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Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Books in Order: How to read David Baldacci’s series?

By the author of Will Robie’s series.

Who are Sean King & Michelle Maxwell?

Also known as a TV Show on TNT with Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney, The King and Maxwell series is a crime novel book series created by american author David Baldacci.

This is the story of Michelle Maxwell and Sean King. After tragic events, these two former Secret Service agents were forced to change their lives. Now, they are working as private investigators in Washington, DC, and Virginia.

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Hugh Corbett Books in Order: How to read Paul C. Doherty’s Series

Medieval Murder Mysteries, but not with Cadfael.

Who is Hugh Corbett?

Written by english author and historian Paul C. Doherty, this murder mystery series is set during the 13th-century reign of Edward I of England.

This is the story of Hugh Corbett, the chancellor of England’s faithful clerk, as he investigates threats to the King and Country. During his work, he is assisted by Ranulf-atte-Newgate, a felon saved from execution. Corbett solves murder mysteries, but also identifies spies and robbers.

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Anno Dracula Books in Order: How to read Kim Newman’s series?

What if vampires rule the world?

What is Anno Dracula about?

Written by British writer Kim Newman, Anno Dracula is a historical/fantasy series in which vampires are common and increasingly dominant in society.

This alternate history brings Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s novel in Great Britain where nobody stopped him. The series focused on members of the mysterious Diogenes Club which represents the crown in matters that cannot be made public, and mostly two of its members, vampire Geneviève Dieudonné and Charles Beauregard. The series also features a lot of fictional figures for the amateur of metafictions.

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Jericho Quinn Books in Order: How to read Marc Cameron’s series?

By one of the writers working on the Jack Ryan series.

Who is Jericho Quinn?

Prolific American author doesn’t only write Jack Ryan’s story, he is also the man behind another spy thriller series about Special Agent Jericho Quinn.

Air Force veteran, champion boxer and trained assassin Jericho Quinn wad hand-picked for a new global task force that, officially, does not exist. Now, he answers only to the Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. President himself and work to stop the terrorists who want to destroy America.

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Books in Order: How to read Ann Brashares’ series?

Some jeans are just better than others…

What is the sisterhood of the traveling pants about ?

Bestselling young adult novel written by American novelist Ann Brashares, the sisterhood of the traveling pants is about four friends and one (traveling) pair of pants.

So, once there was a pair of pants. Just an ordinary pair of jeans. But these pants, the Traveling Pants, went on to do great things. This is the story of the four friends—Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen—who made it possible.

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Barker & Llewelyn Books in Order: How to read Will Thomas’ series?

If you are after some Victorian murder mysteries…

Who are Barker and Llewelyn?

Written by American author Will Thomas, this hard-boiled mystery series is about 19th-century British private detective Barker and his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn.

Set in the 1880s and often feature historical events and people, the series follow Private Enquiry Agent Cyrus Barker and Llewelyn in London as they investigate dark and violent murder mysteries (they even go after Jack the Ripper) or work for Her Majesty’s government to avoid diplomatic crisis and.

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Benjamin January Books in Order: How to read Barbara Hambly’s series?

New Orleans was a different place in the 1830s…

Who is Benjamin January?

Benjamin January is the main character in this series of historical murder mystery novels written by the American novelist and screenwriter Barbara Hambly.

Creole physician—he trained in Paris as a surgeon—and music teacher living in New Orleans during the 1830s, Benjamin January is a free black who solves murder mysteries to help his friends and his community or just to save himself as the world around him is changing.

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Arkady Renko Books in Order: How to read Martin Cruz Smith’s series?

A Russian Murder Mystery…

Who is Arkady Renko?

Written by American author Martin Cruz Smith, this series is about Arkady Renko, a chief homicide inspector for the prosecutor’s office, in Moscow, Russia, fighting against corruption and for the truth.

Taking place before, during and after the fall of the Soviet Union, the series follow Arkady Renko as he investigates murders that take him in the middle of complex socio-political situations. Paying the price of opposing those who have the power is something he is much too familiar with.

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Amelia Peabody Books in Order: How to read Elizabeth Peters’ series?

Mysteries in Egypt!

Who is Amelia Peabody?

Historical mystery novels written by American author and Egyptologist Barbara Mertz under the pen name Elizabeth Peters (also known as Barbara Michaels when she wrote Gothic novels), this series tell the adventures of Egyptologist Amelia Peabody Emerson.

At the beginning at least, because Amelia quickly get married and bring all her family—her distinguished husband Radcliffe Emerson, their son Ramses and, later, their ward Nefret—into her adventures, mostly in Egypt with mummies, thieves, murderers and all sorts of criminals.

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Lady Hardcastle Mysteries Books in Order: How to read T.E. Kinsey’s series?

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, a lady could solve murder mysteries.

Who Lady Hardcastle is?

Written by murder mystery writer Tim Kinsey, the Lady Hardcastle Mysteries series take us back at the start of the 20th century for some sleuthing.

Born Emily Charlotte Ariadne Featherstonhaugh, Lady Emily Hardcastle is now an eccentric widow but mostly a retired spy turned amateur sleuth. With the help of Florence Armstrong, her maid and confidante who is also an expert in martial arts, she always found a crime to investigate.

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