Ready for some teen spy adventures?

What is Alex Rider about?

Young adult action-adventure books written by British author Anthony Horowitz, the Alex Rider series is about a teen spy.

Teenage Alex Rider discovered the truth about his uncle’s life and death. That leads him to be recruited by MI6 in order to complete his uncle’s latest mission and stop a terrorist attack. After that, Alex continues to face dangerous challenges and defeat bad guys.


Alex Rider Books in Order:

I. Novels in Order

Stormbreaker Alex Rider Books in Order Point Blanc Alex Rider Books in Order Skeleton Key Alex Rider Books in Order Eagle Strike Alex Rider Books in Order

  1. StormbreakerFourteen-year-old Alex Rider is forcibly recruited into MI6. Armed with secret gadgets, he is sent to investigate Herod Sayle, a man who is offering state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers to every school in the country. But the teenage spy soon finds himself in mortal danger.
  2. Point Blanc – Teenage spy Alex Rider is sent by MI6 to infiltrate the exclusive Point Blanc Academy. But the academy hides a deadly secret. Can Alex alert the world to the truth before it’s too late?
  3. Skeleton Key – Teenage spy Alex Rider faces his most dangerous challenge yet. Teaming up with the CIA, Alex must go to a remote Caribbean island called Skeleton Key, where the insane general Sarov is hatching explosive plans to re-write history.
  4. Eagle Strike – Teenage spy Alex Rider is in the South of France, hoping to sever his links with MI6. But when a sudden attack on his hosts plunges Alex back into a world of violence, he soon uncovers a plan called Eagle strike – a discovery more terrible than anything he could have imagined.

Scorpia Alex Rider Books in Order Ark Angel Alex Rider Books in Order Snakehead Alex Rider Books in Order Crocodile Tears Alex Rider Books in Order

  1. Scorpia – Teenage spy Alex Rider travels to Venice to discover the truth about his past. But the truth lies with a criminal organization known as Scorpia, and Alex must make a choice… work for MI6 once more, or betray everything he believes in.
  2. Ark Angel – Teenage spy Alex Rider has a chance encounter with the son of multi-billionaire Nikolei Drevin. Soon Alex finds himself in the middle of an international crime hunt. The connection – Ark Angel, a revolutionary space hotel with catastrophic potential.
  3. Snakehead – Teenage spy Alex Rider is forced into the Australian secret service. His target is the criminal underworld of South East Asia, and a ruthless organization known as the Snakehead.
  4. Crocodile Tears – Alex Rider meets international do-gooder Desmond McCain. But a simple card game between them rapidly leads to a duel to the death – one that could result in the destruction of an entire country.

Scorpia Rising Alex Rider Books in Order Never Say Die Alex Rider Books in Order Nightshade Alex Rider Books in Order Nightshade Alex Rider Books in Order

  1. Scorpia Rising – Alex Rider is trying to get his life back on track. But Scorpia has returned, and when you’re the world’s most successful spy, the only way out is to face your enemies. Alex’s final mission will be the deadliest of all.
  2. Russian Roulette – Contract killer Yassen Gregorovich is given orders to kill Alex Rider. But Yassen knows a secret from the past that connects him to the fourteen-year-old spy. What is it that makes one of them choose to do evil, and what does it take to turn him into a killer?
  3. Never Say Die – Alex Rider is trying to get his life back on track after the traumatic events of his last mission. But even Alex can’t fight the past … especially when it holds a deadly secret.
  4. Nightshade – Alex Rider is sent by MI6 Special Operations to infiltrate a new and sinister organization known only as Nightshade. Alex is on his own, with the fate of thousands of people resting in his hands.

II. Novels & Short stories in Order

  1. Stormbreaker
  2. The Man With Eleven Fingers (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  3. Christmas At Gunpoint (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  4. Point Blanc
  5. Alex In Afghanistan (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  6. Secret Weapon (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  7. High Tension (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  8. Skeleton Key
  9. Eagle Strike
  10. Spy Trap (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  11. Scorpia
  12. Ark Angel
  13. Snakehead
  14. Crocodile Tears
  15. Scorpia Rising
  16. Russian Roulette
  17. Never Say Die
  18. Tea With Smithers (short story) – Collected in Secret Weapon.
  19. Nightshade