Body Movers Books in Order, A Stephanie Bond series

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Moving bodies is a career…

What is the Body Movers series about?

Coming from Stephanie Bond-also known under the pseudonym Stephanie Bancroft-, the Body Movers series is presented as a “sexy mystery” series about … body movers.

The story revolves around Atlanta debutante Carlotta Wren whose criminal parents left her to raise alone her brother Wesley. Ten years later, their lives didn’t turn out how they had imagined.

Now, they are working together as body movers for the morgue, a new career that brings them close to murder mysteries.

How to read the Body Movers Books in Order?

Every book in the Body Movers series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. “Party Crashers” (Prequel short story, 2004)
  2. Body Movers (2006)
  3. 2 Bodies for the Price of 1 (2007)
  4. 3 Men and a Body (2008)
  5. 4 Bodies And A Funeral (2009)
  6. 5 Bodies To Die For (2009)
  7. 6 Killer Bodies (2009)
  8. “6 1/2 Body Parts” (short story, 2012)
  9. 7 Brides for 7 Bodies (2015)
  10. 8 Bodies is Enough (2017)
  11. 9 Bodies Rolling (2018)
  12. 10 Bodies Lying (2019)
  13. 11 Bodies Moving On (2020)
  14. 12 Bodies and a Wedding (2021)

What is the plot of the Body Movers stories?

For more information about the books in the Body Movers series by Stephanie Bond, you’ll find below the official synopsis for all the books:

“Party Crashers” (prequel novella) – Jolie Goodman walked out on her brokerage job because her boss asked her to do something unethical. Now she’s trying to start her own brokerage firm in Atlanta at the worst possible time. Also pressing on her mind is the fact that her boyfriend of the last few months is missing…along with her car. With problems piling on, she manages to make a new friend at work, but too late she realizes her gal pal Carlotta Wren is a serial party crasher-which is fun…at first. But no one’s laughing when a body turns up at an upscale party they’ve crashed and they’re the only people who aren’t supposed to be there!

Body Movers – Atlanta debutante Carlotta Wren was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. So at 18, when her parents skip town after being accused of a white-collar crime and leave her to raise her younger brother Wesley, her entire world is upended. Fast forward ten years, and Carlotta and Wesley are still kicking-each other. After sacrificing her twenties to be a mother to Wesley, she feels like a failure when the lovable genius slacker, who’s up to his neck in gambling debt to loan sharks, is arrested for hacking into the city courthouse records. An exasperated Carlotta gives Wesley an ultimatum to get a real job…but she doesn’t expect him to become a body mover for the morgue…or to be drawn into body moving herself…or for the experience to reunite her with an old love…

2 Bodies for the Price of 1 – Who would WANT her life? Atlanta shopgirl Carlotta Wren has more problems than most women her age-fugitive parents, a brother with a gambling problem, looming debts to loan sharks, and a part-time gig moving bodies for the morgue. So WHY would someone steal her identity? Then again… On the other hand, her romantic prospects have improved recently-her first love is back in her life, and there’s the sexy cop who’s made the Wren family his personal project, and her body-moving boss who makes no secret of his desire for her body… Maybe someone just wants to TAKE her life? But after a couple of close calls, Carlotta realizes there’s more at stake than just her credit score.

3 Men and a Body – Suspended from her retail job, nursing a broken arm, and still reeling over an encounter with her long-lost fugitive father, Carlotta Wren is about to lose her mind. So when handsome body mover Cooper Craft invites her to go to Florida with him for a VIP body pickup, it’s just what the doctor ordered… Brings out the body-snatchers… But when Coop’s plans for a vacation getaway are thwarted by the appearance of too-many chaperones and attempts to steal their precious cargo, they both just want to get home alive!

4 Bodies And A Funeral – The theft of an infamous piece of jewelry gives rise to a serial killer…. Carlotta Wren is happy to be back to work and in the middle of a big publicity event for a celebrity’s new line of charm bracelets. When the event goes sideways, Carlotta thinks a humiliating photograph of her is the worst thing to come out of it…until bodies start surfacing with charms in their mouths. To make matters worse, a member of the Wren family is connected to every murder. When clues start pointing to her long-lost father as The Charmed Killer, Carlotta starts to reconsider everything she believes…

5 Bodies To Die For – The Charmed Killer is still on the loose… Like every woman in Atlanta, Carlotta Wren is nervous and looking over her shoulder as a serial killer stalks the city, leaving charms in the mouths of his victims. Carlotta seeks solace in the home of an old friend who’s vying to be her lover, and because of the Wren family’s connections to the victims, is warned to stay away from body-moving and the investigation. Still, Carlotta can’t resist a little sleuthing on her own-she’s convinced the charms point to the killer’s identity. And as clues and bodies stack up, Carlotta begins to suspect the sicko is taunting her…

6 Killer Bodies – The Charmed Killer has been apprehended…or has he? While the city of Atlanta breathes a sigh of relief that a serial killer is behind bars, Carlotta Wren stubbornly refuses to believe the right man is in custody. Defying warnings to stay out of the investigation, Carlotta puts her personal and professional relationships in jeopardy through her persistent sleuthing. Worse-all her efforts seem to reinforce the police’s position…and shine a spotlight on her long-lost fugitive father. As clues mount and stakes are pushed higher, will this body mover’s well-intended meddling backfire and land her own body in a bag?

6 1/2 Body Parts (novella) – Carlotta Wren has always wondered what her life would’ve been like if her father hadn’t been charged with a white-collar crime, and if her wealthy parents hadn’t fled town to avoid facing the music, leaving her to fend for herself and to raise her younger brother Wesley. And now with a twist of fate, she’s about to find out…

7 Brides for 7 Bodies – Carlotta Wren’s life has taken a startling turn-she’s not sure what’s going to happen next. So when her retail job temporarily plants her in the world of wedding planning, she’s happy for the distraction-at first. Because the happily-ever-after setting only heightens the stress surrounding the decisions she faces about her romantic life. The three hot men vying for her attention aren’t going to wait forever for her answer. On the other hand, at least the bridal show gets her away from body moving for a while, right? Wrong.

8 Bodies is Enough – Carlotta Wren is off on another adventure–this time following a lead from her jailbird father to Los Vegas to find out what happened to her long-lost mother. Unaware of Carlotta’s mission, her brother Wesley tags along with grandiose designs of winning big with a secret bag of cash he found. But as soon as the Wren siblings hit Sin City, their luck runs cold. A dead man spoils Carlotta’s plan and before she knows it, the entire gang from Atlanta has descended to aid, abet, and aggravate.

9 Bodies Rolling – Carlotta Wren is still reeling over her parents’ return after a ten-year absence. After putting her life on hold for so long, she’s not sure how to move forward. Her new reality isn’t exactly what she thought it would be, especially considering the altered circumstances of the three men in her life. Until we all fall down… But her best gal pal Hannah is always there to cheer her up, and Hannah has taken up a quirky new sport-roller derby! The matches are a colorful spectacle of bodies maneuvering to score, but the fun stops cold when a dead body rolls onto the scene.

10 Bodies Lying – Carlotta Wren is dazed and confused-everything she thought she knew about her life has been a lie. How can she ever trust anyone again? And where does she go from here?She hopes a business trip out of town will help to clear her head… instead it lands her in the middle of a murder, as the prime suspect! While Carlotta works frantically to prove her innocence, she’s also forced to confront the lies she’s been telling herself. If she manages to get out of this mess, she’ll have to get real abou

11 Bodies Moving On – Carlotta Wren’s life is entering new territory-a new career path, a new direction in her love life, and possibly new family members to uncover. A big part of moving on, though, means leaving people and other pieces of her past behind… which might be harder than she realized. Especially when moving forward means walking through a minefield of mysterious discoveries about the people she loves, and the people she wants not to love.

12 Bodies and a Wedding – Carlotta Wren has been looking forward to her wedding day since she was a little girl, and she wants it to be perfect. But even as she plans a blowout wedding, she has other worries on her mind. In the process of trying to prove her former coworker was murdered, she may have stumbled onto a coverup with national implications-not to mention learning she’s blood related to someone with whom she has, um, unpleasant history.

What should you read if you like the Body Movers novels?

If you like reading Stephanie Bond’s Body Movers stories, you may be interested in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid.

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this list! This is the author of the BODY MOVERS series so I can confirm the reading list is correct. Also know that some of the BODY MOVERS characters have cameo parts in my daily serials: To date, Detective Jack Terry has cameos in COMA GIRL, TEMP GIRL, COMEBACK GIRL, LOTTERY GIRL, and ELEVATOR GIRL. Carlotta Wren has cameos in TEMP GIRL and FACTORY GIRL. Hannah Kizer and Chance Hollander have cameos in LOTTERY GIRL. Even though the BODY MOVERS series has ended I hope to keep posting easter-egg updates for the characters in my annual serials. Thanks again and happy reading!

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