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Inspector Banks Books in Order: How to read Peter Robinson series?

Also known as DCI Banks on ITV with Stephen Tompkinson playing the famous detective.

Who is Detective Chief Inspector Banks?

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is a policeman in Yorkshire (England) and the protagonist in a series of novels by English-Canadian crime writer Peter Robinson.

Set in the fictional English town of Eastvale in the Yorkshire Dales, the series follows Banks, a former member of the London Metropolitan Police, who left the capital for a quieter life. Instead, he found that murder is everywhere and that small communities are full of secrets—sometimes deadly ones.

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John Jordan Books in Order: How to read Michael Lister Series?

Did you know that John Jordan learned to be a cop with the help of Harry Bosch?

Who Is John Jordan?

Written by American novelist and ex-prison chaplain from Florida Michael Lister, the John Jordan series is obviously about a prison chaplain named John Jordan!

Set in the Potter Correctional Institution, considered the toughest maximum security prison in Florida, this series follows Jordan, a six-foot-tall ex-cop who is now a prison chaplain investigating murders as he tries to find peace in the worst place possible.

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Captain Gabriel Lacey Regency Mysteries Books in Order: How to read Ashley Gardner Series?

Let’s resolve crime in the Regency era in England, in company of a good man named Gabriel Lacey…

Who is Captain Gabriel Lacey?

The protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by American author Ashley Gardner (also known as Jennifer Ashley), Captain Gabriel Lacey is a former cavalry officer, veteran of the Peninsular War in Regency era England. He comes home injured and prompt to melancholia.

Retired on half-pay following the end of his military’s career, Gabriel Lacey still doesn’t want anyone else to know injustice. He can’t help himself, he fights for those people so often ignored by others.

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Will Trent Books in Order: How to read Karin Slaughter Series?

You’ve heard of the FBI, the CBI… but do you know the GBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation?

Who is Will Trent?

Written by American crime novelist Karin Slaughter, The Will Trent series takes place in Atlanta and features GBI special agent Will Trent, his partner Faith Mitchell, and Angie Polaski – later, Sara Linton from The Grant County Series (also by Karin Slaughter, of course) joins the series.

A good agent who has a reputation for not getting along well with others, Will Trent joined the Special Criminal Apprehension Team, a new unit headed by Amanda Wagner. With his phenomenal clearance rate, Will is one of the best agents in the bureau—in spite of his dyslexia.

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Bernie Gunther Books in Order: How to read Philip Kerr Series?

A long time after the Berlin Noir trilogy, Bernie Gunther came back for more investigations…

Who is Bernie Gunther?

Series of historical noir detective thrillers written by Scottish author Philip Kerr (RIP), the Bernie Gunther series takes place before, during and after World War II.

Bernhard “Bernie” Günther is an ex-Berlin cop turned private investigator, a kind of Philip Marlowe in Nazi Germany. He is an honest cop trying to do his work in a corrupt world going crazy.

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Inspector Lynley Books in Order: How to read Elizabeth George series?

Did you know that Nathaniel Parker played Armand Gamache and Inspector Lynley on TV?

Who is Inspector Lynley?

Written by American writer Elizabeth George, this mystery series set in Great Britain follows the investigations by Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley.

Lynley is not your typical Scotland Yard detective. In fact, he is the 8th Earl of Asherton, and was privately educated—he went to Eton College and Oxford University. Not like his partner, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers, who is coming from a working-class background. They work together to stop murderers, even if they have to work outside of their jurisdiction.

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Joe Dillard Books in Order: How to read Scott Pratt Series?

If you want to read some legal thrillers written by a real lawyer, the Joe Dillard series is for you.

Who is Joe Dillard?

Written by an American author and ex-lawyer Scott Pratt, the Joe Dillard series is about a criminal defense lawyer from Tennessee who wants to make a change to his career.

When the series began, Joe Dillard he’s trying to balance his career against his conscience, and failed. So he wants to quit doing criminal defense, but he finally gets the opportunity to defend an innocent.

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The Grantchester Mysteries Books in Order: How to read James Runcie Series?

There’s a new series of Grantchester coming soon on ITV, it’s the perfect time to talk about the books.

What are the Grantchester Mysteries about?

Written by British novelist and television producer (and more) James Runcie, The Grantchester Mysteries is an historical detective series about a vicar solving crime in Cambridgeshire, England — inspired by James Runcie’s father, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

More precisely, this is the story of Sidney Chambers, a 32-year-old bachelor, vicar of Grantchester, and amateur sleuth. He is working with his friend, Inspector Geordie Keating.

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Charles Lenox Books in Order: How to read Charles Finch series?

If you like murder mysteries in the past, more precisely Victorian-era murder mysteries, Charles Lenox is a detective for you.

Who is Charles Lenox?

Written by an American author and literary critic Charles Finch, the Charles Lenox series is a series of mystery novels set in Victorian-era England. 

Charles Lenox is an independently wealthy gentleman, and a detective. From the streets of Victorian London to Parliament and even at Oxford, his alma mater, Lenox investigates murder mysteries as his career progresses into the world of politic—even if murder is always near.

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Tony Hill & Carol Jordan Books in Order: How to read Val McDermid series?

…also known as the Wire in the Blood series (with Robson Green on ITV!).

Who are Tony Hill and Carol Jordan?

Written by Scottish crime writer Val McDermid, this psychological thriller series is about criminal psychologist Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan, his police partner.

Dr. Tony Hill is a clinical psychologist who specializes in repeat violent offenders. He is trained to see patterns. This is why he also works as a profiler for the National Home Office, and for the Bradfield police—with Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan.

FYI, Bradfield is a fictional English city.

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