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Dandy Gilver Books in Order

Dandy Gilver Books in Order: How to read Catriona McPherson’s series?

Murder mysteries in the 1920s!

What is the Dandy Gilver series about?

Set in Scotland in an era beginning shortly after World War I, this Dandy Gilver series is a historical mystery series written by Catriona McPherson.

Dandy Gilver is rich, but bored. To try to change that by doing some snooping. Soon she become a private investigator and is joined in her detecting activities by her friend Alec Osborne in this cozy mystery series taking us from the 1920s to the end of the 1930s.

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Ellie Stone Books in Order

Ellie Stone Books in Order: How to read James W. Ziskin’s series?

The girl reporter of the ’60s.

What are the Ellie Stone mysteries about?

Written by American crime author James W. Ziskin, the Ellie Stone series takes us back to the ’60s for some murder mysteries.

The story resolves around Ellie Stone, a “girl reporter.” Wanting to playing by her own rules and to break some boundaries doing so, Ellie searches for the truth in order to write articles and to launch her fledging career. But it’s New York in the 1960s…

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Lew Griffin Books in Order James Sallis

Lew Griffin Books in Order: How to read James Sallis’ series?

In the darkest corners of New Orleans…

Who is Lew Griffin?

Written by American crime writer, poet, critic, essayist (and more…) James Sallis, The Lew Griffin series is a noir mystery series from New Orleans.

More precisely, Lew Griffin is an African-American private detective, teacher, writer, poet, and a functioning alcoholic. Lew has a speciality, he mostly works on missing person cases, the kind that takes him into very dark places.

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Reading Order: How to read Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book series?

From the great Alan Moore, writer of Watchmen.

What is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen about?

Comic book series co-created by writer Alan Moore and artist Kevin O’Neill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was initially presented as a kind “Justice League of Victorian England” but evolved to become something more literate and more … extraordinary.

Taking pieces from great works of literature (science-fiction ones and more), Moore and O’Neill tale a story in which Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray, Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man must unite to defeat powerful enemies of England.

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Cazalet Chronicles Books in Order: How to read Elizabeth Jane Howard series?

The books behind the BBC drama with Hugh Bonneville, Anna Chancellor ,Stephen Dillane, Lesley Manville and Joanna Page.

What is Cazalet Chronicles about?

Written by English novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard, the Cazalet Chronicles is a saga about the life of a large privileged family from the 1930s to the ‘1950s.

Beginning in 1937, the Cazalets Chronicles explores the affairs, passions and ambitions of the Cazalet family of Home Place, Sussex. From pre-war through to the Fifties, the three generations of the family experience love, loss, and, ultimately, life-altering change…

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Lord John Grey Books in Order: How to read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander spin-off series?

Set in the world of the Outlander series.

Who is Lord John Grey?

Also written by Diana Gabaldon, The Lord John Grey series is a mix of historical fiction spinning of the Outlander novels.

At the beginning, Lord John Grey was a recurring secondary character, a young English soldier who became a Lord. Secretly homosexual, he lived a complex life full of adventures. His stories take place between 1756 and 1761, during the events of Voyager, the third book in the Outlander series.

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MacCallister Books in Order: How to read William W. Johnstone’s The Eagles Legacy series?

A Scotsman in America!

What is MacCallister The Eagles Legacy about?

Written by American author William Wallace Johnstone, the MacCallister/The Eagles Legacy series takes us back to the end of the 19th century, in America.

This western series is about a Scotsman-turned-cowboy named Duff MacCallister. He is a man who traveled far and worked hard to start a new life in America. And now, he dispenses his Highland justice to anyone who tries to mess with his dream.

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Aztec Books in Order: how to read Gary Jennings’ series?

An exploration of the Aztec civilization.

What is the Aztec series about?

From the peak and feather-banner splendor of the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan to the arrival of Hernán Cortás and his conquistadores, and their destruction of the Aztec empire, the Aztec series tells the fascinating history of Mexico.

The first three books in this series were written by Gary Jennings. But, after his death, The other books were penned by Robert Gleason & Junius Podrug.

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Josephine Tey Books in Order: How to read Nicola Upson’s series?

When a writer wrote the fictional adventures of a legendary writer.

Who is Josephine Tey?

As you may know if you are a mystery buff, Josephine Tey was a real Scottish author who wrote mystery novels. A fictional version of Tey is also the main character in a series of novels by Nicola Upson.

In this series, Josephine Tey is the heroine, a writer and amateur detective who is helping Detective Inspector Archie Penrose to investigate murder mysteries during the 1930s.

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Secrets of the Tudor Court Books in Order: How to read Kate Emerson’s series?

Not to be confused with Secrets of the Tudor Court by D.L. Bogdan.

What is Secrets of the Tudor Court about?

Written by Kathy Lynn Emerson, under the pseudonym Kate Emerson, The Secrets of The Tudor Court is historical non-mystery fiction set in the 16th century about real women at the court of Henry VIII.

Published between 2009 and 2012, The Secret of The Tudor Court series is set in England during the Tudor era. Informed by letters and diaries, the books tell us the stories of historical figures that are little known, with descriptions of clothing, comportment, and entertainments at the royal court

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