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Cole & Hitch Books in Order: How to read Robert B. Parker series?

Series created by the author of Jesse Stone and Spenser

Who are Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch?

Created by Robert B. Parker who wrote the first four books before his death, the Cole & Hitch series has been continued by actor and screenwriter Robert Knott.

Set in the American Old West, these Western novels are about Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, two itinerant lawmen for hire. When they come into town, it’s for cleaning it up. They take care of a lawless community, because they always work within the law.

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Lucy Kincaid Books in Order: How to read Allison Brennan series?

After being the victim, Lucy Kincaid is the hunter…

Who is Lucy Kincaid?

Written by American author Allison Brennan, the Lucy Kincaid series is a spin-off/sequel to her No Evil Trilogy.

The story centers on Lucy Kincaid who was attacked and nearly killed by an online predator. Now, with the help of security expert and P.I. Sean Rogan, she’s using her many talents to become an FBI agent and employing her own experience to stop deadly predators.

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Fargo Adventures Books in Order: How to read Clive Cussler series?

Another series by Clive Cussler.

What are the Fargo Adventures about?

Written by Clive Cussler, this is, of course, an adventure series that will take you all around the world to find forgotten treasures and solve century-old mysteries.

More precisely, the series focuses on Sam and Remi Fargo, a couple of adventurers who are professional treasure hunters. They travel to exotic places around the globe in order to find missing artefacts, immersing themselves in ancient mysteries and ending up in sticky situations…

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Bell Elkins Books in Order: How to read Julia Keller series?

Murder in West Virginia…

Who is Bell Elkins?

Bell Elkins is the main protagonist in the crime series written by American writer and former Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Julia Keller.

More precisely, at the beginning of the series, Bell Elkins is the prosecuting attorney for Raythune County, West Virginia, a region scarred by poverty and prescription drug abuse. She works with her closest friend, Sheriff Nick Fogelsong, trying to help the dying mountain town of Acker’s Gap, her hometown, and the strong, proud people who inhabit it.

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War of the Realms Reading Order: How to read this Epic Marvel event?

The Marvel Event of 2019 is here, and it’s a big one.

What’s War of the Realms?

If you read the Thor series by Jason Aaron, you probably already know what the War of Realms is about. If not, you have some catching up to do.

For some time now, Malekith the Dark Elf has been conquering the Ten Realms one by one until there is only one left: Midgard (Earth!). Thor lost his precious Mjolnir, but he’s still fighting to prevent the war. With a lot of Asgardian warriors and Earth’s heroes, they must now fight against a full-on invasion and defeat Malekith.

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Eve Duncan Books in Order: How to read Iris Johansen Series?

Temperance Brennan is not the only specialist when it comes to identifying unidentified bodies.

Who is Eve Duncan?

Eve Duncan is a fictional forensic sculptor and the main protagonist of the suspense thriller series written by American author Iris Johansen.

Eve Duncan is a tragic figure at first. After her beloved daughter vanishes, she survives by immersing herself in her work. Eve is known for being the best in her elite field. As a forensic sculptor, she rebuilds faces from fragments of skull bones. She helps to put a name to a face, to identify missing people and solve crimes.

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Zoe Chambers Mystery Books in Order: How to read Annette Dashofy series?

There are murders everywhere, even in Pennsylvania of course, ask Zoe Chambers!

Who is Zoe Chambers?

Zoe Chambers is the main protagonist in the mystery series written by American author and ex-EMT Annette Dashofy.

More precisely, Zoe Chambers is a paramedic but she also is a deputy coroner in rural Pennsylvania’s tight-knit Vance Township. In that capacity, she works with Police Chief Pete Adams, helping him solve murder mysteries in their rural Monongahela County.

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Batwoman Reading Order: What to read with Kate Kane?

Meet the new super-heroine of the Arrowverse…

Who is Batwoman?

Remember Kathy Kane from the ’50s? Well, we’re not talking about her, but about Kate Kane, the modern incarnation of Batwoman. She is younger, as she makes her first appearance in 2006, when Batman is absent.

She’s also Bruce Wayne’s cousin and one badass super-heroine, making her a worthy member of the Bat-family. Like everyone in this family, she will make mistakes and will take bad decisions.

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Mrs. Jeffries Books in Order: How to read Emily Brightwell Series?

Did you know that Emily Brightwell is one the pseudonym Cheryl Lanham is using?

Who is Mrs. Jeffries?

Mrs. Jeffries is the main protagonist of Victorian murder mystery series written by American writer “Emily Brightwell” that started in 1993.

Working as Inspector Witherspoon’s housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries is the widow of a Yorkshire policeman who keeps things running. Also, she knows how to help the mild-mannered Witherspoon, one investigation after the other. In fact, Mrs. Jeffries is quite the detective herself and, with the rest of her crew, she solves Inspector’s cases for him without his knowing.

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Theodore Boone Books in Order: How to read John Grisham series?

Even John Grisham wrote books for our children… who knew?

Who is Theodore Boone?

It’s a John Grisham series, so it’s about a lawyer, but there’s a twist, because it’s a children series.

Indeed, Theodore Boone is only a 13-year-old student who resides in the city of Strattenburg, Pennsylvania, and he has spent more time in the courtroom than almost anywhere else. He wants to follow his parents’ footsteps, both lawyers. Due to his parents’ professions, Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk and a lot about the law, and he happily dispenses legal advice to his friends which lead to new adventures.

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