When Marvel announced 1. FCBD 2016: Captain America — Of course, it’s about Steve Rogers, but after his story, there’s another one, a prelude written by Dan Slott that shows Peter intervening between Rhino and Kingpin. (could also be found in Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol. 4 TPB)

Then, we go to “Before Dead No More”:

2. Amazing Spider-Man #16 to 19 — Like all those events, everything don’t start abruptly, especially with a series as big as Amazing Spider-Man. So, there is some teasing, clues and stories that put in places everything needed for the event.


And then, The Clone Conspiracy story-arc:

Like all these events, there’s a main series and a few tie-ins. So, The Clone Conspiracy is obligatory reading. I would not miss the Amazing Spider-Man tie-ins too. Silk and Prowler add interesting things, but are more optional.

  1. The Clone Conspiracy #1
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #20 (tie-in)
  3. Prowler #1 (tie-in)
  4. The Clone Conspiracy #2
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #21 (tie-in)
  6. Silk #14 (tie-in)
  7. Prowler #2 (tie-in)
  8. The Clone Conspiracy #3
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #22 (tie-in)
  10. Silk #15 (tie-in)
  11. Prowler #3 (tie-in)
  12. The Clone Conspiracy #4
  13. Amazing Spider-Man #23 (tie-in)
  14. Silk #16 (tie-in)
  15. Prowler #4 (tie-in)
  16. The Clone Conspiracy #5
  17. Amazing Spider-Man #24 (tie-in)
  18. Silk #17 (tie-in)
  19. Prowler #5 (tie-in)

The End ? Not really, there’s always more.

  1. The Clone Conspiracy: Omega — an epilogue to the event that reveals the fate of a few key characters.

Collected Editions

If you want to buy The Clone Conspiracy in TPB/hardcover form, this is what’s available:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, The Hardcover : A bit pricey, but collect all the event (well, to be confirmed soon).
  2. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, the TPB (UK only) : Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #19-20, The Clone Conspiracy #1-5, Prowler #1 (subject to change). 272 pages. Coming soon and it looks like it’s the slim version of the event.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, the tie-ins : Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #20-24.
  4. Prowler Vol. 1: the Clone Conspiracy : Collecting Prowler #1-5.
  5. Silk Vol. 3: the Clone Conspiracy : Coming in August.