Beatrix Rose Books in Order: How to read Mark Dawson’s Series?

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By the author of the John Milton series.

What is the Beatrix Rose series about?

Coming from Mark Dawson, a self-published English author, the Beatrix Rose series is about a betrayed assassin with a kill list who wants revenge.

Ten years ago, Beatrix Rose headed an off-the-books hit squad to carry out the dirty work of the British government. When she discovered that the commander of the squad was corrupt, he sent five of his assassins to rub her out. But they failed.

Now, she emerges from the Hong Kong underworld with a list of names…

How to read the Beatrix Rose Books in Order?

The Beatrix Rose series started with a trilogy, then you can read prequel novels, novellas, and short stories, and then there is the Isabella Rose spin-off series. Everything is explained below:

  1. In Cold Blood – As the most dangerous assassin in a government kill squad, Beatrix Rose isn’t the kind of person you want to upset. Ambushed and betrayed by her team, she’s driven underground and plans revenge. Years later, she emerges from the Hong Kong underworld with payback on her mind and a list of six people who must pay for what they did to her. With their lives.
  2. Blood Moon Rising – There were six names on Beatrix’s Kill List. Two have been accounted for, and she has number three in her sights. But Bryan Duffy is in Iraq, surrounded by mercenaries, and there’s no easy way for Beatrix to get to him and no easy way to get out.
  3. Blood and Roses – Beatrix Rose has worked her way through her Kill List. Four are dead and just two remain. Her enemies know she’s coming. The hunter becomes the hunted.

  • Phoenix (A prequel short story) – Beatrix Rose has a knack for making the British government’s problems go away. When the assassin is sent to Venezuela to track down a missing scientist, she meets a contact who knows the lay of the land: none other than John Milton… As the state-sanctioned assassin and the special forces soldier team up in South America, they’ll do more than capture a missing scientist. They’ll discover a secret that will change Beatrix’s life forever…
  • The Dragon and the Ghost (Prequel) – This is a re-edited edition of three novellas previously published as the Hong Kong Stories (White Dragon, Nine Dragons and Dragon Head). Beatrix finds work in the Hong Kong underworld. But when she has a difference of opinion with her employer, the ruthless Mr. Ying, she finds herself in a fight for justice against a man with no scruples. Alliances are formed and broken. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. And nothing is what it seems.
  • Tempest (another prequel) – Nine months ago, Beatrix Rose had her family brutally taken from her. Now all that matters is getting her daughter back. And Beatrix is no ordinary mother – she’s a skilled assassin who will do whatever it takes to find her child.

  • Pistolero (another prequel) – When the ruthless Triad overlord, Michael Yeung, offers to help in exchange for a small favor, Beatrix is forced to venture into the treacherous jungles of Venezuela to take down a local bandit terrorizing an illegal goldmine run by the vile Aurelio Rincon. But as she battles her way through the jungle, she uncovers a dark secret that pits her against a private army and corrupt government officials. Caught between the rebels who believe she has been sent to save them and her own troubled conscience, Beatrix must make a choice that could cost her everything she holds dear.

Blood & Roses: The Beatrix Rose’s Hong Kong Stories

Now re-edited in The Dragon and the Ghost, the Blood & Roses is a trilogy of prequel novellas

  1. White Devil – Beatrix needs cash to pay for the search for Isabella. When she rescues a local man from a brutal beating in a Kowloon karaoke bar, she ends up finding moneymaking opportunities in the local underworld. The triads have a need for a woman with her particular skills, but when the boss goes too far, he has to pay the price.
  2. Nine Dragons – Beatrix and Chau have disposed of Donnie Qi, the triad gangster who wanted Chau dead. They are given work by Mr. Ying, the underboss of the Wo Shun Wo clan. But when Beatrix intervenes to save the life of a young girl who has inadvertently crossed the triads, she finds herself in direct opposition to Ying.
  3. Dragon Head – Mr. Ying, the underboss of the ruthless Wo Shun Wo triad clan, wants Beatrix dead. He has Grace, the young Chinese girl who Beatrix rescued from death at his hand. Beatrix appeals to the leader of the triads, the almost mythical Dragon Head. But will he be prepared to help her? And, if he is, what will he want in return?

The Isabella Rose Series in Order

Spin-off series of the Beatrix Rose original trilogy, starting after Blood and Roses.

  1. The Angel – An Underground carriage in London is destroyed by a suicide bomber. Michael Pope, head of top-secret Group Fifteen, knows that this is only the beginning and he is tasked with finding the perpetrators of this atrocity and bringing them to justice, any way he can. This is an operation that requires a very special kind of agent. Pope needs someone who exists outside of normality. Someone who floats above it, treading softly through a fractured life. He needs the Angel.
  2. The Asset – Isabella Rose, the Angel, is used to surprises, but being abducted is an unwelcome novelty. She’s relying on Michael Pope, the head of the top-secret Group Fifteen, to get her back. When ISIS get involved, the situation becomes even bleaker. Isabella’s abductors are in turn abducted, and she finds herself trapped in Raqqa, the capital of the self-styled caliphate.
  3. The Agent – Isabella Rose is on the run, hunted by the very people she had been hired to work for. Trained killer Isabella and former handler Michael Pope are forced into hiding in India and, when a mysterious informer passes them clues on the whereabouts of Pope’s family, the prey see an opportunity to become the predators.

  1. The Assassin – Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is the most dangerous city in the world. And when a mission to break the local cartel’s grip goes wrong, Isabella Rose, the Angel, finds herself on the wrong side of prison bars. Fearing the worst, Isabella plays her only remaining card…
  2. The Avenger – Living under new identities in rural France, trained killer Isabella Rose and her former handler Michael Pope are trying to lay low. Tired of hiding, all Isabella wants is the chance to live an ordinary life. But Isabella is an extraordinary young woman and the people pursuing her will never, ever, give up. Her unique abilities have attracted the attention of the Academy of Military Science in Beijing. And it’s not only Isabella who needs to stay in the shadows. Ex-head of top-secret Group Fifteen, Pope has his fair share of enemies and a family that he’s desperate to protect.

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