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Fever Series in Order: How to read Karen Marie Moning books?

It’s a world of Fae out there!

What the Fever Series is about?

The Fever series revolves around MacKayla Lane, 20-something living an ordinary life in small-town Georgia, until her sister is brutally murdered while studying abroad in Ireland. MacKayla only clue to what happened to her sister is a cryptic message on her cell phone. She decides to take a plane to Ireland to obtain some answers. Her quest draws her into the realm of the Fae…

It is the official beginning of the Fever Series, but not to the world of Fae, as Karen Marie Moning wrote about it in her prior book series.

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Ali Reynolds Books in Order: How to read J.A. Jance Series?

By the author of the Joanna Brady series

Who is Ali Reynolds?

Written by American author Judith Ann (J. A.) Jance, the Ali Reynolds series is about a former Los Angeles news anchor turned mystery solver.

Everything began with a cheating husband and the ending of a high-profile broadcasting—because TV executives who wanted a “younger face.” For Ali Reynolds the need to leave LA in order to start again puts her on the path to become a detective.

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Inspector Banks Books in Order: How to read Peter Robinson series?

Also known as DCI Banks on ITV with Stephen Tompkinson playing the famous detective.

Who is Detective Chief Inspector Banks?

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is a policeman in Yorkshire (England) and the protagonist in a series of novels by English-Canadian crime writer Peter Robinson.

Set in the fictional English town of Eastvale in the Yorkshire Dales, the series follows Banks, a former member of the London Metropolitan Police, who left the capital for a quieter life. Instead, he found that murder is everywhere and that small communities are full of secrets—sometimes deadly ones.

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Shopaholic/Rebecca Bloomwood Books in Order: How to read Sophie Kinsella Series?

Rebecca Bloomwood is the heroine of all the non-minimalist out there…

Who is Rebecca Bloomwood?

Rebecca Jane ‘Becky’ Bloomwood is the main protagonist from the Shopaholic series of novels by British author Sophie Kinsella. She has been portrayed on the big screen in 2009 by by Isla Fisher.

At the beginning of the series, she works as a financial journalist, a job that doesn’t help her makes smart financial choices. Yes, Rebecca has debts and it doesn’t stop her form purchasing new clothes and shoes among other things.

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John Jordan Books in Order: How to read Michael Lister Series?

Did you know that John Jordan learned to be a cop with the help of Harry Bosch?

Who Is John Jordan?

Written by American novelist and ex-prison chaplain from Florida Michael Lister, the John Jordan series is obviously about a prison chaplain named John Jordan!

Set in the Potter Correctional Institution, considered the toughest maximum security prison in Florida, this series follows Jordan, a six-foot-tall ex-cop who is now a prison chaplain investigating murders as he tries to find peace in the worst place possible.

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Captain Gabriel Lacey Regency Mysteries Books in Order: How to read Ashley Gardner Series?

Let’s resolve crime in the Regency era in England, in company of a good man named Gabriel Lacey…

Who is Captain Gabriel Lacey?

The protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by American author Ashley Gardner (also known as Jennifer Ashley), Captain Gabriel Lacey is a former cavalry officer, veteran of the Peninsular War in Regency era England. He comes home injured and prompt to melancholia.

Retired on half-pay following the end of his military’s career, Gabriel Lacey still doesn’t want anyone else to know injustice. He can’t help himself, he fights for those people so often ignored by others.

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Will Trent Books in Order: How to read Karin Slaughter Series?

You’ve heard of the FBI, the CBI… but do you know the GBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation?

Who is Will Trent?

Written by American crime novelist Karin Slaughter, The Will Trent series takes place in Atlanta and features GBI special agent Will Trent, his partner Faith Mitchell, and Angie Polaski – later, Sara Linton from The Grant County Series (also by Karin Slaughter, of course) joins the series.

A good agent who has a reputation for not getting along well with others, Will Trent joined the Special Criminal Apprehension Team, a new unit headed by Amanda Wagner. With his phenomenal clearance rate, Will is one of the best agents in the bureau—in spite of his dyslexia.

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Discworld Books In Order: How to read Terry Pratchett series?

Probably the most famous long-running British fantasy series.

What is the Discworld?

From 1983 to 2015, The Discworld was the main satirical/parody fantasy series written by English author Terry Pratchett (RIP).

This series is set on the Discworld, a flat planet balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle. The main storylines take place around the same period, at the end of the Century of the Fruitbat and the beginning of the Century of the Anchovy. It’s an anthology series and each novel contains one stand-alone story, most of them exploiting fantasy clichés and talking about religion, politics, business, race, science, technology, pop culture, modern art or more in a satirical way.

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Bernie Gunther Books in Order: How to read Philip Kerr Series?

A long time after the Berlin Noir trilogy, Bernie Gunther came back for more investigations…

Who is Bernie Gunther?

Series of historical noir detective thrillers written by Scottish author Philip Kerr (RIP), the Bernie Gunther series takes place before, during and after World War II.

Bernhard “Bernie” Günther is an ex-Berlin cop turned private investigator, a kind of Philip Marlowe in Nazi Germany. He is an honest cop trying to do his work in a corrupt world going crazy.

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The Accursed Kings Books in Order: How to read Maurice Druon series?

G.R.R. Martin himself said he took inspiration for Game of Thrones in the War of the Roses, but also in the famous book French series Les Rois Maudits, known as The Accursed Kings in English…

What is The Accursed Kings about?

Historical novels written by French author Maurice Druon about the French monarchy in the 14th century, The Accursed Kings series is based upon the legend invented by the Italian Paolo Emilio where the French king has been cursed for having persecuted the Knights Templar.

The series takes place in the context of rivalry for the French throne, between 1314 and 1356, from Philip the Fair to John II, ’The Good’—with scandal, intrigue, murder and more.

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