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Matthew Shardlake Tudor mysteries in Order: How to read C. J. Sansom series?

More than 10 years ago, Kenneth Branagh was poised to play Matthew Shardlake for BBC. But he chose instead to star in Wallander. Since then, no news of an adaptation but you can read the celebrated book series.

Who is Matthew Shardlake?

Created by the Scottish-born writer C. J. Sansom, Matthew Shardlake is a hunchbacked lawyer-detective in the Tudor Court—during the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century.

In his adventures, he is assisted by Mark Poer and then Jack Barak. Shardlake works on commission initially from Thomas Cromwell, then from Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and Queen Catherine Parr.

Sansom has previously said that he plans to take the lawyer into the reign of Elizabeth I. We’ll see.

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Ginger Gold Mysteries in Order: How to read Lee Strauss series?

Did you know that Phryne Fisher is not the only female detective from the 1920s? Well, there’s also Ginger Gold.

Who is Ginger Gold?

Written by author Lee Strauss, the Ginger Gold Mysteries series bring us backt to the 1920s. There, we met young war widow fashionista Ginger Gold as she makes a cross-Atlantic journey with her companion Haley Higgins to London England to settle her father’s estate.

This is the begining of a series of mysteries to solve as Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed.

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Sandhamn Murders Books in Order: How to read Viveca Sten series?

The Sandhamn Murders TV adaptations is quite big here in France, so I thought to look for the books. There will be at least ten, one per year.

What’s the Sandhamn Murders series?

Written by Swedish writer and lawyer Viveca Sten, this series is about murders on the Sandhamn Island, an idyllic vacation island in Sweden.

The books resolve around local police Detective Thomas Andreasson and his childhood friend, the lawyer Nora Linde. They teamed up to solve crime in a scandinoir way.

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Richard Jury Books in Order: How to read Martha Grimes series?

Did you know that, even if Richard Jury is a British detective, some of the books were adapted for German and Austrian television, not British TV?

Who is Richard Jury?

The fictional detective created by author Martha Grimes, Richard Jury is an inspector with Scotland Yard.

Initially a chief inspector, later a superintendent, he solves mysteries with his friend Melrose Plant, a British aristocrat who has given up his titles, and his hypochondriacal but dependable sergeant, Alfred Wiggins.

Interesting fact, each of the Richard Jury mysteries is named after a pub.

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Kinsey Millhone Books in Order: How to read Sue Grafton series?

Did you know that Sue Grafton conceived the story of the first Kinsey Millhone  book on her own “fantasies” of murdering her then husband while going through a divorce?

Who is Kinsey Millhone?

Created by American author Sue Grafton (1940–2017), Kinsey Millhone is the main protagonist in the ‘alphabet mysteries’ series.

Kinsey Millhone is a former police officer turned private investigator. Twice divorced, she’s a loner, has no children and lives in an extremely compact studio apartment.

The story is set in the ’80s in Santa Teresa, a fictionalized town based on Santa Barbara, California.

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Maisie Dobbs Books in Order: How to read Jacqueline Winspear mystery series?

Did you know that Hillary Clinton like mystery books and Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs books are among her favorites?

Who is Maisie Dobbs?

Maisie Dobbs got her start as a maid in an aristocratic London household when she was thirteen. Her employer, suffragette Lady Rowan Compton, soon became her patron, taking the remarkably bright youngster under her wing. Lady Rowan’s friend, Maurice Blanche, often retained as an investigator by the European elite, recognized Maisie’s intuitive gifts and helped her earn admission to the prestigious Girton College in Cambridge, where Maisie planned to complete her education.

The outbreak of war changed everything. Maisie trained as a nurse, then left for France to serve at the Front, where she found—and lost—an important part of herself. Ten years after the Armistice, in the spring of 1929, Maisie sets out on her own as a private investigator, one who has learned that coincidences are meaningful, and truth elusive.

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Lucas Davenport Books in Order: How to read the Prey series by John Sandford?

Did you know Eriq LaSalle AND Mark Harmon played Lucas Davenport on TV? Not in the same TV movie though.

Who is Lucas Davenport?

Lucas Davenport is the protagonist of the ‘Prey’ series written by a former American journalist and – obviously – author.

Davenport works as a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department in the first novels, then moved around changing assignment while tracking criminals of course. He is wealthy, streetwise, has a wide network of contacts among all levels of society and has a strong interest in reading, poetry and war gaming. Although, he sometimes has to think like a criminal to stop them.

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Detective D.D. Warren Books in Order: How to read Lisa Gardner series?

A new Detective D.D. Warren book is out, it’s a good time to explore the series in order.

Who is Detective D.D. Warren?

D.D. Warren is a Boston police detective and the main protagonist in the mystery thriller series written by Lisa Gardner. Strangely, she started as a secondary character in a story about Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge, but that quickly change.

Detective D.D. Warren works for the homicide division. She’s tracking serial killers and all other types of murderers. The cases we follow are mostly about complex crimes involving women.

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Women’s Murder Club Books in Order: How to read James Patterson series?

Before Angie Harmon joined the Rizzoli & Isles TV show, she was in the Women’s Murder Club one. She was destined to give life to a literary detective.

What’s the Women’s Murder Club?

This is a James Patterson mystery series, a best-seller machine. Set in San Francisco, the Women’s Murder Club series follow a group of women from different professions relating to investigating crime as they work together to solve murders.

The stories are about their personal and professional issues. The main characters were originally Lindsay Boxer, a homicide detective; Cindy Thomas, a crime desk reporter; Claire Washburn, the Chief Medical Examiner; and Jill Bernhardt, assistant district attorney.

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Dublin Murder Squad Books in order: How to read Tana French Series?

Murder is everywhere, even in Dublin… That’s why there’s a Dublin Murder Squad!

What is the Dublin Murder Squad series?

American writer Tana French is the First Lady of Irish Crime, it’s strange when you say it like this, but the author of the Dublin Murder Squad actually lives in Dublin.

And so, she writes about the police detectives on the murder squad in Dublin, Ireland. Each book has a different primary character, but with the exception of the first one, the lead had been introduced as a secondary character in another novel before.

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