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Alvirah and Willy Books in Order: How to read Mary Higgins Clark series?

R.I.P. Mary Higgins Clark.

Who are Alvirah and Willy?

Written by the American “Queen of Suspense” herself, the famous Mary Higgins Clark, the Alvirah and Willy series is, of course, a murder mystery series

The story are about a lottery winner named Alvirah Meehan and her husband Willy, a plumber. Together, they solve murder mysteries and all sort of crimes.

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Darcy Sweet Mysteries Books in Order

The Darcy Sweet Mystery Books in Order: How to read K.J. Emrick’s series?

Some sweet sweet murder mysteries with a touch of magic.

What is Darcy Sweet Mystery about?

Written by K.J. Emrick, The Darcy Sweet Mystery series is known as a cozy mystery series with a touch of fantastic.

Set in the city of Misty Hollow, the books center around Darcy Sweet, the owner of Sweet Read bookstore who has a connection to “the other side.” That’s why she lives with her psychic cat named Smudge, and talk to the ghosts who create all sorts of problems for her and her neighbors.

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Orphan X Books in Order: How to read Gregg Hurwitz’s series?

When The Pretender and The Equalizer meet. (I know, great TV references)

What is Orphan X about?

Written by Gregg Hurwitz, Orphan X is a thriller series about a government trained killer who is now a freelancing vigilante.

This is the story of Evan Smoak who, when he was 12, joined a top-secret operation known as the “Orphan Program” whose goal was to make assassins for government agencies. Two decades later, Smoak—also known as the Nowhere Man—helps people to fight corruption. But others from the program want him dead…

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Jane Hawk Books in Order: How to read Dean Koontz’s Series?

By the author of the Odd Thomas series.

Who is Jane Hawk?

Written by prolific American author Dean Koontz, this series is about Jane Hawk, Jane Hawk, a woman who will find the truth, no matter what.

Jane Hawk was an FBI agent when she stumbled on a vast conspiracy that leads her to become the most wanted fugitive in America. Nevertheless, that will not stop her to find and expose the truth.

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Peter Macklin Books in Order: How to read Loren D. Estleman’s series?

By the author of the Amos Walker series.

Who is Peter Macklin?

Written by American author Loren D. Estleman, the Peter Macklin series is about a hit man for the mob who just want to quit.

Based in Detroit, like private detective Amos Walker, Hit man Peter Macklin works for the mob, but he wants to change his life. This leads to a battle between divorce attorneys, mobsters, and hired assassins.

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Witch City Mystery Books in Order: How to read Carol J. Perry’s series?

Witching in Salem for some crime solving!

What is the Witch City Mystery series about?

Written by American author Carol J. Perry from Salem, Massachusetts, the Witch City Mystery series delivers cozy mysteries with a touch of witchcraft.

The story began as journalist Lee Barrett come back home, in the famous Salem. There, interview for a job as a reporter at WICH-TV and end up as the new call-in psychic to host the late night horror movies. She plays a psychic on TV, but she also may really be one too. A murder mystery put her talents to test.

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David Baldacci Books in Order

All of the books!

Who is David Baldacci?

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, David Baldacci is an American novelist. He practiced law for a few years before publishing his first book, Absolute Power in 1996.

Since then, David Baldacci has published more than 30 novels for adults but also some seven novels for younger readers. He is mostly know for the Will Robie series, the Amos Decker series, the Sean King and Michelle Maxwell series or The Finisher (Vega Jane) series… and a lot more.

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Fresh-Baked Mystery Books in Order: How to read Livia J. Washburn’s series?

Murder… with a slice of cake.

What is the Fresh-Baked Mystery series about?

From Texas-born writer Livia J. Washburn, The Fresh Baked mystery series is a cozy mystery series with a touch of sugar.

Set in a small town in Texas, this series follows retired schoolteacher Phyllis Newsom who loves to bake and even win prizes with her cakes. But she also likes to do some amateur sleuthing, especially when people are killed in her city (after eating some of her pastries or not).

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Amos Decker/Memory Man Books in Order: How to read David Baldacci’s series?

By the author of the Will Robie series and the King & Maxwell series.

Who is Amos Decker, the Memory Man?

Created by bestseller author David Baldacci, the Amos Decker/Memory Man series is a crime novel book series about a detective with special abilities.

Amos Decker is a former professional football player who was violently hit on his first play, resulting in severe injuries and changes to his brain. This was the end of his football career, but not of his life. Now, Decker is a detective with special mental abilities (called synesthesia and hyperthymesia). His life is good until the day his family is murdered in an unsolved case.

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Lew Archer Books in Order: How to read Ross MacDonald’s series?

Lew Harper, the private dick played by Paul Newman was before that the main character of the famous Lew Archer literary series.

Who is Lew Archer?

Writtent by American-Canadian author Ross Macdonald, this series is known for building on the foundations of the hardboiled fiction with his P.I., clearly inspired by Philip Marlowe.

Set between the late 1940s and the early 1970s, the Lew Archer stories are about an ex-cop who left after witnessing too much corruption and became a private investigator working in Los Angeles, California.

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