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Walt Longmire Books in Order: How to read Craig Johnson series?

The other day I wrote a guide for the Joe Pickett Series, the other Wyoming crime series. I thought at the time that I already covered Longmire, but no. Until now.

Who is Walt Longmire?

Sheriff Walter ‘Walt’ Longmire is the main character of a series of novels written by Craig Johnson.

At the beginning of the series, Walt is the well-respected Sheriff of Absaroka County and plans to run for reelection again the following year. He is a widower, his wife died from cancer; his daughter, Cady, who is an attorney in Philadelphia; and closest friend is Henry Standing Bear.

Of course, his work is to catch killers in his County, and he is good at it.

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Joe Pickett Series in Order: How to read C.J. Box books?

Did you know that Walt Longmire isn’t the only crime fighter in Wyoming with a book series? Joe Pickett has one too.

Who is Joe Pickett?

Created by Charles James Box, Jr. – or C.J. Box – , Joe Pickett firs appeared in the 2001 novel Open Season. He is the new game warden in Twelve Sleep, Wyoming, a town where nearly everyone hunts and the game warden – especially one like Joe who won’t take bribes or look the other way – is far from popular.

Like it is written on Box website, over that time, he’s taken on environmental terrorists, rogue federal land managers, animal mutilators, crazed cowboy hitmen, corrupt bureaucrats, homicidal animal rights advocates, and violent dysfunctional families.

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Myron Bolitar Books in Order: How to read Harlan Coben series?

You don’t need to be a detective to solve mysteries, ask Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar.

Who is Myron Bolitar?

Created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben, Myron Bolitar is an ex-basketball player. He currently works as a sports agent, being also the owner of MB SportReps, an agency representing sports stars and celebrities.

Myron Bolitar is a good agent, and that’s why he ended up becoming an accidental detective – with the help of his best friend, Windsor Horne Lockwood III (aka Win), the owner of Lock-Horne Investments & Securities.

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Kay Scarpetta Reading Order: How to read Patricia Cornwell books?

You don’t need to be a cop to fight crime, ask Kay Scarpetta!

Who is Kay Scarpetta?

Kay Scarpetta is the protagonist in a series of crime novels written by Patricia Cornwell.

At the beginning, Scarpetta was the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia and works in Richmond. She eventually resigned before relocating to Florida … before another career change. The important thing is that she works at stopping killers since the ’90s now. Yes, she was into forensic science before CSI.

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Wallander Reading Order: How to read Henning Mankell’s books in order?

There are multiple Wallander versions on the small and the big screens (my favorite is the Kenneth Brannagh one), but there’s only one book series.

Who is Kurt Wallander?

Kurt Wallander is a fictional character created by Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell. He is a cop working for the Ystad police department. He is the kind of detective that invests himself on a very personal level in order to solve a crime.

Divorced, Wallander also has a daughter who, like him, became a cop. She is at the center of one book, but Mankell didn’t give her a series after the suicide of the actress playing the role in the Swedish TV series.

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Tracy Crosswhite Series in Order: How to read Robert Dugoni series?

After the David Sloane series, Robert Dugoni found another success with a new crime series. This time, it’s Seattle Police Detective Tracy Crosswhite at the center.

Who is Tracy Crosswhite?

Created by Robert Dugoni, Tracy Crosswhite is a homicide detective with the Seattle PD that first appeared in the book My Sister’s Grave published in 2014.

Defined by the murder of her sister Sarah, Tracy used to be a high school science teacher, but decided to join the force after her personal tragedy ignited in her a passion for justice.

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Harry Hole Reading Order: How to read Jo Nesbo book series?

Soon, we will be able to watch Michael Fassbender playing Harry Hole on the big screen. But before that, we can still read the books!

Who is Harry Hole?

Harry Hole is a police officer with the Oslo Crime Squad created by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. Like a lot of literary detectives, he is a brilliant but uses unorthodox methods.

Harry Hole is also an alcoholic, a smoker and his family history is complicated. He is a complicated man and his relationship with his superiors is not always easy. That said, he is a respected detective and he has undergone special training in interrogation techniques and firearms at the FBI, which makes him a real asset, especially with serial killer cases.

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Department Q Reading Order: How to read Jussi Adler-Olsen series?

I quite like the movie adaptations of the Department Q, but as I always say, we are here for the books. So, let’s go…

What is Department Q ?

Written by Danish novelist Jussi Adler-Olsen, Department Q is a series of crime thriller novels. The series follows Carl Morck, one of the best homicide detectives in Copenhagen who has been ‘promoted’ to the cold case department, of which he is the head and sole employee.

When Carl demands an assistant, he gets a lot more than he bargained for with Assad, a sort of Jack-of-all trades. From there, everything changes…

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Inspector Rebus Reading Order: How to read Ian Rankin book series?

U.K. loves his fictional cops. In Scotland, John Rebus is one of the most popular with more than 20 books and 50 stories. And it’s better to read everything in order!

Who is Inspector John Rebus?

Detective Inspector John Rebus was created by the Scottish writer Ian Rankin. He is a cop, working from the St Leonard’s Police Station in Edinburgh. Obviously, He is the main protagonist of a long series of crime mystery books since the end of the ’80s. In the UK, this series is one of the biggest of the genre.

Rebus works with his protege is DS Siobhan Clarke to solve mysteries in Scotland. And that’s mostly all you need to know to start reading. Unlike a lot of series of this kind, it’s rewarding to read it in order because of the recurring elements. You can still read the books how you want, but you’ll really enjoy everything when you know the history of the characters and their world.

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Alex Cross Reading Order: How To Read James Patterson Book Series?

When I watched Along Came a Spider and Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman a long time ago, I didn’t even know they were movie adaptations of James Patterson’s novels. So, you know, we learn new things every day. That said, I was aware of the books when they did the Tyler Perry one. Didn’t watch it though. I don’t know why I tell you all of this. We are here to talk books, not movies!

Who is Alex Cross?

Alex Cross is the main protagonist in a long-running series of books by James Patterson. He is an African-American Police Department detective in the city of Washington, D.C.

He often chases after serial killers and other violent criminals who target him in return. This is mostly simple as that for us, not for Cross who end up losing a lot and risking even more.

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