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Foreigner Series in Order

Foreigner Series in Order: How to read C.J. Cherryh’s Sci-Fi Books?

For the aficionados of anthropological science fiction.

What is the Foreigner Series about?

Sci-Fi series created by American writer C. J. Cherryh, The Foreigner universe centers on the descendants of a ship lost in transit from Earth en route to found a new space station.

This series is composed of multiple trilogies of books beginning nearly two centuries after the starship Phoenix disappeared, leaving an isolated colony of humans on the world of the atevi. The story follows Bren Cameron. He is the human paidhi, a translator-diplomat to the court of the ruling atevi race.

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Samaria Series Books in Order

Samaria Series Books in Order: How to read Sharon Shinn’s series?

In Samaria, the fate of the world rests on the voice of an angel…

What is the Samaria  series about?

Written by American novelist Sharon Shinn, the Samaria books are blends of SF, fantasy, and romance and depicts a society divide into two classes : the mortals and the angels. And above the planet of Samaria looms the starship and god Jehovah , who can only be communicated through the songs of the angels.

Because their ancestors fled centuries ago from the violence of a war-torn planet, harmony is prized among all people. But sometimes the divine music of the angels is not enough to prevent conflict among mortals—and sometimes the god can’t even hear the angels singing.

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The Safehold Series In Order

The Safehold Series In Order: How to read David Weber’s books?

By the wreator of the Honorverse.

What is the Safehold series about?

Written by American science fiction and fantasy author David Werber, The Safehold Series is about the survival of the human race in a future where religion and technology can’t cohabit.

The story began when an alien race named the Gbaba started a war against the human race and won. The last survivors fled to distant world of Safehold to hide. Centuries later, their descendants have forgotten all of that and is living in an eternal Middle Ages ruled by the Church of God Awaiting. This organization is preventing the re-emergence of industrial civilization. But an android from the far human past awakens and will change everything. Soon, the island kingdom of Charis began to defy the edicts of Mother Church…

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Shatter Me Series in Order: How to read Tahereh Mafi’s dystopian series?

The killing touch!

What is the Shatter Me Series about?

The Shatter Me series is a young adult dystopian thriller series written by Iranian-American author Tahereh Mafi.

In a crumbling world under the dictatorship of the Reestablishment, the young Juliette Ferrars is locked away in a cell. She is not an ordinary teenager. In fact, she is a lethal one as a touch from her can kill. She is as much a threat as she is potentially the ultimate weapon. Juliette will have to fight to save herself and the ones she loves.

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TimeRiders Book series in Order

TimeRiders Books in Order: How to read Alex Scarrow’s series?

Time need some fixing…

What is TimeRiders about?

Teen science fiction series written by Alex Scarrow, TimeRiders is about the adventures of a team of Time-traveling teenagers.

Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912. Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010. Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026. Now, these three teenagers must travel in time to fix history broken by time travel.

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Green Lantern by Grant Morrison Reading Order

Green Lantern by Grant Morrison Reading Order: How to read Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s run of Emerald Warrior comics?

Grant Morrison is back on a regular DC Comics series, but not on Batman.

What is Green Lantern by Grant Morrison about?

As part of the DC Rebirth relaunch in 2016, the regular Green Lantern series was canceled and replaced with “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps” and “Green Lanterns.” After that, Scottish writer Grant Morrison teamed up with British comic book artist Liam Sharp to give as a new king of Green Lantern series with a very European style.

This new series began when one the famous Green Lantern from Earth, the intrepid Hal Jordan, encountered an alien hiding in plain sight. This set off a chain of events that rocks the Green Lantern Corps to its foundations.

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The Empire of Bones Saga in Order: How to read Terry Mixon’s series?

By the author of The Humanity Unlimited Saga.

What is The Empire of Bones Saga about?

Written by American science fiction author Terry Mixon, The Empire of Bones Saga is a mix of military science fiction and grand adventure on a galaxy-spanning scale.

Set at a time when a New Terran Empire emerges, the story put Commander Jared Mertz, the bastard son of the Emperor, and his half-sister, Princess Kelsey Bandar, at the center of a war against the implacable artificial intelligence of the Rebel Empire. To win it, the must fight battle after battle to save humanity.

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Darcy Sweet Mysteries Books in Order

The Darcy Sweet Mystery Books in Order: How to read K.J. Emrick’s series?

Some sweet sweet murder mysteries with a touch of magic.

What is Darcy Sweet Mystery about?

Written by K.J. Emrick, The Darcy Sweet Mystery series is known as a cozy mystery series with a touch of fantastic.

Set in the city of Misty Hollow, the books center around Darcy Sweet, the owner of Sweet Read bookstore who has a connection to “the other side.” That’s why she lives with her psychic cat named Smudge, and talk to the ghosts who create all sorts of problems for her and her neighbors.

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Ender's Game Books in Order

Ender’s Game Books in Order: How to read the Orson Scott Card’s series?

A classic series by Orson Scott Card.

What’s the Ender’s Game Series about?

This is a series of science fiction books by Orson Scott Card? Everything started with the novelette “Ender’s Game,” which was later expanded into the novel of the same title in order to use the Ender character in another novel. Now the Enderverse is composed of the Ender Series, the Shadow Saga, and the Formic Wars series.

Everything began with the story of “Ender’s Game” which is set in Earth’s future, when, after two conflicts with the Formics, an insectoid alien species, humankind is in peril. A third invasion must be prevented and children like Andrew “Ender” Wiggin are trained from a very young age with the use of increasingly difficult games to develop new tactics.

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Dread Empire's Fall Books in Order

Dread Empire’s Fall Books in Order: How to read Walter Jon Williams’ series?

Even in space, Empires fall…

What is Dread Empire’s Fall about?

Written by the American author Walter Jon Williams, the Dread Empire’s Fall series is a military science fiction/space opera series.

Set in a future in which the powerful Shaa species has conquered the universe, the story began with the death of the Shaa. The Naxids, the first species they conquered, want to take over but a war began. To stop the Naxids, the other species must rely on Terran naval officers Caroline Sula and Gareth Martinez to win before it’s too late.

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