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Lucas Davenport Books in Order: How to read the Prey series by John Sandford?

Did you know Eriq LaSalle AND Mark Harmon played Lucas Davenport on TV? Not in the same TV movie though.

Who is Lucas Davenport?

Lucas Davenport is the protagonist of the ‘Prey’ series written by a former American journalist and – obviously – author.

Davenport works as a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department in the first novels, then moved around changing assignment while tracking criminals of course. He is wealthy, streetwise, has a wide network of contacts among all levels of society and has a strong interest in reading, poetry and war gaming. Although, he sometimes has to think like a criminal to stop them.

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Detective D.D. Warren Books in Order: How to read Lisa Gardner series?

A new Detective D.D. Warren book is out, it’s a good time to explore the series in order.

Who is Detective D.D. Warren?

D.D. Warren is a Boston police detective and the main protagonist in the mystery thriller series written by Lisa Gardner. Strangely, she started as a secondary character in a story about Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge, but that quickly change.

Detective D.D. Warren works for the homicide division. She’s tracking serial killers and all other types of murderers. The cases we follow are mostly about complex crimes involving women.

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House of Night Books in Order: How to read P.C. Cast series?

What if you needed to go to school to become a vampire?

What’s House of Night?

Written by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast, House of Night is a series of young adult fantasy novels following the adventures of a teenager who must be trained to become a vampyre.

More precisely, the story is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Zoey Redbird who has just become what is called a ‘fledgling vampyre’. Now, it is required of her to attend the House of Night boarding school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Women’s Murder Club Books in Order: How to read James Patterson series?

Before Angie Harmon joined the Rizzoli & Isles TV show, she was in the Women’s Murder Club one. She was destined to give life to a literary detective.

What’s the Women’s Murder Club?

This is a James Patterson mystery series, a best-seller machine. Set in San Francisco, the Women’s Murder Club series follow a group of women from different professions relating to investigating crime as they work together to solve murders.

The stories are about their personal and professional issues. The main characters were originally Lindsay Boxer, a homicide detective; Cindy Thomas, a crime desk reporter; Claire Washburn, the Chief Medical Examiner; and Jill Bernhardt, assistant district attorney.

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Dublin Murder Squad Books in order: How to read Tana French Series?

Murder is everywhere, even in Dublin… That’s why there’s a Dublin Murder Squad!

What is the Dublin Murder Squad series?

American writer Tana French is the First Lady of Irish Crime, it’s strange when you say it like this, but the author of the Dublin Murder Squad actually lives in Dublin.

And so, she writes about the police detectives on the murder squad in Dublin, Ireland. Each book has a different primary character, but with the exception of the first one, the lead had been introduced as a secondary character in another novel before.

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Temperance Brennan Books in Order: How to read Kathy Reichs series?

Even if the TV show Bones has ended, Temperance Brennan never stops solving crimes, on paper at least.

Who is Temperance Brennan?

Temperance Deassee Brennan is a fictional character created by author Kathy Reichs. She’s a forensic anthropologist with a background in physical anthropology. And she solves crime.

Usually, Temperance is called to investigate human remains at crime scenes where the flesh is too degraded for a coroner to obtain evidence. She also works at the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and teaches at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte … when she’s not occupied with crime scenes.

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Flavia de Luce Books in Order: How to read Alan Bradley series?

Enola Holmes isn’t the only young sleuth out there!

Who is Flavia de Luce?

Main protagonist of the series sets in the English countryside in 1950 and written by Canadian author Alan Bradley, the young Flavia de Luce is smart eleven-year-old with a passion for chemistry and a genius for solving murders.

She lives with her father and two sisters, but not her mother, Harriet, a free spirit who disappeared on a mountaineering adventure in Tibet 10 years earlier and is presumed dead.

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Enola Holmes Books in Order: How to read Nancy Springer series?

After being Eleven on Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown will be Enola Holmes. The time is good to learn more about the books behind the movies to come.

Who is Enola Holmes?

Also known as The Enola Holmes Mysteries, this creation of American author Nancy Springer is about Sherlock Holmes’ sister, Enola.

Everything began with her mother’s disappearance and her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, doing nothing. Enola made a discovery that put her on the road to become herself a detective, even if Mycroft insists that she attend boarding school. Enola prefers working on missing persons cases.

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Gabriel Allon Books in Order: How to read Daniel Silva Series?

What an ex-Israeli spy does when he retired? He becomes an Italian art restorer!

Who is Gabriel Allon?

Gabriel Allon is the main protagonist in Daniel Silva series. Ex-Israeli intelligence operative, he now lives under the cover of an Italian art restorer, Mario Delvecchio, in Cornwall, while working for a London-based art dealer.

Of course, Gabriel is pulled back in the world of espionage and must stop terrorists when he doesn’t work in the art world.

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Dirk Pitt Books in Order: How to read Clive Cussler Series?

Did you know that Matthew McConaughey wasn’t the only one who played Dirk Pitt in a movie? Richard Jordan did it in 1980 in an adaptation of Raise the Titanic!

Who is Dirk Pitt?

Dirk Pitt is a fictional character created by famous best-seller author Clive Cussler. With his sidekick Al Giordino, Pitt is a renowned adventurer.

Son of a Senator, military man, and an accomplished pilot who loves to drink blue agave Tequila, Dirk Pitt is the director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) and travels the world to help where he can to save the sea life and human lives.

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