Detective Rob Miller Books In Order: How to Read Biba Pearce’s Series?

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Coming from British writer Biba Pearce, author of the Dalton Savage Mysteries, the Detective Rob Miller series is about a young detective tracking killers in London.

The story introduced us to DI Miller who starts as a relatively inexperienced detective who doesn’t lack resolve and ambitions. He put his work at the forefront of his life, which complicates his love life. From one investigation to the other, his career and personal life evolve as well as the challenges he must face.

How to Read the Detective Rob Miller Series In Order?

Although the various characters’ lives shift from one book to the next in the Detective Rob Miller Mystery series, each book may be read independently.

  1. The Thames Path Killer (2019) – On her way home, a young woman is severely attacked. She appears to have been the victim of a deceitful and jilted ex-lover. Then, however, two other ladies who were also planning to get married are discovered dead. The murderer is dubbed the “Surrey Stalker” by the media. There is also a stack of cold case files that are comparable.
    Rob Miller, a young and ambitious DI, is under pressure. Rob, however, is balancing his time spent at work with attempting to keep his fiance, Yvette, on board as they attempt to arrange their wedding.
  2. The West London Murders (2020) – In an affluent West London property, a father’s body is discovered. death by stabbing. by a person who was unable to stop. Seven or eight puncture wounds are seen. Rob Miller, a DI who recently got married, has no time to unwind. Now a second guy is discovered dead, too brutally slain in a rage. Are they dealing with a serial killer, the police? Detective Jo Maguire, Rob’s ex-girlfriend, and the investigation take them to London’s covert escort business. Rob’s sentiments for Jo make it a dangerous place to enter, and they aren’t helpful.
  3. The Bisley Wood Murders (2021) – Katie Wells disappears on en route to school. In a nearby reservoir, her pink backpack is discovered loaded down with stones. Every second matters as the search for her is running out of time. A countrywide search is led by acting DCI Rob Miller, but the young girl is not located. Detective Jo Maguire from the National Crime Agency, meantime, finds startling parallels to the disappearance of her own sister twenty years prior. Rob and Jo’s relationship is getting closer, but they are pressed for time. Perhaps Jo’s sister was the murderer’s first casualty. And perhaps he never did quit.
  1. The Box Hill Killer (2021) – Noah Palmer left on a bike trip in the last twelve years and never returned. A five-pointed star was cut into his chest when his body was discovered in the Box Hill woods. He is the fourth victim of an unidentified serial murderer. A young woman is now involved in a gunshot in the heart of London’s Harrods department store. Her DNA reveals a family connection to the unsolved Box Hill murder. Rob Miller, a detective, is in charge of the inquiry. But the information is scant. Just when he believes he has a lead, things take an unexpected turn.
  2. The South Bank Murders (2022) – Sam Lawrence, a retired chief superintendent who was Rob’s friend and mentor, was shot and killed. Rob is heartbroken. Rob had received a call from Lawrence asking to meet up an hour earlier, but he couldn’t attend because he was on fatherhood duty. He will now pursue the murderer, but his supervisor believes he is becoming overly attached. Although it’s personal this time, Rob has other murders on his plate as well.
  3. The Soho Killer (2022) – Rob Miller, a detective, believes he has seen it all, yet this murder scene leaves him speechless. The victim has whip marks on his back and is chained and gagged. One of London’s busiest squares serves as the location. Strangulation appears to be the cause of death. The victim’s boyfriend is the main suspect. Rob makes an arrest despite his reservations since his superiors are pressuring him to. Yet another body is discovered, this one chained, gagged, and dumped in the heart of London. Once more, no witnesses exist. Rob is now looking for a serial murderer with a penchant and a flair for camouflaging himself. The murderer then gets personal.

the marlow murders detective rob miller books in order

  1. The Marlow Murders (2023) – Debby Morris, a mother of two, leaves for a holiday party at Marlow’s famed Hollyhock Manor and never returns. In a park close to the River Thames, her handbag, phone, and Santa’s elf cap were discovered. Despite a massive search by the police, Debby is not located.
    Then, five miles downstream from where she vanished, Debby’s body is found, still dressed as an elf. However, Debby’s death’s circumstances are more hazy than the Thames where she was discovered. Detective Rob Miller is taken off compassionate leave and put in charge. He’s still recovering from his most recent case, and now everyone is watching him to see whether he’ll lose it.

The Detective Rob Miller book series has been presented as a perfect read for fans of L.J. Ross, Joy Ellis, J.M. Dalgliesh, James Oswald, or Angela Marsons.

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