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Cole & Hitch Books in Order: How to read Robert B. Parker series?

Series created by the author of Jesse Stone and Spenser

Who are Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch?

Created by Robert B. Parker who wrote the first four books before his death, the Cole & Hitch series has been continued by actor and screenwriter Robert Knott.

Set in the American Old West, these Western novels are about Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, two itinerant lawmen for hire. When they come into town, it’s for cleaning it up. They take care of a lawless community, because they always work within the law.

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Mrs. Jeffries Books in Order: How to read Emily Brightwell Series?

Did you know that Emily Brightwell is one the pseudonym Cheryl Lanham is using?

Who is Mrs. Jeffries?

Mrs. Jeffries is the main protagonist of Victorian murder mystery series written by American writer “Emily Brightwell” that started in 1993.

Working as Inspector Witherspoon’s housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries is the widow of a Yorkshire policeman who keeps things running. Also, she knows how to help the mild-mannered Witherspoon, one investigation after the other. In fact, Mrs. Jeffries is quite the detective herself and, with the rest of her crew, she solves Inspector’s cases for him without his knowing.

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Sebastian St. Cyr Books in Order: How to read C.S. Harris Series?

During Jane Austen’s era, there were also murders…

What the Sebastian St. Cyr series is about?

Written by former university professor C.S. Harris, this historical mystery series is about Sebastian St. Cyr, an aristocrat detective in Regency England.

Brilliant young nobleman shattered by his experiences in the Napoleonic Wars, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is now often called to investigate murders, dealing with members of London’s elite and the working class. His talent to navigate between these two worlds makes him the perfect man to solve sensible crimes.

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Captain Gabriel Lacey Regency Mysteries Books in Order: How to read Ashley Gardner Series?

Let’s resolve crime in the Regency era in England, in company of a good man named Gabriel Lacey…

Who is Captain Gabriel Lacey?

The protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by American author Ashley Gardner (also known as Jennifer Ashley), Captain Gabriel Lacey is a former cavalry officer, veteran of the Peninsular War in Regency era England. He comes home injured and prompt to melancholia.

Retired on half-pay following the end of his military’s career, Gabriel Lacey still doesn’t want anyone else to know injustice. He can’t help himself, he fights for those people so often ignored by others.

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Bernie Gunther Books in Order: How to read Philip Kerr Series?

A long time after the Berlin Noir trilogy, Bernie Gunther came back for more investigations…

Who is Bernie Gunther?

Series of historical noir detective thrillers written by Scottish author Philip Kerr (RIP), the Bernie Gunther series takes place before, during and after World War II.

Bernhard “Bernie” Günther is an ex-Berlin cop turned private investigator, a kind of Philip Marlowe in Nazi Germany. He is an honest cop trying to do his work in a corrupt world going crazy.

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The Accursed Kings Books in Order: How to read Maurice Druon series?

G.R.R. Martin himself said he took inspiration for Game of Thrones in the War of the Roses, but also in the famous book French series Les Rois Maudits, known as The Accursed Kings in English…

What is The Accursed Kings about?

Historical novels written by French author Maurice Druon about the French monarchy in the 14th century, The Accursed Kings series is based upon the legend invented by the Italian Paolo Emilio where the French king has been cursed for having persecuted the Knights Templar.

The series takes place in the context of rivalry for the French throne, between 1314 and 1356, from Philip the Fair to John II, ’The Good’—with scandal, intrigue, murder and more.

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The Grantchester Mysteries Books in Order: How to read James Runcie Series?

There’s a new series of Grantchester coming soon on ITV, it’s the perfect time to talk about the books.

What are the Grantchester Mysteries about?

Written by British novelist and television producer (and more) James Runcie, The Grantchester Mysteries is an historical detective series about a vicar solving crime in Cambridgeshire, England — inspired by James Runcie’s father, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

More precisely, this is the story of Sidney Chambers, a 32-year-old bachelor, vicar of Grantchester, and amateur sleuth. He is working with his friend, Inspector Geordie Keating.

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Charles Lenox Books in Order: How to read Charles Finch series?

If you like murder mysteries in the past, more precisely Victorian-era murder mysteries, Charles Lenox is a detective for you.

Who is Charles Lenox?

Written by an American author and literary critic Charles Finch, the Charles Lenox series is a series of mystery novels set in Victorian-era England. 

Charles Lenox is an independently wealthy gentleman, and a detective. From the streets of Victorian London to Parliament and even at Oxford, his alma mater, Lenox investigates murder mysteries as his career progresses into the world of politic—even if murder is always near.

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Ian Rutledge Books in Order: How to read Charles Todd series?

The other series by the Bess Crawford series‘ author, Charles Todd.

Who is Ian Rutledge?

Written by the American authors Caroline and Charles Todd, the Ian Rutledge series is a mystery/historical one, taking us back after the Great war.

Beginning in 1919, the series follows Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge after he returned from the war front. Suffering from what is now called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Rutledge lives the voice of the soldier named Hamish inside his head, all while solving murders.

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Kevin Kerney Books in Order: How to read Michael McGarrity Series?

If you are into outdoorsy crime stories like the ones with Cork O’Connor or Dave Robicheaux, the Kevin Kerney series might be for you.

Who is Kevin Kerney?

Written by New Mexican author and former law enforcement officer Michael McGarrity, the Kevin Kerney series takes place in New Mexico, from the Tularosa Basin and Lincoln County to Hermit’s Peak, but also sometimes in Santa Fe.

It’s about law enforcement officer Kevin Kerney who used to be a cop, a private investigator and even a forest ranger, but he is now a police chief.

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