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John Rain Books in Order: How to read Barry Eisler series?

Being a killer is not easy, especially if you want to quit, ask John Rain, he tried.

Who is John Rain?

John Rain is a fictional character created by Barry Eisler. Ex-Special Forces and ex-CIA, he is now a freelance assassin for hire who specializes in making his victims appear to have died of natural causes.

Rain is offering his assassination services to any client willing to follow his three rules: 1) No women or children, 2) No secondary team working separately on an assassination Rain is handling, 3) Principal actors only (i.e., no hits on family members, etc., in order to “send a message”).

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Maggie Hope Books in Order: How to read Susan Elia MacNeal series?

This is Maggie Hope, the character, not the author…

Who is Maggie Hope?

Written by American author Susan Elia MacNeal, the Maggie Hope series is about a british spy during World War II.

Maggie Hope graduated at the top of her college class and possesses all the skills of the finest minds in British intelligence, but her gender qualifies her only to be the newest typist at No. 10 Downing Street. Spirited, strong-willed, and possessing one of the sharpest minds in government for mathematics and code-breaking,she eventually become a real spy.

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Gray Man Books in Order: How to read Mark Greaney series?

A movie adaptation of The Gray Man, with Christopher McQuarrie attached to direct, might come soon in a theater near you. But first, the books … as always.

Who’s the Gray Man?

Mark Greaney is a writer mostly know for his work with (and without) Tom Clancy on the Jack Ryan (jr) book series. Of course, he also writes his own book series.

The story focuses on Court Gentry. A few years ago, he was the CIA’s best covert asset. Then, without warning, his masters at the Agency put him at the top of their kill list. Court fled his country and became an enigmatic killer for hire known as the Gray Man.

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Gabriel Allon Books in Order: How to read Daniel Silva Series?

What an ex-Israeli spy does when he retired? He becomes an Italian art restorer!

Who is Gabriel Allon?

Gabriel Allon is the main protagonist in Daniel Silva series. Ex-Israeli intelligence operative, he now lives under the cover of an Italian art restorer, Mario Delvecchio, in Cornwall, while working for a London-based art dealer.

Of course, Gabriel is pulled back in the world of espionage and must stop terrorists when he doesn’t work in the art world.

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Pike Logan Books in Order: How to read Brad Taylor series?

Who named their son Nephilim? The parents of Nephilim ‘Pike’ Logan of course. But…

Who is Pike Logan?

Ex-Delta Force Commander, Brad Taylor is now the writer of the Pike Logan Series. Nephilim ‘Pike’ Logan is an agent and one of the founding fathers of the Task Force, a secret group of elite agents controlled by the National Security Council. After losing his family, Logan was pushed out.

That’s when he met the young Jennifer Cahill. She saved his life, he did the same soon after. They ended up forming a good team, working for their own company and helping the Task Force by taking on complicated mission.

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Stone Barrington Books in Order: How to read Stuart Woods’ series?

Nowadays, there is like a ton of new Stone Barrington books on the shelves every year. It’s hard to follow, so here is a guide:

Who Stone Barrington is?

Stone Barrington is a creation of Stuart Woods. He is a former detective forced out of the NYPD because he too often disagreed with his superiors. Now, he is a lawyer who is ‘of counsel’ to Woodman & Weld, a prestigious Manhattan law firm. He handles cases with which the firm does not wish to be publicly associated.

All of Stuart Woods’ novels take place in the same universe. Therefore, some characters frequently appear in other series, like villain Teddy Fay who comes from the Will Lee series or CIA operative Holly Barker and more.

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The Sigma Force Books in Order: How to read James Rollins Series?

There’s a new Sigma Force book in the store, it’s time for a reading order!

What’s The Sigma Force?

Written by James Rollins, The Sigma Force series is obviously about The SIGMA Force. It is a fictional division of the U.S. DARPA program which purpose is to investigate and to secure sensitive information that could be a threat to the United States.

Based in the sub-basement of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the Sigma Force is leading counterterrorism, research, and covert operations.

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Will Robie Books in Order: How to read David Baldacci’s series?

I kinda focus on longer series, but I’m trying to change that, starting with the Will Robie series.

Who is Will Robie?

Created by bestseller author David Baldacci, Will Robie is known as the US government’s most professional, disciplined, and lethal assassin.

When the police, the FBI, even the military can’t stop a menace, the government calls on Will Robie and he obeys order without questioning them. Also, he also kills his target. Always.

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Scot Harvath Reading Order: How to read Brad Thor books in order?

Searching something new form my dad who’s into Jack Ryan and other kind of spy thriller type of books. I found out about the Scot Harvath and dig a little to know where to start. But first…

Who is Scot Harvath?

Scot Harvath is an ex-Navy SEAL Secret Service agent, but first he is the main character in the books written by Brad Thor.

Mostly, Scot Harvath is a man dedicated to his country. After some hesitations, a became a Navy SEAL like his father before him. After few years, he decided to left the military to take a position with the Secret Service and ended up guarding the First Family. His career evolved during the series, but this is where he is when the series began.

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How to read George Smiley novels in order?

I don’t know if you heard, George Smiley is back after 27 years of absence. Let’s take a look at his previous apparitions.

Who is George Smiley?

George Smiley is a fictional character created by John le Carré. He is a spy or, more precisely, a career intelligence officer with ‘The Circus’ – the British overseas intelligence agency.

Smiley wasn’t necessarily a central character each time he made an appearance in one of Le Carré’s book. After all, even with a long career, being a spy required to live in the shadows. Smiley may be the most famous British spy after James Bond, but he was definitely another kind of spy.

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