Alex Verus Books in Order: How to read Benedict Jacka’s series?

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Mages of London!

What is the Alex Verus series about?

Coming from British author Benedict Jacka, Alex Verus is an urban fantasy series based in the Camden Town district of northwest London about a mage with a dark past who can see the future.

The story revolves around Alex Verus, the probability mage who runs a magic shop, and was apprenticed to a Dark mage in his youth and it ended very badly.

Now, on bad terms with both Dark Mages and the Light Council, he just really wants to run his shop and be left alone. But Fate has other plans.

How to read the Alex Verus Books in Order?

  1. Fated (2012)
  2. Cursed (2012)
  3. Gardens (2022)
  4. Taken (2012)
  5. Chosen (2013)
  6. Hidden (2014)
  7. Veiled (2015)
  8. Favours (novella, 2021)
  9. Burned (2016)
  10. Bound (2017)
  11. Marked (2018)
  12. Fallen (2019)
  13. Forged (2020)
  14. Risen (2021)
  15. Gardens (novella, 2022)

What is the plot of the Alex Verus novels?

For more information about the books in the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka, you’ll find below the official synopsis for all the books:

Fated - Alex Verus Books in Order

  1. Fated – In the heart of Camden, where rail meets road meets leyline, you might find the Arcana Emporium, run by one Alex Verus. He won’t sell you a wand or mix you a potion, but if you know what you’re looking for, he might just be able to help. That’s if he’s not too busy avoiding his would-be apprentice, foiling the Dark, outwitting the Light, and investigating a mysterious relic that has just turned up at the British Museum.
  2. Cursed – Things are going well for Alex Verus. But when a mysterious woman bursts into the Arcana Emporium one night with an assassin on her tail, Alex is thrown into a plot to revive a long-forbidden ritual. His old enemies are after the secret, as well as a Council mage named Belthas and a mercenary named Garrick, and at least one of them is trying to get Alex killed – if he only knew which.
  3. Taken – Welcome to Fountain Reach. Ancient seat of the Aubuchon dynasty. Majestic setting of the White Stone tournament. At Fountain Reach, Alex Verus is perfectly placed among the noted and notorious to figure out why apprentices have been vanishing. But the tournament is a minefield of ancient grudges and new threats, and Alex can’t afford to miss a trick as his elusive adversary stays one step ahead in this most dangerous of games.

Chosen - Alex Verus Books in Order Hidden - Alex Verus Books in Order Veiled - Alex Verus Books in Order

  1. Chosen – Life is quiet for Alex Verus. With a flat full of friends (and the occasional fish), and business booming, why not enjoy the humdrum here and now? But in a sudden and cruel pincer movement of fate, Alex finds himself fighting a sinister and powerful gang as well as his own demons – for the same crime.
  2. Hidden – Alex Verus’s friend, the life mage Anne, distanced herself from him when she found out about his past as a Dark apprentice. Now she’s in serious trouble but wants nothing to do with him. Alex has to start wondering if Anne’s problem is really with him – or if there’s a secret she’s trying to hide.
  3. Veiled – Alex Verus has agreed to join the Keepers, the magical police force, to protect his friends from his old master, the Dark Mage Richard Drakh. Going legit was always going to be difficult for an outcast like Alex, and there are some Keepers who aren’t keen to see an ex-Dark mage succeed. Especially when Dark mages are making a play for a seat on the council, for the first time in history. Alex finally has the law on his side — but trapped between Light and Dark politics, investigating a seedy underworld with ties to the highest of powers, will a badge be enough to save him?
  • Favors (novella, 2021) – Told from the perspective of the time mage Sonder. Returning to London after his year-long assignment to Washington D.C., Sonder is called into Keeper HQ to work with Caldera on an investigation. What looks at first like a simple burglary quickly turns into something much more difficult and dangerous, forcing Sonder to choose where his loyalties lie.

Burned - Alex Verus Books in Order Bound - Alex Verus Books in Order Marked - Alex Verus Books in Order

  1. Burned – The Mage’s Council of Great Britain just named Alex Verus a traitor and ordered his death in seven days’ time, and there’s no way anyone can get out of that. Alex’s friends – Luna and the other apprentices he’s taken in – are tainted by association. They’ll be marked for death too when the ruling comes into play, and Alex becomes locked in a race against time to save them. But with only seven days to work with, will he have time left over save his own skin?
  2. Bound – Manoeuvred by forces beyond his control, Alex Verus has made a terrible choice: he’s agreed to work for his old master once more. Richard Drakh, the sadistic dark mage Alex escaped as an apprentice, has him in his clutches again. And this time, he won’t let go so easily.
  3. Marked – Alex Verus is tracking down dangerous magical items unleashed into the world by Dark Mages – however, when the Light Council decide they need his help in negotiating with the perpetrators, Alex must use all his cunning and magic to strike a deal.

Fallen - Alex Verus Books in Order Forged - Alex Verus Books in Order Risen - Alex Verus Books in Order

  1. Fallen – Once Alex Verus was a diviner trying to live quietly under the radar. Now he’s a member of the Light Council who’s found success, friends . . . and love. But it’s come with a price – the Council is investigating him, and if they find out the truth, he’ll lose everything. Meanwhile, Alex’s old master, Richard Drakh, is waging a war against the Council, and he’s preparing a move that will bring Alex and the life mage, Anne, under his control. Caught between Richard and the Council, Alex’s time is running out.
  2. Forged – To protect his friends, Mage Alex Verus has had to change – and embrace his dark side. But the life mage Anne has changed too, and made a bond with a dangerous power. She’s going after everyone she’s got a grudge against – and it’s a long list. In the meantime, Alex has to deal with his arch-enemy, Levistus. The Council’s death squads are hunting Alex as well as Anne, and the only way for Alex to stop them is to end his long war with Levistus and the Council, by whatever means necessary.
  3. Risen – Alex’s girlfriend, the life mage Anne, has fallen fully under the control of the deadly djinn she made a bargain with, and it is preparing to create an army of mages subject to its every whim. Alex, the Council, and the Dark mage Richard Drakh agree to call a truce in their war, and plans are made for a joint attack. Alex knows that it’s only a matter of time before Drakh and the Council turn on each other . . . and neither cares about keeping Anne alive.

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