Caimh McDonnell Books in Order (The Dublin Trilogy, McGarry Stateside, Stranger Times…)

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Caimh McDonnell Books in Order

All of the books!

Who is Caimh McDonnell?

Caimh McDonnell is an Irish novelist (also known as C.K McDonnell), but also a former professional stand-up comedian and TV writer who worked on shows like Have I Got News for You, Mock the Week, A League of Their Own. But now he mostly writes books.

As a novelist, McDonnell is known for the famous Dublin Trilogy, and the McGarry Stateside Series. He just started The Stranger Times series and published stand alone books.

Caimh McDonnell Books in Order:

I. The Dublin Trilogy in Order

Not really a trilogy anymore…

Angels in the Moonlight The Dublin Trilogy Books in Order Caimh McDonnell A Man With One of Those Faces The Dublin Trilogy Books in Order Caimh McDonnell The Day That Never Comes The Dublin Trilogy Books in Order Caimh McDonnell

  1. Angels in the Moonlight (2017) (prequel originally published after The Day That Never Comes). For Detective Bunny McGarry, life is complicated, and it is about to get more so. It’s 1999 and his hard won reputation amongst Dublin’s criminal fraternity, for being a massive pain in the backside, is unfortunately shared by his bosses. His partner has a career-threatening gambling problem and, oh yeah, Bunny’s finally been given a crack at the big time. He’s set the task of bringing down the most skilled and ruthless armed robbery gang in Irish history. So the last thing he needs in his life is yet another complication.
  2. A Man With One of Those Faces (2016) – The first time somebody tried to kill him was an accident. The second time was deliberate. Now Paul Mulchrone finds himself on the run with nobody to turn to except a nurse who has read one-too-many crime novels and a renegade copper with a penchant for violence. Together they must solve one of the most notorious crimes in Irish history . . . or else they’ll be history.
  3. The Day That Never Comes (2017) – Dublin is in the middle of a heat wave and tempers are running high. The Celtic Tiger is well and truly dead, activists have taken over the headquarters of a failed bank, the trial of three unscrupulous property developers teeters on the brink of collapse, and in the midst of all this, along comes a mysterious organisation hell-bent on exacting bloody vengeance in the name of the little guy. Paul Mulchrone doesn’t care about any of this; he has problems of his own. His newly established detective agency is about to be DOA. One of his partners won’t talk to him for very good reasons and the other has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason at all. Can he hold it together long enough to figure out what Bunny McGarry’s colourful past has to do with his present absence?

Last Orders The Dublin Trilogy Books in Order Caimh McDonnell Dead Man's Sins The Dublin Trilogy Books in Order Caimh McDonnell

  1. Last Orders (2018) – Paul can’t let an incident from his past go. When he finds out a rival detective agency played a key role in it, he drags MCM Investigations into a blood feud that they can’t hope to win. Soon they’re faced with the prospect of the company going out of business and Brigit going out of her damn mind. When long-buried bodies are discovered in the Wicklow Mountains, Bunny’s past starts closing in on him too. Who can he trust when he can’t even trust himself? When he finds himself with nowhere left to run and nobody he can turn to, will the big fella make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones he loves?
  2. Dead Man’s Sins (2021) – It’s the year 2000 in Dublin and, following some traumatic events, Detective Bunny McGarry is taking a well-earned break from the force. However, just because you’re not looking for trouble doesn’t mean trouble isn’t looking for you. Bunny’s former partner died in the line of duty under dubious circumstances but his murky background has suddenly resurfaced, threatening Bunny’s reputation as well. As if that isn’t enough, a young boy is in danger and a woman from the big fella’s past is trapped in a loveless marriage to a monster. They both need Bunny’s help, but he must get to work fast – it seems someone is trying to frame him for murder …

II. McGarry Stateside Series in Order

Melting high-octane action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit, the McGarry Stateside Series is a crime thriller resolving around Irishman Bunny McGarry in America.

Disaster Inc McGarry Stateside Books in Order Caimh McDonnell I Have Sinned McGarry Stateside Books in Order Caimh McDonnell The Quiet Man McGarry Stateside Books in Order Caimh McDonnell

  1. Disaster Inc (2018) – All Bunny McGarry wants is a spot of breakfast and a decent cup of tea. So imagine how annoyed he gets when two masked men attempt to rob the New York diner he is in? Unfortunately, dealing with that problem just leads to a whole lot more. One of the other customers isn’t who she appears to be, and without his help, the odds aren’t great that she will live to see another breakfast.
  2. I Have Sinned (2019) – Bunny McGarry is a man on a mission. He left behind his life in Ireland to go to New York to find the woman he loves, who happens to have a lot of very dangerous people looking for her. The good news is that they don’t know where she is, the bad news is that Bunny doesn’t either and the only people that do are a rogue order of nuns called The Sisters of the Saint who have raised not being found to the level of art form.
  3. The Quiet Man (2020) – Almost everyone in prison will tell you they’re in there for a crime they didn’t commit, but Anthony Rourke really means it. That’s because he’s actually Bunny McGarry, who has got himself into one of Nevada’s finest penitentiaries under false pretences. He is there to bust someone else out.

III. The Stranger Times series in Order

The Stranger Times is a new series written under the pen name of C.K McDonnell.

Caimh McDonnell Books in Order

  1. The Stranger Times (2021) – There are dark forces at work in our world (and in Manchester in particular), so thank God The Stranger Times is on hand to report them. A weekly newspaper dedicated to the weird and the wonderful (but mostly the weird), it is the go-to publication for the unexplained and inexplicable. At least that’s their pitch. The reality is rather less auspicious. Their editor is a drunken, foul-tempered and foul-mouthed husk of a man who thinks little of the publication he edits. His staff are a ragtag group of misfits. And as for the assistant editor…well, that job is a revolving door – and it has just revolved to reveal Hannah Willis, who’s got problems of her own. When tragedy strikes in her first week on the job, The Stranger Times is forced to do some serious investigating. What they discover leads to a shocking realisation: some of the stories they’d previously dismissed as nonsense are in fact terrifyingly real. Soon they come face-to-face with darker forces than they could ever have imagined.

IV. Stand Alone books

The Final Game Caimh McDonnell Books in Order Welcome to Nowhere Caimh McDonnell Books in Order

  • The Final Game (2020) – Dorothy Graham is dead, which is inconvenient, not least for her. Luckily, she has planned for this eventuality. Now, if any of the truly dreadful people she is related to want to get their hands on her money, they’re going to have to do so via a fiendish difficult and frankly bizarre competition of Dorothy’s devising. After all, just because you’re dead, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a last laugh at the expense of people who made your life miserable.
  • Welcome to Nowhere (2020) – When a gambling debt puts him between a rock and a swim in the Hudson with concrete shoes, Smithy has no choice but to take the worst job imaginable. The gig – as prey in leprechaun hunt for a bunch of Wallstreet jerks – goes as badly as it sounds. He could leave it there and write it off as a harsh lesson learned, but fourteen months later when Smithy comes up with a plan to take his revenge on the man behind it all, it is too good to resist.

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