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Andrew Raymond Books In Order (Novak and Mitchell, DCI Lomond)

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All of Andrew Raymond’s Books!

Who is Andrew Raymond?

A former bookseller who used to work as a marketing manager with Waterstones in Glasgow, Andrew Raymond became a full-time writer of spy thrillers.

He published his first book, the political thriller Official Secrets, in 2018, which launched the Novak and Mitchell series. It became a success and other books followed.

Andrew Raymond also writes The Duncan Grant series, a series of action-based espionage thrillers, and now a Glasgow-set detective series featuring DCI Jim Lomond. 

Andrew Raymond Books In Order:

Novak and Mitchell Books in Order

Official Secrets Andrew Raymond Books In Order Novak and Mitchell Books in Order 164x250 Capitol Spy Andrew Raymond Books In Order Novak and Mitchell Books in Order 164x250

  1. Official Secrets (2018) – Tom Novak and Stella Mitchell are covering the aftermath of a chilling terror attack on the British Prime Minister and the US Secretary of Defense. But the further the American and English duo investigate, the more holes they find in the official version of events. When they link the attack to a series of suspicious deaths the night before, Novak and Mitchell find themselves the next targets in an extraordinary conspiracy involving the White House, the British government, and a shadowy deep-state organization.
  2. Capitol Spy (2019) – In Washington, D.C., Russian reporter Andrei Rublov has uncovered the biggest story of his career: a US congressman is spying for the Kremlin. But before Rublov can reveal who, he dies in a seemingly tragic accident. As Tom Novak and Stella Mitchell investigate, a woman from Novak’s past offers a chance at breaking the story. But now Russia’s ruthless FSB have her in their sights, and time is running out.

Traitor Games Andrew Raymond Books In Order Novak and Mitchell Books in Order 164x250 True Republic Andrew Raymond Books In Order Novak and Mitchell Books in Order 164x250

  1. Traitor Games (2020) – Prime Minister, Angela Curtis, faces a threat like never before: resign, or the British establishment will face three days of increasingly audacious terrorist attacks. But if Curtis wants to save lives – and her political career – she must confront the darkest secret from her past. When fearless reporters Tom Novak and Stella Mitchell uncover evidence linking the attacks to the biggest story of their careers, they have one last chance at exposing a traitor at the heart of government.
  2. True Republic (2021) – When bestselling thriller writer Ian Ferguson’s research gets too close to the enigmatic founder of a classified-leaks website, he becomes the victim of a ruthless pair of assassins. Convinced that Ferguson was on to something big, his publisher enlists crusading journalists Tom Novak and Stella Mitchell to complete his book, and identify who was behind the hit.

Duncan Grant Books in Order

Kill Day Andrew Raymond Books In Order Duncan Grant Books in Order 159x250 Dead Flags Andrew Raymond Books In Order Duncan Grant Books in Order 159x250

  1. Kill Day (2021) – When a vital mission is sabotaged by legendary rogue agent Henry Marlow, only one man survives the ambush – former SAS recruit, and MI6’s most skilled asset, Duncan Grant. Sent to kill Marlow, Grant pieces together a bloody trail of clues that lead him into a high-stakes chase around the globe. But when he uncovers dark secrets about Marlow’s past, Grant finds himself being hunted by ruthless assassins, set loose by a high-ranking agency mole who will do anything to cover up a treasonous plot that could send shockwaves around the world.
  2. Dead Flags (2021) – Synchronised assassinations around the world have brought the global intelligence community to its knees. And it’s just the beginning… Caught in the crossfire is MI6 covert operative Duncan Grant, who knows more about the mastermind behind the attack than anyone else. Grant must destroy an international network of disavowed operatives and assassins, led by a charismatic and ruthless arms dealer who has a plan to bring chaos and destruction to millions.

DCI Lomond Books in Order

The Bonnie Dead Andrew Raymond Books In Order DCI Lomond 159x250

  1. The Bonnie Dead (2022) – Five years ago, DCI John Lomond led the search for notorious Glasgow child-killer ‘The Sandman’, until personal tragedy forced him off the case. In Lomond’s absence, the killer was never found. Now, with nothing but work left in his life, Lomond remains obsessed with the case – despite the nightmares it brings. When a child is abducted in a similar Sandman fashion from an affluent Glasgow suburb, Lomond is brought in to find them before it’s too late.

Other Novels by Andrew Raymond

The Limits of the World Andrew Raymond Books In Order 159x250

  • The Limits of the World – Mr. Han is a guide to foreign tourists visiting the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. On the surface, he appears to be a model citizen, repeating the official version of history as written by the all-powerful, totalitarian government. But unknown to anyone, Han has been living a dangerous, double-life as a passionate reader of banned foreign books, and dreams of a life outside the brutal regime. Now a passionate affair with enigmatic cellist Mae will drive Han to do the unthinkable: risk his life by telling the truth about the regime to two undercover Western journalists, laying bare the wounds of his – and his country’s – deeply tragic past.


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