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Monkeewrench Books in Order: How to read P.J. Tracy series?

If you are into crime stories and computers, Monkeewrench might be for you.

What is the Monkeewrench series about?

Monkeewrench is the name of the computer software company founded in Minneapolis by Grace MacBride and Annie Belinsky.

Monkeewrench is also the name of the series written by American author Patricia and Traci Lambrecht, the mother-daughter writing team known as P.J. Tracy.

In this series, Grace MacBride, Annie Belinsky and their team uses their knowledge and software to help the Minneapolis police department to solve crimes by finding links between the victims and cases.

Monkeewrench Books in Order:

  1. Monkeewrench – People are dying for the new computer game by the software company Monkeewrench. Literally. But Grace McBride and her eccentric Monkeewrench partners are caught in a vise. If they tell the Minneapolis police of the link between their game and the murders, they’ll shine a spotlight on the past they thought they had erased-and the horror they thought they’d left behind. If they don’t, eighteen more people will die…
  2. Live Bait – Minneapolis detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are bored. But with two brutal homicides taking place in one night, the crime drought ends – not with a trickle, but with an eventual torrent. Who would kill Morey Gilbert, a man without an enemy? The number of victims – all elderly – grows, and Monkeewrench’s cold-case-solving software may find the missing link – but at a terrible price.
  3. Dead Run – Monkeewrench founders Grace MacBride and Annie Belinsky are en route to Green Bay when their car breaks down deep in the northern woods. A short walk through the forest leads them to the eerily quiet town of Four Corners. Before they know it, they witness a horrifying double murder—and discover that this is only the beginning of a race to save their own lives…and countless others.
  4. Snow Blind – When the corpses of three police officers are discovered entombed in snowmen, Grace MacBride and her team of crime-busting computer jocks at the Monkeewrench firm are called in to assist. What they discover is a terrifying link among the victims that reaches beyond the badge and crosses the line between hard justice and stone cold vengeance.

  1. Shoot to Thrill – The FBI asks the ingenious Monkeewrench crew to help them find the chilling link between a dead bride found floating in the Mississippi and a series of gruesome murder videos posted anonymously on the Web- before the killer claims his next victim…
  2. Off the Grid – Off the Florida coast, Grace MacBride, partner in software company Monkeewrench, thwarts an assassination attempt on a retired FBI agent. A few hours afterward in Minneapolis, a young girl’s throat is slashed. Later that day, two men are killed execution style. Minneapolis Homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth struggle to link the three crimes, but the wave of murders across the country has only just begun.
  3. The Sixth Idea – Christmas season in Minneapolis is shattered when two friends are murdered on the same night. An hour north of Minneapolis, Lydia Ascher comes home to find two dead men in her basement. The same day, a terminally ill man is kidnapped from his home, an Alzheimer’s patient goes missing, and a baffling link among all the crimes emerges. This series of inexplicable events sends the detectives sixty years into the past to search for answers—and straight to Monkeewrench.

  1. Nothing Stays Buried – When Minneapolis homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called to a crime scene in a heavily wooded city park, everything about the setting is all too familiar–there’s a serial killer operating in the city for the first time in years. Across town, Grace MacBride and her unconventional partners in Monkeewrench Software find themselves at both a personal and a career crossroads.
  2. The Guilty Dead – Gregory Norwood is Minnesota’s most beloved philanthropist is found dead with a smoking gun in his hand. The city is devastated, and Minneapolis detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called in to handle the delicate case. With no suspects and an increasing tangle of digital evidence, Magozzi calls on Grace MacBride, Monkeewrench Software’s founder and chief computer genius and the soon to be mother of their child together.
  3. Ice Cold Heart – Detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called to the gruesome homicide of Kelly Ramage. Found in a friend’s vacant house, this was no random attack, and clues reveal that she was living a very dangerous secret life. Tipped off about a year-old murder that is a mirror-image of Kelly’s crime scene, Gino and Magozzi enlist the aid of Grace MacBride and her eccentric, tech genius partners in Monkeewrench Software to help them decipher the digital trail that might connect the cases.


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  1. Kathleen Coughlan

    I’m not sure of the order to read these. I’ve just read ‘Want to Play” and liked it. Now I’d like to read more. I’ve been on the website and will order the other books, but which order should they be read in?

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