Red Menace Ultimate Collection – Collects Captain America vol. 5, #15-21; Captain America 65th Anniversary Special.

This is when the Civil War takes place. You can find a reading order here. What follows is really about the work of Ed Brubaker.

  1. The Death of Captain America: The Complete Collection – Collects Captain America vol. 5 #22-42; Winter Soldier : Winter Kills.
  2. Captain America: The Man with No Face – Collects Captain America Vol. 5 #43-48

II. Captain America: Reborn

A year later, Steve Rogers was ready to come back… This marks the end of the Captain America Vol. 5 and the moment when Marvel choose to change the numbering of the series which can be confusing.

  1. Captain America: Road to Reborn – Collects Captain America Vol. 5 #49-50; Captain America #600-601.
  2. Captain America: Reborn – Steve came back during this miniseries. Collects Captain America: Reborn #1-6.

III. Captain America: Bucky Barnes

After Steve Rogers’ death, Bucky took his place as Captain America. When Steve came back, Bucky kept the shield and Steve became the new Nick Fury in a way.

  1. Captain America: Two Americas – Collects Captain America #602-605; Who Will Wield the Shield?
  2. Captain America: No Escape – Collects Captain America #606-610.
  3. Captain America: The Trial of Captain America – Collects Captain America #611-615 & #615.1; material from Captain America 70th Anniversary.
  4. Captain America: Prisoner of War – Collects Captain America #616-619.

As a spy Steve Rogers popped up in the main Captain America series, but he also worked on his own or with a team.

  1. Steve Rogers: Super Soldier – Steve is on a solo mission and you can read it after Captain America: Two Americas. Collects Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier 1-4, Annual 1, Uncanny X-Men Annual (2006) 3, Namor: The First Mutant Annual 1
  2. Secret Avengers by Ed Brubaker – Steve decided to lead a new kind of Avengers Team, one doing black ops. Ed Brubaker wrote the first two storylines of the series. You can read them during or after the last three Captain America Storylines. Collects Secret Avengers (2010) 1-12.

Published before Captain America Vol. 6, those books are old war stories about Bucky and Steve Rogers. In fact, “The Life Story of Bucky Barnes” tells the origins of Bucky Barnes. You can read it when you want, at this point, earlier or later. It’s pretty good, but kind of optional.

  1. The Marvels Project – The beginning of the Invaders Team with Captain American, Human Torch, Namor and more. Collects The Marvels Project #1-8.
  2. Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes – Bucky’s origin story. Collects Captain America and Bucky #620-624.
  3. Captain America and Bucky: Old Wounds – Collects Captain America and Bucky #625-628.

IV. Captain America Vol. 6: Steve Rogers

Ed Brubaker dind’t wrote the Fear Itself event (except the prologue “Book of the Skull”), but this is quite an important story for Captain America. This is when Bucky stopped being Captain America and Steve picked up the shield once more.

  1. Fear Itself – Collects Fear Itself : Book of the Skull, Fear Itself 1-7.

Captain America Vol. 6 starts here. Steve Rogers is Captain America and some old allies and enemies are back in action. Those next books are the last written by Ed Brubaker.

  1. Captain America by Ed Brubaker, Vol. 1– Collects Captain America Vol. 6 #1-5
  2. Captain America by Ed Brubaker, Vol. 2– Collects Captain America Vol. 6 #6-10
  3. Captain America by Ed Brubaker, Vol. 3– Collects Captain America Vol. 6 #11-14
  4. Captain America by Ed Brubaker, Vol. 4– Collects Captain America Vol. 6 #15-19

With Steve Rogers back in action under the flag, Bucky takes back his Winter Soldier identity in order to fixed past errors with the help of Black Widow. You can read it after or during Captain America Vol. 6.

  1. Winter Soldier: The Longest Winter – Fear Itself #7.1: Captain America; Winter Soldier #1-5
  2. Winter Soldier: Broken Arrow – Winter Soldier #6-9
  3. Winter Soldier: Black Widow Hunt – Winter Soldier #10-14

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