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Who is Sean Wyatt?

Professional adventurer Sean Wyatt is the main protagonist in archeological thrillers written by American author Ernest Dempsey.

Years ago, Sean Wyatt quit working for the United States government. Now, he’s come to realize his particular set of skills might still be needed to keep the world a little safer. Working with his sidekick/childhood friend Tommy Schultz, Sean searches for ancient and powerful relics to stop evil people to use them to destroy the world as we know it.


Sean Wyatt Books in Order:

The first three books formed what is known as “The Lost Chambers Trilogy.”

  1. [easyazon_link identifier="0988707209" locale="US" tag="howtoread06-20"] The Secret of the Stones – Sean Wyatt’s learns his best friend has been kidnapped while working on a secret project. Sean and his new acquaintance, Allyson Webster, embark on a mission to solve a series of ancient clues they he hopes will lead to whoever kidnapped his friend. The riddles lead them on a dangerous chase through the southeastern United States and to a four thousand year-old secret that is bigger than anything they could have ever imagined.
  2. The Cleric’s Vault – What Sean Wyatt thought would be a relaxing weekend in Las Vegas turns into a high octane thrill ride through the American Desert Southwest and into the mountains of Ecuador. The journey leads to the discovery of a mysterious ancient power that could change the course of human events.
  3. The Last Chamber – Sean Wyatt and his sidekick Tommy Schultz are going deep into the heart of some of the oldest mountains in the world in search of a treasure that many believed were lost to antiquity. While the two and their new friend Adriana Villa race toward their goal, they encounter deadly villains and a man with an evil plan that could wipe out most of civilization.
  4. The Grecian Manifesto – Sean Wyatt’s girlfriend, the mysterious Adriana Villa has disappeared while in Italy searching for the fabled Eye of Zeus, an ancient device that is rumored to have the power to tell the future. Sean and his best friend Tommy Schultz team up to retrace Adriana’s steps in hopes of finding the relic and tracking down the kidnappers.

  1. The Norse Directive – When Sean Wyatt rescue a friend from being executed in the mountains of Tennessee, he and his sidekick, Tommy Shultz are thrown into a high octane game of cat and mouse with a wealthy Frenchman named Gerard Dufort who will stop at nothing to get his next prize.The two friends find themselves zipping across the globe to southern England, Copenhagen, Scotland, and the American Southwest in a race against the clock and a man with sinister plans of his own.
  2. Game of Shadows – Many things have been discovered but there is one that remains hidden. It was one of the most well-hidden, secretive experiments the Nazis carried out during the war and now someone is trying to unearth it. With an evil mastermind behind a twisted plot, Sean Wyatt is on the clock with less than 72 hours to find the Nazi device known as die glocke before a for-profit terrorist cell known as The Black Ring executes an innocent woman.
  3. The Jerusalem Creed – When an archaeologist’s daughter is abducted, he must find a powerful ancient relic to save her life but at the cost of millions of lives. Sean Wyatt and his band of part-time heroes are thrown into a global conspiracy that could mean the end of civilization as we know it. They must fight their way through assassination attempts, and takes on a band of terrorists who are plotting their own kind of world war.
  4. The Samurai Cipher – When Sean Wyatt and his longtime friend Tommy Schultz try to help a troubled Japanese woman, they find themselves right in the thick of a power struggle between some of the most dangerous gangsters in the world. Now Sean and company must race across Japan, unravel clues that were left decades before, and discover the true location of a blade made by the greatest sword maker of all time: Honjo Masamune.

  1. The Cairo Vendetta (A prequel story) – A man named Baku Toli is building an army with child soldiers he abducted from Tanzanian towns. But the threat he poses ins’t just to East Africa. Somehow this rebel has acquired powerful missiles armed with enough nerve gas to wipe out entire cities. Government Agent Sean Wyatt and his partner Emily Starks travel to Tanzania to foil Toli’s evil scheme and bring his reign of terror to an end.
  2. The Uluru Code – Sean Wyatt and his sidekick Tommy Schultz take on their toughest challenge yet when they receive a mysterious email from a friend in Australia. After a museum curator goes missing, and another murdered, Sean and Tommy must decipher the code from a 120 year old document that could alter the course of history in Australia and put incredible power in the hands of a madman.
  3. The Excalibur Key – More than a thousand years after the mythical kingdom of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, tales of Excalibur and its exploits have long been considered only that: legend. That is, until an astonishing archaeological find in France convinces Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz, that even this unlikeliest of myths is rooted in a truth that now threatens the modern world.
  4. The Denali Deception – While on a classified mission from the president, Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz stumble upon one of the darkest American mysteries long thought to be lost to history. To guard these truths and the power they conceal, Sean and Tommy must battle a rich and powerful secret society bent on unearthing these secrets for themselves.

  1. The Sahara Legacy – The god-like power promised by the lost desert city of Zerzura is as frightening as it is alluring. Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz have never hunted anything like it. But the legend and the unlimited power it promises are so improbable that other archeologists gave up looking for Zerzura decades ago. Most call it a myth. That all changes when a chance discovery in the Middle East reveals long-hidden clues about the possible truth behind the Zerzura legend and catapults Sean and Tommy smack in the middle of a race to find the lost city.
  2. The Fourth Prophecy – A ruthless killer is assassinating members of Congress, leaving authorities with neither clues nor hope to stop the slaughter. Fear grips the city as the federal government grinds to a halt. So, where are Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz? They’re thousands of miles away in the middle of the Mexican rain forest, leading a private mission for one of the congresswomen targeted by the murderer. The congresswoman is convinced ancient documents in her possession hold the keys to a new world—a golden age without murder, scandal, or lust for power.
  3. The Templar Curse – Throughout the course of human warfare, no weapon has been as feared, as deadly, as the Ark of the Covenant. So, when an ancient order of killers reemerges from the shadows after centuries of hiding—convinced that other secret societies took the Ark from Jerusalem to hide it in early America— Sean Wyatt knows exactly what they seek and why. And that realization terrifies him.
  4. The Forbidden Temple – A pre-eminent expert on Indian history has gone missing. One of his colleagues secures the help of Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz to uncover the truth behind the disappearance. In doing so, however, they discover a mystery surrounding an ancient Indian Temple, a puzzle that could lead to nearly infinite wealth and power or worldwide destruction.

  1. The Omega Project – When President John Dawkins retires to his cabin in the Georgia woods, powerful past enemies he didn’t even know he made have been waiting. They drug him, kidnap him, and stash the former president all the way across the country. And they pin the crime on Sean Wyatt. The news media, the feds, local cops—it seems everyone is hunting Sean, and he barely escapes the dragnet as he races to save his old friend.